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This Tiny House is a “Barn House”

Barns September 2, 2016

This multifunctional barn / outbuilding is located on an old farmstead. The yard and the farm in the course of time have become to a large extent swallowed up by the city, but here rustic and new have been combined in a tiny house dwelling.

“City Barn” is a rural modern house inside the city, and it has just a small yard at the rear. The slight angular displacement of the volume responds to the movement in the yard. It also represents a new center of gravity in front of the entrance of the existing farmhouse.

The barn has room for a workshop, storage room, parking, and terrace. The volumes are encased and connected by means of a folded sinking shell. The shell opens on the side of the main entrance of the house and the green area of the yard. The north side of the barn has a more closed character with regards to the backside street.

For more work by the designer Onix, find them in our prefab house, modular home, tiny house, and modern architecture directory.

This Tiny House is a Barn House (2) This Tiny House is a Barn House (3)

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Rural House Design

Houses September 2, 2016

Rural House Design

As a blackbird spread its wings in the sun to dry, this black house landed in this rural area. The open side of the house beneath the wings is designed to view the closed side is on the north and there also is the house’s entrance. In the black paneling of the north facade is a work of art machined from the timber.

Under the wings, the natural tones of the interior differ strikingly from the wooden exterior, as the orange beak of the blackbird. There are white and even yellow painted rooms.

The warm natural tones are nurtured under the wings. The black exterior must defy wind and weather. The house has a barn-like appearance which suits the rural setting. The house can accommodate a work space, bed and breakfast (it was designed with BNB in mind) and kitchen on the ground floor. On the upper floor, under the large gable roof, are the living room and bedrooms.

To seem more tiny houses and some modular / prefabs by Onix (the designers of this house), find them in our directory.

Rural House Design (2) Rural House Design

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Transparent TVs are Here

Furniture and Furnishings September 1, 2016

Transparent TVs are Here

Truly transparent TVs have been developed by Panasonic, and have nearly the same brightness as regular TVs.

These ones were demonstrated at a recent Panasonic show for “the living room of the future.”

“A simple, interactive living space in total harmony with the surrounding space – here Panasonic will showcase its proposal to the details of living. Changing the spatial ambience to suit human behavior makes people feel comfortable no matter where they go and even give a surprisingly wondrous feeling,” stated Panasonic about it’s goals for the showroom and all the new technology, including these “futuristic” transparent TV screens.

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7 Essential Things To Know About Beautiful Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings September 1, 2016

Metal Buildings

Have you ever considered metal as a home building option? It has a number of advantages over wood or stone, but it is something of another ballgame. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re considering metal buildings. Here we’ll break down 7 essential things to get you started in your quest to understand the steel building option:

1. Steel building is its own specialized field of building. It requires specialized knowledge to build with steel — you can’t just find someone who builds wood-frame structures and expect they can build a steel building. It’s not that they’re harder or easier, metal buildings are just different.

2. Turnkey price is not reliable. Consider this: the price of concrete and the price of labor, to name two important building costs, varies by area. So how can a building salesman really give you an accurate turnkey price?

3. Drawings come before building. Often you need drawings for steel buildings or other modular buildings before you head to the bank to get financing for your metal building.

4. Steel or metal building has its own language. Terms like ASD, PEMB, IECC and IBC are terms you need to know when you are planning, buying and building a metal or modular construction.

5. You can buy metal buildings from bulk suppliers rather than local. When you buy bulk, you get it cheaper, so it stands to reason there could be savings in buying from someone who gets better purchase prices themselves on metal construction. However, as with all big companies, the accountability and personal attention is not always there. If a big company from out of town doesn’t satisfy you, they may be less worried about the damage to their reputation and future business in your town than a local builder who is known and established in the community.

6. “All-included” steel buildings or modulars may not be the best deal possible. You have to consider what type of windows and doors they would be including, the brand, the warranty, the R-value, the locksets. There are a lot of variations when it comes to doors, windows and other features for a home. You might need to pick your doors and windows for your modular or metal building yourself.

7. Planning a building project takes time. Consider that there are a lot of steps between 0 and completion. Engineering, fabricating, delivery of materials or structures, considering snow loads, wind loads, seismic resistance, soil types, are all things that vary from location to location. Start your planning early, is the advice metal building companies suggest.

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Choice Metal Buildings Garage, Delivered and Installed for $4,580

Metal Buildings August 29, 2016

Delivered and installed for the price of under $5,000 is what you’re looking at for this metal building. It’s a 2-car garage, or could be a shed or even a detached guest room (but without the insulation, so you might not use it year-round depending where you live, or you might have to use a heater / air conditioner).

According to the metal builders, who are just working on these projects now:

“We are on a 2 Car Garage kick right now! Here is another great example of a Classy, Functional, Affordable 2 Car Garage. Engineer Certified to meet or exceed your local codes. Delivered & Installed for just $4,580.00 plus your local tax.”


22′ x 21′ x 9′ A-Frame Boxed Eave Roof System
(2) 9′ x 8′ Garage Doors
(1) 36″ x 80″ Walk-In Door
(1) Standard Window

Call Choice Metal Buildings to confirm price and availability for your area at 877-422-1812. Below is another one of their garages, almost exactly the same price (about $300 more) and dimensions.

Metal Builders Directory for more metal building info.

Choice Metal Buildings Garage

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The Roomoon Hanging Tent

Unusual Dwellings August 29, 2016

Hanging tent Roomoo by Hanging Tent Company, Dorchester, UK

Have you ever gone camping in a tent? Yes, probably almost everyone reading this has. But what about unusual tents like this hanging tent pictured here?

If not, it would be hard to imagine what camping while hanging from a tree would be like.

This is the “Roomoon.”

From the designers themselves, all the features of these hanging tents:

The Canvas

Beautifully hand crafted, the canvas
can completely open up, revealing the
world to the people inside. lightweight
and fantastically well made the
canvas will last in all weather.

The Floor

The floor is designed to be as portable as
possible and yet maintain the high standard of
the rest of the tent, made out of a light weight pine
for ease of movement and capable of rolling
up to access the storage below.

 The Frame

The frame is made out of stales steel
and so this means that it is strong
and weather proof not only this. It
collapses down to make the roomoon
a viable option for long camping
trips and festivals.

The Hoist

the hoist has its roots in 18th century
engineering. capable of lifting over 1 tonne
with ease. the user need only to run
the lightweight pulley chain through
their hands to be lifted in to the canopies.

Source: Hanging Tent Company

Hanging tent Roomoo by Hanging Tent Company, Dorchester, UK Roomoon (1)

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Tiny House in this Forest Built for $10,500

Tiny House August 29, 2016

Tiny House in this Forest Built for $10,500

How about this tiny house in the forest. The designer himself built it for around $10,500. That’s the cost of the materials for this tiny cabin in the woods, and since he did it all himself — he carried the building materials in by hand — he saved on construction costs. The house is called Nido (Italian for ‘birds nest’), and the materials are all recycled: an eco tiny house in the forest.

Here’s what the designer wrote of his tiny house project:

“In 2010 I wanted to build a place of my own. I found this beautiful slot and I set out to design a compact get-away for myself. I also wanted to maximize this small space, use local/recycled materials and build it myself.

“In june that summer I started building my cabin. It took me two weeks to build it (only thing missing was the door and window which arrived a week later).”

The tiny house has a micro-kitchen on the first floor, as well as a tiny home-sized lounging area.

The second story of the tiny house is where the sleeping area is situated, and there is some storage space there as well. You can see from the picture above that there is a lot of glazing on this little cabin and that lets in a fair amount of light. For more tiny house designs, or to see more of Robin Falks work, find them in the directory.


Photographs by the designer: © Robin Falck



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Unique Wall Shelves

Interior Design August 29, 2016

wall shelves

Here are some great shelf ideas. There is actually a very wide range of ideas you can use in the shelves in your house.

Featured is the “fishbone shelf”. I like how the zig-zag pattern contrasts with the horizontal and vertical lines of the wall and the way a house normally is.

You can rotate the shelves however you want, and make the best use of the angles in your house. Is this a nice example of modern Scandinavian interior design?


Source: Home Designing


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Hello world!

Uncategorized August 26, 2016

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Uncategorized July 30, 2016

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