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Metal Building Home for a Couple or Small Family

Houses, Metal Buildings October 3, 2016

A home is supposed to be cozy and warm. It is where we celebrate our holidays with family and invite our friends to get together. So why are people opting for a metal home?!

Here’s why. Steel is sturdy. Metal buildings require the specialty of an engineer. An engineer who will carefully consider the location of a home before building. So if you are someone who will receive a large amount of snow in the winter, or strong winds during the year, you don’t need to worry about your roof caving in or a piece of your home being torn off. Your metal home will use bolts to connect its structure whereas a wooden home uses nails.

A metal home is also environmentally friendly. Wood comes at the cost of many trees, but the steel used for a metal home has often been recycled. If you are familiar working with “fixer-uppers” then you will appreciate that metal buildings do not require any load bearing walls. You can take down any wall you’d like to create a more open space at any time. The best benefit to a metal home, and arguably the most desirable, is the freedom from termites. Every home owner can understand the fear of these little pests damaging their home, but a metal home owner will never even have to worry about it!

Now that you know the structural benefits, you may be thinking how uninviting a steel home might be, but you’re wrong. A steal home can mimic a wooden home in style. You can see this design chosen for ‘Rod’s Cabin’ by Morton’s buildings in the pictures provided. The exterior can look warm and inviting with the use of paint or other materials such as brick for coverage. You could also choose to show off the steel and create a chic, modern space with high ceilings and large windows. The interior can match the exterior in either case.

There is no need to give up your style for the practicality of a metal home, and your design will not diminish it’s benefits. So if you find yourself building your next dream home maybe its time to think a little harder and go with metal rather than wood.

Approximate price for these buildings is around $25 – $80 per square foot.

By Alison LaPaglia

For more information about the structural benefits of metal buildings and Tyler Building Systems, as well as on Rod’s Cabin and Morton’s Buildings, find them in our metal home directory.

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Tiny House of Glass – Would You Live in a Glass House Like This?

Tiny House October 3, 2016

Tiny House of Glass - Would You Live in a Glass House Like This

The point of a vacation is to escape our day to day lives, experience a different area, and sometimes get quality family time that we miss when we are working. We leave the sights and sounds of our city or town behind to experience something new and different; however, most us swap out one city for another and wind up with a similar experience.

A PurePod, on the other hand, is a truly unique and private experience based in New Zealand. It is a tiny house made of glass, placed in a remote location, and crafted with eco-friendly technology. Here you will have all of your necessities provided.

Safety and security are just as much of a priority as privacy. There are three locations to choose from and each one gives a stunning view, and an opportunity to explore your outdoor surroundings.

To those of you who are afraid this vacation may be too rustic, think again! The glass used for the floor, ceiling, and walls makes the tiny house feel much larger, and the rich natural beauty outside adds an extravagance to the venue. The Purepod also uses eco-friendly technology that ensures clean water and waste management. This means no bath houses or out houses! Maybe some of you are concerned about the vulnerability of a remote area, but in New Zealand there are no large animals or snakes to act as prey. There is no “roughing it” in a Purepod.

A quote from some couple who stayed in one:

“As we approached our PurePod, we could not believe our next 24 hours would be spent in our own isolated paradise, totally immersed in nature in this incredibly innovative eco-luxury glass chalet. We could hardly contain our excitement at our new find, not knowing whether to spend our time inside or out – in the end it was apparent that it really didn’t matter which we settled for because this was an experience where the outside world met the inside one.” – Derek & Emma

Where do you see your next vacation? On a crowded beach, a crowded city, or in a beautiful setting with the one(s) you love? Turn off your television, put away the phone, and escape to a Purepod for the luxurious relaxation that dream vacations are made of!

By Alison LaPaglia

For more information about Purepods, as well as about Derek and Emma, find them in our tiny home directory.

Tiny House of Glass - Would You Live in a Glass House Like This

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How to Take a $10 Table from This to That! Flip Your Own Flop

Furniture and Furnishings September 28, 2016

Crafting is fun and sometimes it’s easy. Other times we find ourselves challenged and biting off more than we can chew. So what about the craft projects we take on that don’t go our way? Do not get discouraged! Whether your piece just did not turn out the way you wanted, or was a total dud you can always fix it.

I have a ten dollar table purchased from the Salvation Army that was a blank canvas when I started and has now seen multiple layers of paint. This is not because I’m heavy handed with a brush, but rather because I was not satisfied with my design, twice. Here was my second try on the table. I finished and was happy for a short time. After a while it became overwhelming in color and underwhelming in design. It was time for a change.

I took my flop of a table and sanded it all over. I was thorough because I wanted to avoid the extra step of priming the table and felt that the charcoal color I had chosen to replace it was dark enough for complete coverage. I began to cover the old design with the charcoal color and brainstorm my new design. I chose to do a plaid pattern. I was determined to flip this flop with no extra cost so I committed to paints I already had. I used a metallic shade of white and a metallic cream color to accent the dark matte charcoal paint I used as my base. Before doing a detailed pattern I recommend sketching your image/design elsewhere or in pencil on the piece itself. For my piece, I used pencil to create the lines I needed for the table top pattern.

My next step was to color in the lines. I used my metallic paints and created a fourth color to my pattern by mixing both metallic colors for a new shade. As you can see, I did not concern myself with neat lines at this stage. I focused more on covering the charcoal to allow my accent colors to pop.

As I moved through my work I noticed that the table top mimicked a tile pattern more than plaid so I changed course. Once I completed the messy filling of my traced squares, I went through with each color and cleaned up the lines to create more definition. My flop got flipped into a piece I could be proud of.

This is not to tell you to create a tile design or promote the colors I chose. This is to remind you that your flop can always be flipped!

By Alison LaPaglia


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The Art of Distressing Furniture: Distress to De-stress

Furniture and Furnishings September 28, 2016

The Art of Distressing Furniture Distress to De-stress

Life can be complicated and messy but distressing furniture is not. Well, it may be a little messy but it is certainly not complicated. If you are new to DIY then this could be a perfect start. If you are more experienced you will appreciate the unique look you can achieve with little effort! First, find an old and tired piece of furniture that needs a new, fresh look. Some of you may already have one in your home and others may need to search elsewhere. I always recommend looking at discounted places such as thrift stores and consignment warehouses. There is something about finding the right piece and the right price that makes it all worthwhile! Plus, this will help keep costs minimal for the project. Next, make sure you have a paint brush with firm bristles, paint with a matte finish, and sand paper. You can find all of these items at your local craft store.

My project started with the search for the perfect farmhouse chairs to complete my kitchen table. I averaged about $35.00 dollars a chair and found them separately at different consignment warehouses. I wanted the chairs the mimic each other in style but not match as a set would. I went home with two wooden cross back chairs. My first step was to sand the chairs. This is a quick step because it does not need to be thorough. You only need to scratch the surface enough to tear the finish or stain the wood may already have. If the piece you chose has already been painted you may want to sand more at this step or consider a primer before painting with your color. Your piece will be dusty so clean the dust off with a dry rag or paper towel.

Now you are ready to paint! For my project I chose the River Rock and Charcoal Martha Stewart vintage décor craft paints sold at Michaels. I wanted my colors to be complimentary not matching. When choosing your paint make sure to find a matte or chalk like finish. Now, turn up the music or your current Netflix show and get to work! Cover your piece in one to two coats of paint depending on coverage. Do not concern yourself with proper brush strokes. This piece is not meant to look pristine. Once you are done let your paint dry overnight before sanding the edges.

Distressing is easy and when your paint has dried, you are ready to get started. Take sand paper and sand the edges of your piece. You can do this as little or as much as you would like. I chose to do it just enough that the wood came through in various spots. Then I lightly sanded the seat of the chair to give the paint a worn look, but not enough to expose the wood.

When you have finished dust off your piece and put it on display!

By Alison LaPaglia

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