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How About This Cabin? Family Lakeside Getaway

Cabins July 1, 2016

What if you have a modular cabin house that provides not only a space to live but a place for relaxation and comfort in a natural recreational setting? It must be perfect! With this kind of modular building, you will create bountiful happy memories with your loved ones each passing day. Your guests will also be fascinated with your incredible prefab abode. What a beautiful sweet modular home!

A family matron counted on a good architect, a creative interior designer, a reputable builder, and an experienced landscape architect to actualize her idea for a pocket-sized, discreet lakeside hideaway prefab.

The couple, Sandy and Dudley Youman, acquired the narrow Lake Austin waterside in 1970’s. This property has 5 heavily wooded lands with 120 feet of lake frontage. Actually, for many years the buildings constructed on this property were only a run-down cottage and a vessel dock. But a thought came in to Sandy and she sought for a modest family-style change room that is wedded to the land. An Austin architect Jared Haas of Un.Box Studio designed the house. Amazingly, the outcome is a humble micro house that packs manifold purposes and her 5 grandchildren fit into a one room of a 480-square-foot structure.

Initially, Dudley yearned for prefab but architect Haas persuaded them that it is better to build it on the area for the steep land has challenging access points that off-site construction is nearly impossible. Haas also pointed out that they spent one whole year to design the shell and it was a big project that required them to have a strong team work. The collaboration comprises a great interior designer, Herb Schoening, a reputable landscape architect, Tait Moring, and a reliable contractor, the True Build.

This beautiful lakeside house is remarkably magnificent and property owners Dudley and Sandy Youman had a taskforce of watercraft to provide entertainment both for their children and grandchildren. Indeed, modular houses have something incredible to offer that they always end up to be delightful. To see more of Un.Box Studio’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

How About This Cabin Family Lakeside Getaway

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Cabin Transformed Into Modern Home

Cabins June 25, 2016

Builders and designers work with a team to make stable and valuable housing projects because they know that homes are significant to people’s well being. A home is where dwellers find their own identity and it’s a territory where they have control over everything they have in life.

Here is a cabin that’s been transformed into a modern home, and seeing the living room, it is exceptionally spacious and you can’t believe that it’s a tiny home. The dining room has enough space for the whole family to sit and enjoy their meals. Who would think that this used to be a plain, aluminium-sided farmstead?

Great thanks to San Francisco Architecture and Design Firm Design Blitz. This firm transformed this and it really looks entirely altered and it looks so gorgeous now. It is originally a 500-square-foot structure owned by the Horton family since it was built in 1942 as a holiday home. When the Horton family thought to make the house their full residential space, they needed a house remodelling.

Hence, the team of Design Blitz remodelled the 500-square-foot addition. Its remodelling budget is really reasonable for it only costs around $200 per square foot. Imagine this house transformation necessitated a broad work which included reframing the old original house.

After just about 75 years, the Hortons’ abode stood very beautifully and the entire new exterior within a rustic creek bounded by California redwoods, it is evident that the altered house is exceptionally stunning. The aluminium framing is absolutely lovely and its and cedar siding amid added contemporary style carries a new spirit to its interiors. Guests can also notify the unique openings beneath the extension. This transformed cabin is really an awesome remodelling project! To see more of Design Blitzsf’s work, find them in our Prefab and Modular Home Designers and Builders Directory (click here).

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Net-zero Arc Prefab House

Prefab June 25, 2016

Net-zero Arc Prefab House

Prefab ouses that take imaginative approaches to design are irresistibly interesting! The amazingly roomy net-zero Arc House reveals how curves can create an illusionary feel – a small space seems much larger. Innovatively and creatively designed by a group effort involving Green Builder Media, Shelter Dynamics, Kitcheneering, and Align3D, this prefab house is a good blend of the frugality and minimalism of micro house living with revolutionary structure science.

This fabulous Arc House ranges from 400 to 500 square feet. It is a good size for starting families and is designed for those who consider the importance of flexibility and affordability. It abides by California’s factory prefabricated codes. This house has all the facilities of standard-sized homes. It’s self-contained and compact; the house incorporates some sustainable essentials into a single set.

This micro home is off-the-grid; it is a solar-powered abode with advanced protection and energy storage capacity. It has a great purposeful kitchen and a sleeping quarter with a walk-in closet. Thus, Arc Home features both function and aesthetics that home buyers are yearning for. Also its amazing shape is absolutely catchy and provides a spectacular artistic view.

The founder of Shelter Dynamics, Jim Gregory said that Arc House is a lovely house design which helped them in demonstrating proficient means to build homes that are sustainable and meets the standard of a regular home within an affordable budget. To see more of Shelter Dynamics’ work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Metal Building Cottage House For Couple or Mid-Sized Family

Metal Buildings June 23, 2016

Metal Building Cottage House For Couple or Mid-Sized Family

A lot of people are increasingly turning to alternative building methods, including metal buildings. Due to the strength, ecological friendliness, and cost effectiveness of metal as a building material, it’s a staple for architects, engineers and house builders.

Another big benefit: re-use. With metal buildings, they can be expanded, made smaller, and combined with other structures — and often the update is easier than it would be for other materials.

This lovely dwelling featured here is one that, due to the size and layout, could be ideal for couples and mid-sized families. It is a two-story house with nice hotel-suite style bedrooms and bathrooms. It has a fully functional kitchen and other home amenities, although besides the standard house appliances, many amenities are options that can be selected or ruled out depending on what a metal house buyer needs and wants. It also has a wheeled staircase for easy mobility that provides access to the second floor.

The metal building also has a garage which measures 452 square feet and the whole house measures 1650 square feet.

It might be worth taking a look at the architects behind this building as well as a few others to get a feel for what is possible with metal home construction. The company behind this particular design is Click Architects (Cheryl and Steve Click), who are licenced in Arkansas and Washington. We also have a number of other metal home builders and designers indexed in our directory, depending on where you live.

“Click Architects is a design-focused architecture firm specializing in new and remodels for single family residences, small multi-family, commercial buildings, and tenant improvement projects,” according to the company. “Every project at Click Architects starts with a holistic approach; analyzing site constraints, regional and vernacular influences, programmatic elements, budget limitations, and clients’ needs. This provides a solid background necessary to start designing the unthinkable.

“Guided by our passion for excellence and our love for collaboration, each unique project is molded according to the vision, site, and desire from the client. We believe good design is sustainable and a reflection of the community and environment around us.”

For more information about building with steel, check out 7 Essential Things To Know About Beautiful Metal Buildings. Or you can browse our site to get a better feel for the range of metal home buildings out there. To see more of Click Architects work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Quite The Interior on This Tiny House

Tiny House June 23, 2016

Quite The Interior on This Tiny House

From a minimalist’s point of view, tiny homes are adorable and really wonderful! It’s simple, neat and clutter-free since you can’t accumulate a lot of stuff. These cute tiny homes are so incredible that many home enthusiasts are considering buying them. Great thanks to modern architectural design, tiny houses evolved very aesthetically that their appeal has captured individuals from both town and city.

I stumbled upon this cute tiny house by Tiny Heirloom. It is a sweet, lovely dwelling that you will want to call your own.

Indeed, living in a rustic stylish tiny abode on wheels is really fantastic. This cute home is one of a kind for its living room is up in a roof space which provides an interesting area for the whole family. You will enjoy pulling out your bed from underneath the living area’s storage structure. Its interior is awesomely amazing and you will really experience beautiful home living in this cute tiny abode.

As the kitchen is mostly the busiest area of many homes, it has closets to store your condiments; making it neat and tidy after each food prep. The ceiling has good sized glass windows for daylight. Overall, this chic tiny home is exquisitely designed for extraordinary home living.

However, if you want other astounding designs of tiny homes, feel free to connect with Tiny Heirloom. They customize designs according to individual’s preferences. Most companies provide various packages to choose from but with them, you are given total freedom to bring out your ideas and they will support and guide you on how to actualize your dream tiny home.

The materials that are being used are of good quality and designs are tailored for each home buyer’s inclination. Thus, home dwellers are guaranteed to have a home that’s fantastically stylish.

“Our goal is to create tiny houses that fit the lifestyle and personal necessities of each client,” Tiny Heirloom states. “Each build starts with a blank page ready for innovation and inspiration to create your perfect tiny house.”

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Studio Style Tiny Home Cottage Community

Tiny House June 23, 2016

Studio Style Tiny Home Cottage Community

The first thing that you think about tiny homes is space. Yes, it’s a limited living space. This simply means you will become a minimalist which is great for our planet. Every beautiful thing should always start at home. And the first thing is to de-clutter and keep only what you really need and love. Give all other unnecessary stuff away and live a simple, clutter-free, clean life. It’s probably what quiet joy is all about. Become a minimalist and start enjoying what’s readily available rather than accumulating lots of things that will just complicate your life.

So, here is an adorable studio style tiny home cottage community that you will certainly love.

Our Town Plans designed a 493 sq. ft. studio style cottage with a first floor bedroom. When you enter this cottage, you will see a ground level floor plan. A bedroom, a reading corner, a bathroom and a small pantry are all incorporated in the ground level.

The front area welcomes warmly and as you enter this cute tiny house, you can have a nice reading experience at the corner. Its bedroom is cozy enough to provide you some comfort after a tiring busy day and its kitchenette has built-in cabinets to keep your food condiments.

This is a bungalow-style house that simplifies one’s home living. And because it’s so adorable, you can decorate this cottage with your favorite home ornaments and make it as lovely as you it can be. It’s your cute little home and you don’t have to worry about spending a big amount to decorate. improve and maintain it.

Other things that will draw you to have a studio style cottage are – less tax, low mortgage and much lesser stress which are all present in owning a big house. And if you invest a little for your home, you can use your savings for other important things and even for leisure activities like travel. Spend less for your home and spend more enjoying local and international travel. Keep it simple and gain more experiences in exploring recreational things. So, you got both – a good home and beautiful experiences!

For more information about Our Town Plans’ plans, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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A New Kind of Tiny House Cabin

Tiny House June 23, 2016

Studio Style Tiny Home Cottage Community

After a hard busy day, everyone might want to find solace in a comforting prefab home. It is a space for each individual and an abode for the whole family, and is meant to provide some comfort and a sense of ownership to people buying their first house on a budget. Tiny lovely cabin homes are really charming and many home buyers are considering acquiring one like this micro prefab cabin.

These gorgeous micro homes will certainly amaze you! …

In Lac Supérieur located outside Montreal, the Fraternité-sur-Lac recreational spot is home to a chain of contemporary, prefabricated houses beautifully designed by YH2. YH2 recreated an outdated model and presented series of stunning and elegant tiny cabin homes that are wonderfully delightful.

Another incredible house creation is the “Spahaus” cabin, located in Canada. It has an open-plan living space. The company’s first home archetype is branded as Spahaus. It is designed as nice holiday dwelling. The 21 cabins  are fashioned to make the most of the area’s natural scenery. Thus, the cabins have large windows that allow house dwellers to enjoy a good view of the forest.

House buyers can choose one among the 5 Spahaus models. House sizes range from 1070 square feet to 1420 square feet. The kitchen has gray laminate cupboards and stainless steel countertops.

Dwellers may take the sauna optional feature if they love warm bath. The houses’ interior and exterior follow a regular graphical theme and a cedar and concrete create this visual effect.

The frontage is made up of of bare concrete, Galvalume guttering, and cedar wood covering. The homes are carefully set up to make other assemblies invisible.

Home buyers are practically guaranteed to feel at home in a wonderful tiny cabin home. To see more of YH2 Architecture’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Inexpensive Concrete Modular Homes

Modular June 23, 2016

Indeed, whether prefab houses or traditional, home ownership provides a sense of freedom, privacy and sanctuary. The fulfillment of a place, that of having your own home, is invaluable. It is a place to nurture your children and a space to spend time doing the most personal and intimate things in life.

But in this generation — where high home quality is partnered with costly goods –taking on inexpensive concrete modular homes is a must so that average homeowners can purchase a home within their budget.

Here is an example of a couple who were able to build their low-cost concrete modular home. Tarek and Cynthia had a thought that their old house on Martha’s Vineyard had to be replaced completely. So they looked for a good architect who could work on a collaboration and one who lived on the island.

One day, a friend of Cynthia’s paid for a visit in Boston one weekend and they discussed home construction while they were looking at a certain house near the shoreline. While they were going around the house areas, they saw a box of tiles with architect Peter Rose’s name printed on it. So Tarek thought of contacting his office, and what a coincidence, Rose would be flying to Boston on the same day. Hence, they agreed to meet there and they disregarded the island-resident criterion that they listed before.

So their good connection began and since the 1980s, architect Rose has established a portfolio of work on Martha’s Vineyard that includes both contemporary and regional-style structures. Rose noted, “What is common among these buildings is a great deal of attention to the siting of them, especially in terms of topography.” He added, “Partway into the process, we became aware of the slow, steady erosion of the bluff.” Rose also said that the inclined lakefront spot is characterized by narrow degrees.

Rose and his group formed the house as a chain of 6 prefabricated structures joined by 2 criss-crossing hallways. Every box can be elevated by crane.

Considering the beautiful scenery all around the house, Rose designed the house with subtle, fuzzy borders between the exterior and interior. Rose remarked, “There are two sets of rules on the Vineyard: If you do a vernacular house, you can build higher; if you build a modern house, it has to be lower.” Hence, Rose and his group decided for the latter. They thought of constructing a one-storey structure with a chain of flat, planted roofs, capped with beautiful natural sea grasses.

Rose explained, “The use of concrete was like placing a boulder onto the site.” In spite of the useful strength of the building material, Cynthia was initially doubtful but her husband convinced her that concrete is fit with Vineyard setting—the seashore, the rocks, and the mist. Actually, the subtle tones and faintly coarse surfaces of the exterior boards, controlled by expanses of glass and Spanish cedar window casings, form a beautiful home for the couples.

Another feature of the house is its rainwater collection. There are also geothermal wells that provide shiny floor warming which is useful in reducing HVAC equipment cost.

Overall, this lovely inexpensive concrete modular home is practical for home owners to consider as it’s durable, beautiful and it’s within an average budget. To see more of Peter Rose + Partners’ work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.


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The Mountain Chalet House Gets a Modern Update with This House

Houses June 18, 2016

We have here a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional alpine chalet style of architecture. The structure has that interesting exterior you see in the photo, and the interior is a two story dwelling broken up into three sections — master bedrrom, living area, and other bedrooms — plus an underground elevator that goes down into a parking garage.

These four levels (including the garage) have 4 entrance levels for the house design. The house is the work of architects SeARCH for a Dutch client on this steep hillside.

The size of this villa is 400 meters square. How it fits into the line of chalet architecture is the chalet (“shepherd’s hut”) is basically a solid wood house with shutters and a gabled roof that rests on a stone base. The term originated in the Swiss Alps, where there were many of these shepherds. Over time, the chalet was made more elaborate with multi-gables and any luxury addition home buyers could think of over the past few hundred years of wealthy mountain homes.

Many of the chalets currently in the Alps are summer houses now, and aren’t used throughout the year.

The underground garage was designed the way it is out of necessity. They had to go through the mountain to create it. It’s just a part of building on a limited plot of mountain land.

The first floor (above the garage) is the “guest area” with several bedrooms. Then above that is the living / socializing area, then finally the master bedroom on the highest floor — kind of an “attic.” To see more of SeARCH’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Interesting Prefab House Modules!

Prefab June 18, 2016

We’ve seen traditional-style prefab houses, and we’ve seen modern prefab home designs, but now we have another little category to look at: retro style. I don’t think I’ve seen a prefab like this one before, or prefabs built like this either. The style is a box, but rounded corners gives it that interesting look. Then for building style, they take a stack (like a deck of cards) of rounded square “ribs” and then just put framing between these ribs to form a tube. Interesting prefab idea all around.

This new type of prefab house was designed and built to address the problems of temporary housing, and it takes into consideration the landscape around while also being useful — if the prefab buyer wants — as a bar, small shop, guest house, or cabin rental.

The idea with the ribbing is that this prefab design is meant to be a module that can be “repeated,” ie extended almost indefinately. It is a concept the modular home designers refer to as “functional metamorphosis.” It’s meant further to be used in rural or urban situations, and merge well with other industrial and residential industries, such as sewerage, electricity, foundations, water, etc.

It also takes into account energy saving — it’s eco-friendly — and it does this through its materials, construction processes, and the use of photovoltaic panels — solar power.

As a structure, it can sit on areas not usually possible for traditional housing. It just sits on simple blocking and the house “tube” sits upon long “rails” atop the blocking.

Because the design is basically “squares,” this prefab modular house can be stacked, set in rows, or set on end with other prefab units.

As designed, the prefab comes with solar panels, lighting, utility outlets, phone, computer, and security systems.

It has a water supply for the kitchen and bathroom — a tank and pump located in the “technical area” below the prefab’s living space (see pictures). As pictured above, the unit is 27m2, and uses a 500 liter water tank (which is enough for three days).

This design is the work of architects Michele Cannata & Fátima Fernández. To see more of their work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

Prefab House Modules

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