24×50 Ponderosa Country Barn Home with an Open Porch, 12 ft Lean-tos and Cupolas

24x50 Ponderosa Country Barn Home with an Open Porch, 12 ft Lean-tos and Cupolas

It seems that so many people are looking for barn homes. It symbolizes that peaceful kind of life. Now, they come in so many different styles and designs that they’re hard to pass by. This lovely barn house can also be customized and make you feel as though you have left the cares of the world behind. With its high wood ceilings and exposed beams it still lends that country feel to this home that everyone is looking for.

One of our favorite things here about barn homes is the superior materials and the beauty of all the wood accents. The high ceilings also make the home appear even larger and more spacious. The outside is very traditional, which is quite beautiful. It is a barn home that will surprise you when you walk in to see all the of the modern amenities.

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“Sand Creek Post & Beam kits have become the starting point for many custom homes across the country. The soaring wood ceilings and exposed post and beam frame are not only beautiful, but extremely strong and versatile. Rustic yet dignified, our kits provide the perfect blend of value, strength, and style for your custom home.”

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