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Clayton Log Cabin Fits a Family of 8

Cabins September 5, 2016

Purposeful minimalism is the soul of a rural way of life while contemporary log dwellings are competently fashioned with a crafty space-efficient scheme to make the most of out of small floor plans.

Family and individual home buyers have their own preferences when it comes to house sizes and designs. Great thanks to log homes builders for they have readily customized houses that answer each need and preference.

The Clayton Log Cabin by Honest Abe Log Homes can accommodate a family of 8. It is a two-story residence that has 1,726 square feet of flexible living space. The house has enough spaces for good sized bedrooms.

The house depicts an old-style style of historic abodes during the early settlement era. Even if it is fashioned with traditional home design, it is made with modern building materials.

The living area can fill the heart with joyous experiences with its big windows for ample daylight and during night, dwellers can spend some cozy chit chat with loved ones in the stone fireside. The house can fit a large family because it has enough spaces for good bedrooms.

This rustic style log cabin has gorgeous wood panelling and an elevated ceiling. It is finished with hardwood flooring boards. And because it is set in a countryside community, residents can fully take pleasure with all-year round fresh air plus distinctive smell of woods.

Indeed, The Clayton Log Home illustrates how classic design can be applied to modern architecture.

To see more of Honest Abe Log Homes , find them in our directory.

Clayton Log Cabin.2 Clayton Log Cabin.5

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How About This Cabin? Family Lakeside Getaway

Cabins July 1, 2016

What if you have a modular cabin house that provides not only a space to live but a place for relaxation and comfort in a natural recreational setting? It must be perfect! With this kind of modular building, you will create bountiful happy memories with your loved ones each passing day. Your guests will also be fascinated with your incredible prefab abode. What a beautiful sweet modular home!

A family matron counted on a good architect, a creative interior designer, a reputable builder, and an experienced landscape architect to actualize her idea for a pocket-sized, discreet lakeside hideaway prefab.

The couple, Sandy and Dudley Youman, acquired the narrow Lake Austin waterside in 1970’s. This property has 5 heavily wooded lands with 120 feet of lake frontage. Actually, for many years the buildings constructed on this property were only a run-down cottage and a vessel dock. But a thought came in to Sandy and she sought for a modest family-style change room that is wedded to the land. An Austin architect Jared Haas of Un.Box Studio designed the house. Amazingly, the outcome is a humble micro house that packs manifold purposes and her 5 grandchildren fit into a one room of a 480-square-foot structure.

Initially, Dudley yearned for prefab but architect Haas persuaded them that it is better to build it on the area for the steep land has challenging access points that off-site construction is nearly impossible. Haas also pointed out that they spent one whole year to design the shell and it was a big project that required them to have a strong team work. The collaboration comprises a great interior designer, Herb Schoening, a reputable landscape architect, Tait Moring, and a reliable contractor, the True Build.

This beautiful lakeside house is remarkably magnificent and property owners Dudley and Sandy Youman had a taskforce of watercraft to provide entertainment both for their children and grandchildren. Indeed, modular houses have something incredible to offer that they always end up to be delightful. To see more of Un.Box Studio’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

How About This Cabin Family Lakeside Getaway

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Cabin Transformed Into Modern Home

Cabins June 25, 2016

Builders and designers work with a team to make stable and valuable housing projects because they know that homes are significant to people’s well being. A home is where dwellers find their own identity and it’s a territory where they have control over everything they have in life.

Here is a cabin that’s been transformed into a modern home, and seeing the living room, it is exceptionally spacious and you can’t believe that it’s a tiny home. The dining room has enough space for the whole family to sit and enjoy their meals. Who would think that this used to be a plain, aluminium-sided farmstead?

Great thanks to San Francisco Architecture and Design Firm Design Blitz. This firm transformed this and it really looks entirely altered and it looks so gorgeous now. It is originally a 500-square-foot structure owned by the Horton family since it was built in 1942 as a holiday home. When the Horton family thought to make the house their full residential space, they needed a house remodelling.

Hence, the team of Design Blitz remodelled the 500-square-foot addition. Its remodelling budget is really reasonable for it only costs around $200 per square foot. Imagine this house transformation necessitated a broad work which included reframing the old original house.

After just about 75 years, the Hortons’ abode stood very beautifully and the entire new exterior within a rustic creek bounded by California redwoods, it is evident that the altered house is exceptionally stunning. The aluminium framing is absolutely lovely and its and cedar siding amid added contemporary style carries a new spirit to its interiors. Guests can also notify the unique openings beneath the extension. This transformed cabin is really an awesome remodelling project! To see more of Design Blitzsf’s work, find them in our Prefab and Modular Home Designers and Builders Directory (click here).

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Picaresque Modern Rustic Cottage Idea

Cabins May 27, 2016

Picaresque Modern Rustic Cottage Idea

Do you love tiny houses or quaint rustic cottages? Are you planning to build your own small house — maybe even a modular or prefab house? Do you want to have a place where you can engage with hillwalking and mountaineering? Do you want your home to be situated near amazing fauna and flora? Do you want a simple life while enjoying your place with your family and friends? If your answer is “Yes,” then you may consider building a tiny house like this one, called Vega, as a new home for you and your family.

Vega, one of the great places in picaresque Norway, can offer you a great home design idea in this modern rustic cottage — a term we’ve been using here for prefab and other house designs that are modern in some aspects, while also having a strong “rustic” aesthetic. While the location it was build on is known to have huge populations of plants, birds, and mammals, you can imagine probably how a small prefab house or cottage based on this design would fit almost anywhere. It has also been voted in 2004 to be on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

This tiny house / rustic cottage is a project by Kolman Boye Architects. This house is 140 m2 and was constructed in 2009-2012. The Vega rural cottage is situated on the island of Vega. It is not far from the polar circle. The location is known for its awesome northern landscape. The house gives you an amazing view of the Norwegian sea and the wonderful mountains rising from it.

The Vega Cottage’s structure is beautiful. The surrounding landscape where the house is built was not touched and remains wild. The house stands on a rock beneath a granite shoulder. The rustic cottage has large windows that allow you to witness the beauty of the ocean, mountain range and the bedrock. The house has also huge spaces for social gatherings with family and friends located on the lower level of the house. The upper level is composed of bedrooms and family rooms.

Vega is a perfect place for a new home if you want to experience nature at its best. It is a place that will give you an opportunity to appreciate the real beauty of nature, undisturbed and preserved. It is a place where you can have peace of mind while enjoying the simplicity of life. It is a place that will allow you to wake up everyday, witnessing the breath taking views that it can always offer you. To see more of Kolman Boye’s work, find them in our designers and builders directory.

Small House (2)

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A Just Right-Sized Little Tiny House Cabin

Cabins May 14, 2016

The Most Basic Little Cabin -- Could It Be Just Right?

No maintenance. No energy bill. Yet a clean, sturdy prefab modular shelter. That’s what this particular modular cabin seems to be about. It’s a steel clad one-room house, and they put this one on a small island where it is thought it may one day blend in and become even more a part of the landscape.

This article has moved. You can read the rest of it at our new site dedicated to houses: First-Class Tiny Home Cabins

tiny cabin (1)

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How Did He Make This Woodpile Cabin?

Cabins May 5, 2016

This is just a short write up about a little cabin a fellow put together named Piet Hein Eek in the Netherlands. It looks like a pile of timber, although it would be a bit of a challenge to stack timber that square.

However, inside its a one-room cabin. The logs are just a facade on the outside.

The window-covers open upwards to show windows, which light the interior space.

Interesting cabin?

How Did He Make This Woodpile Cabin (2)

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Small Luxury Lodge Keeps With the Original 1930’s Architecture

Cabins April 27, 2016

Small Luxury Lodge Keeps With the Original 1930’s Architecture

One way to save money on a house is to buy a fixer-upper, right? But sometimes a fixer-upper can cost more than a new house, especially if the owner wants to preserve the character of the period architecture of the original house.

That’s what happened here. This is a 1930’s lodge — a historic building — and situated on a private peninsula.

Over the years, the building had fallen into disrepair, and as it was locked up while not in use, a bunch of new tenants became prisoners — squirrels! The trapped squirrels sought freedom, though, and they chewed apart the casements of the building from inside. Over winters, snow blew in through the cracks and gaps in the exterior walls.

When the new owner bought it, it had 15 inches of water in the basement.

Some updates were undertaken: the layout was modernized, the lighting was updated (more natural light, which was also part of the idea to improve the views of the lake).

The dormer was added, and a custom millwork company was commissioned to replicate the original 1930s windows for the dormer and elsewhere.

The team responsible for this fixer-upper lodge was Christine Albertsson AIA CID and Sonya Carel. Photography by Scott Amundson. It’s quite the lodge, and quite the setting.

bay lake lodge original architecture (3) bay lake lodge original architecture (6)

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A Charming Little Prefab Cottage – Plans

Cabins April 26, 2016

A Charming Little Prefab Cottage – Plans

When it comes to prefabs, there are those who like modern home designs and there are those who like the traditional layout. It’s funny. These types of dwellings have been built roughly the same way for hundreds of years. However, the prefab take on the woodsy rustic cabin is a new idea, driven by our need to spend less on homes (and cabins), and provided for with our modern technology — our ability to prefabricate large structures inside a warehouse and also our big vehicles which we can just throw a house on top of and move from place to place.

This particular prefab cabin is a one-room cottage. It can also be used as a storage shed. A space for a guest house-type situation, or for teenagers who want a little more independence also come to mind as possible uses for this modular tiny house. What else? a pool house, maybe? Or a cabana?

The dimensions are 16 by 20.  There is a loft in this cabin as well, 7 by 12 feet. However, you can also build them in an 8 by 10 foot smaller size.

With the loft, you can use it as a sleeping area, or you could opt to use it as a storage space for seasonal items which you don’t necessarily need to be down in your living space all year round.

This cottage is actually a kit you could order, by KitGuy. He calls it Vermont Cottage. You can visit him (click here).

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Modern Woodsy A-Frame Cabin

Cabins February 26, 2016

When considering a prefab or modular home design, and if you’re setting it in the woods or a woodsy setting, you might well be considering whether to build a regular square prefab house or an A-frame construction.

This is an old question for those thinking of what to build. The A-frame has some benefits, besides its style. One of those is its oft-noted ease to build. A person on his own or with a friend can set up an A-frame. Basically, you build a platform and then just make triangles and pull them up and string them together until you have the length you want, and then finish off the roof. Carpenters will of course say there’s more to it than that, and there is, but when you boil it down to the basics, that’s how you set up the most simple of A-frame cabins.

Another benefit is, if you’re setting up your cabin or home (whether it’s a modular house / prefab home or not) somewhere where there’s a lot of snow, the sharp peak of the A-frame roof is going to help you there, whereas the flatter roof can suffer under accumulated snow. A-frames dont need gutters, in general.

Now the downsides: space — there’s less of it for a given footprint size. Also, those sloping walls make positioning appliances and things awkward. Often, with small A-frames, a loft is built in the upper half of the triangle on one or both sides of the building, and that’s where the bedroom is / bedrooms are.

Also, you’re heating a tall peaked roof, and you usually aren’t up there in the peak, so heat can be an issue.

Maybe this is why a lot of people start out by thinking A-frames would be right for them, and only some of them end up going with the A-frame. Because a small regular construction is also fairly easy for a person or small group to put up, and many areas don’t get a ton of snow, a regular cabin might be better. And because there are a lot of prefabrication / modular construction companies that build custom homes with A-frames, it might be something to look into if you like the idea of living in one / cabin-ing in one.

This modern A-frame was originally shared at the Spacetime Continuum by some bloggers who have become “less exciting” lately (their words not mine).

To learn about how to build your own prefabricated A-frame home, a good starting point I found is Mother Earth News (click here). Visit the Spacetime Continuum blog (click here).

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Allwood Kit Cabin Claudia: An Ideal Family Guest House

Cabins January 17, 2016

Allwood Kit Cabin Claudia An Ideal Family Guest House

What I especially love about this kit cabin is the speed with which you can assemble it. If you need an extra office or art studio, separate from your main house, you can have it up in a day. This kit comes with unmatched versatility and all you need is a little imagination to turn it into something special, depending on your needs and desires. It can be a cozy retreat or a utilitarian space; it is completely up to you.

There is also a certain personal satisfaction in building your own kit cabin. You can make a day or  two of fun out of it.  Get the whole  family involved. And at the end of the day you have accomplished something quite extraordinary. Something you can be very proud of.

Allwood Kit Cabin Claudia

  • Inside Floor Area: 209 Sqf – spacious yet cozy
  • Wall thickness: 1-3/4″ (44 mm) – dual T&G wind block pattern
  • Front / back wall height: 87-1/2″ – Ridge height: 11’11”

Product description

“Allwood Claudia is a cottage style kit cabin made from high quality Nordic wood. With 209 inside Sqf. it provides 86 Sqf. more floor area than it’s smaller sister model Chloe. This cabin is ideal as pool house, family guest house, separate home office, beach cottage or even as stand alone retail building. Assembly of this solid wood cabin takes one full day for two adults. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit. Only minimal tools are needed. For all year round use, added insulation is recommended. In most climate zones floor and roof insulation will be enough.We can also install the cabin for you. Please contact us for Free Estimate. NO INTERIOR FINISHING NEEDED Durable, dense grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce Floor and roof construction materials included Pre hung and glazed doors and windows Pre assembled gables All nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock. Easy to follow instructions ** If you need a Building Permit, we will be glad to send the drawings needed with the application. ** For additional interior pictures, see also the listing for Chloe ** Q: What is not included? A: foundation materials and roofing shingles”

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

Find more from Allwood Industrials, and other cabin builders we’ve indexed in our Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can search the company’s name and look builders near your area. And to see more cabin, click here.

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