All About Barndominiums, Floor Plans, Benefits, Price and Design

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All About Barndominiums, Floor Plans, Benefits, Price and Design

Barndominiums are generally steel framed buildings that are pre-fabbed and then put together on the site of your choice. They are extremely cost-effective, energy efficient, and easy to maintain. Usually they are used as living spaces, and there is a huge variety of floor plans available for your new home.  But they are also used as churches, entertainment centers, a shop, and garages, and so they are very versatile structures. The benefits of these barndominiums are therefore, obvious. The shell is the basic building, but you can turn that shell into a beautiful, fully equipped home, with all the luxuries you desire. Appliances, heating and cooling systems  can all be included. Floor plans are virtually endless.

You can also just use the shell as a workshop or garage which does not necessarily require any of these additions. You can get a shell of a barndominium for as little as $20 a square foot, but larger homes can cost from as much as $200,000, but keep in mind, that you can configure your barndominium any way you wish with all the add-ons you might want or need. You decide on how many stories you want, how many rooms to have, and on extras and accouterments like granite counter tops, hardwood floors, ceiling fans, porches, balconies, sky lights and more. Obviously laminated wood floors will cost much less than something like cherry wood, but the beauty of this is that its is all up to you!

You can absolutely work within your own budget. And then, if your budget increases you can add more features to your barndominium. The price of your building will also go up if you hire a construction company or private builder. But this is often money well spent as these professionals have keener and more trained eyes and can actually help you keep costs down. They can also think of design options that might not come to you on your own. This is especially true if you plan to use your barndominium as your primary residence.

Another advantage of having a barndominium is that you choose where you want to put it. Whether or not you choose country settings, suburban areas, in the mountains, or in the middles of a field of wild flowers, your barndominium can blend in with any type of landscape.  The uses for these buildings are as endlessly creative as you are. They are perfect for growing families, and used as art studios.