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Modern Style Decor: Sleek and Uncluttered

Furniture and Furnishings September 13, 2017

Modern Style Decor Sleek and Uncluttered

Modern style decor is the epitome of clean lines, monochromatic color palettes, and an uncluttered look. Not everyone goes for this style of decor because they believe it to be too cold  and impersonal. But the modern style is far from cold and impersonal. With the occasional splash of color and warm neutral tones, this can be very inviting and cozy. Modern style furniture is not hard nor is it uncomfortable. A variety of textures and hues can be very welcoming for you and your guests and family. A soft throw tossed on a sleek sofa, begs you to sit down.

That touch of red on a pillow in a grey room, adds  excitement and drama.  The stainless steel kitchen appliances do not say “industrial”, but  that it is a clean and efficient work space.  A platform bed can be as comfy as a four-poster bed.

Neutral, and monochromatic color palettes are the hallmark of the modern style. They keep rooms from looking messy and cluttered, and have a calming effect on people. The simple lines, and the clean feel to modern style rooms create a peaceful ambiance that most folks enjoy. There is also a lightness to modern style decor that other styles don’t have. The heavy quality that more traditional styles possess, can sometimes be oppressive. Too many knick-knacks, too many colors and patterns in fabrics can often be overwhelming.

The images below are meant to be inspirational and to help you in finding your particular modern style. All images and resource material are courtesy of Pinterest and the pics can be enlarged.


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Updating Your Living Room? Some Great Coffee Table and Decor Ideas

Furniture and Furnishings September 13, 2017

Coffee table ideas

When you are decorating your living room, no matter what style decor you may choose, you want furnishings and accessories to compliment your furniture. The coffee table is an important furnishing in all living rooms. And it serves a variety of purposes for you and your guests. Trunk coffee tables can be storage for blankets and throws for the cold weather. Coffee tables with drawers can hold stationary, pens, and other sundries. Double shelved coffee tables can provide space for beautiful accessories as well as magazines and books. Or coffee tables can be more than utilitarian, and more decorative with candles, vases, small sculptures and art books. You can put plants and flowers on coffee tables for color and interest.

Of course the coffee table is also used for food and beverages. The size and shape of your coffee table should not only compliment the chairs and sofas in your living room, but it should also be large enough for comestibles. Coffee tables are made from many different materials like wood, glass, metal, cushions with trays for stability, and ottomans with fabric.

They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When choosing your coffee table you should take into consideration your decor style, your needs regarding extra storage, and whether or not you want it to also be a decorative piece of furniture.

The images below are a variety of suggestions to help you make some informed choices about your coffee table and the type of accessories you might like to put on it. All images and resources are courtesy of Pinterest and the images are expandable.

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Sofas – Your Living Room’s Welcome Mat

Furniture and Furnishings September 13, 2017

Sofas - Your Living Room's Welcome Mat

Whatever your decor style, the furniture you choose for your home says more about who you are than anything else you own. And regardless of your style, what you want from your furniture is for it to be inviting and welcoming. Sofas are the most important piece of furniture in your living room.

Usually, they are also the biggest piece of furniture in your living room. The rest of your living room’s decor revolves around your sofa choice. The ambiance you create in your living room is dictated by your sofa choice. Whether your decor style is modern, traditional, French Provincial, Craftsman style, mid-century, your sofa is the piece of furniture that creates the feel of your home. The materials used for the frame, the fabrics on the cushions, whether or not you have pillows or throws as accent pieces, all go together to make your living room particular to you.

When you create seating groupings, you are creating a flow of conversation for your guests. Sofas  can be sectional, which somewhat directs that flow in the direction of the sections. Some sectionals have ottomans for putting your feet up, for a more casual feel. Velvet and chenille sofas give you a feeling of luxury in their textures. Even more formally designed sofas can be warm and inviting and create a good conversational flow. It doesn’t matter if your sofa choice is an angular one, or one with rounded curves. They all say, “Sit on me”.

The sofas shown below are intended to be used as inspiration for you as you decide what style of sofa is right for you. All images and resource material are courtesy of Pinterest and the pics can be enlarged.

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9 bedrooms Guaranteed to Promote Sound Sleep

Furniture and Furnishings September 13, 2017

9 bedrooms Guaranteed to Promote Sound Sleep

If your bathroom is your at-home spa, your bedroom is your haven, your sanctuary – the place you go to unwind and become renewed. Sleep is something we all need to function in this world and getting a good night’s sleep is an important part of your day. Bedrooms need to be soothing so monochromatic color palettes are often used to provide that atmosphere. Neutral tones are a great canvas for bedroom accessories and easy splashes of color.

Your bed is, of course, the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. But the choice of what kind of bed to get is dependent upon your particular needs and tastes. Whether your mattress is soft or firm, whether you sleep on a futon or in a four-poster, your bed must be inviting. The addition of lots of fluffy pillows, throws, and cozy blankets, adds to your bed’s invitation to get in it.

It is so important that your bedroom has no distraction, nothing that can disturb your mind and sleep rhythm. Many people put televisions in their bedrooms for late night viewing, but a minimum of electronics is often advised by sleep experts. Also a  dark room is in keeping with your evening circadian rhythm, so be sure to turn that television off before retiring. Keep your computer in your office. Your bedroom can be formal or casual and still provide the peaceful quality you need for a sound night’s sleep. The 9 bedrooms featured below are all illustrations of the comfy bedroom. Even the unique hanging bed is an example of an inviting piece of furniture.

The images below and resource material here are all courtesy of Pinterest and the pics can be enlarged. They are also intended as inspirations for your style and choices.

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Futons: Doing Double Duty

Furniture and Furnishings September 13, 2017

When I lived in a tiny studio apartment in New York City my favorite piece of furniture was my futon sofa. By day my little room was a living room with as much space as I could have possibly gotten out of it. And by night it was a cozy bedroom. My futon made it possible for me to have people over for dinner. It was very comfortable as both a sofa and a bed. It was easy to open and close and Made me feel like a lived in a bigger apartment. It made what could have been a claustrophobic life, not so. I loved my futon.

Futons are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own and they can be used in just about any room. If you enjoy having sleep over guests but don’t have a guest room, a futon sofa can turn your office or living room into a bedroom in the blink of an eye. They can be built as a twin, full size, queen or king size bed. They are available not only as sofa beds but also as convertible chairs for a child or small adult. There is some science that purports that futons are better for your back than the more traditional sleeper sofa. They come in different thicknesses, and can be constructed from natural or synthetic materials. There is a myriad of futon covers to match your home decor and color palettes. And they can offer splashes of color in more neutral settings. The frames are usually made of wood or metal, and both offer comfort and style and also drawers for storage.

The images and resource material are courtesy of Pinterest and all images can be enlarged. If you need some versatility in your home, a futon may be just the piece of furniture for you.

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The Armchair: Your Room’s Last Accessory

Furniture and Furnishings September 13, 2017

The Arm Chair

All rooms in your home require some kind of seating. Living rooms and family rooms need seating that provides for good conversational flow, and usually there is a sofa and chairs as well to make sure that people are both comfortable and can easily converse. Sofas are generally the first piece of furniture that a home owner chooses for a room, but it is the armchair that caps the seating arrangement. Armchairs are great for curling up to watch television, or reading a good book. And they come in all sizes and shapes and create a room that is a complete picture. Some sofas are sold with matching armchairs, but many people like to get a bit more creative and look for armchairs that are more of a compliment to the existing sofa than something that is matchy-matchy. Many armchairs come with their own ottomans for additional relaxation. And their is such a thing as an over sized armchair, one that can actually seat two people, and provide additional leg room for curling up.

Like sofas, the armchair comes in a wide variety of styles and are made from many different materials. Frames are made of metal, wood, fiberglass, and plastic, and seats are often soft fabrics like velvet and chenille. But there are also plenty of leather armchairs in different styles, and they offer a unique texture and comfort. Many decorators and home owners like to keep rooms in neutral palettes so that accessories, like pillows, cushions, and throws can provide splashes of color. Armchairs in various prints and colors also do that for a neutral setting.

The images below are intended as inspiration for you, and to peak your creativity. All images and resource material  are courtesy of Pinterest, and the pics can be enlarged for you.


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6 Bedroom Dressers That Will Totally Change the Way You Think About Your Room’s Decor

Furniture and Furnishings September 13, 2017

6 Bedroom Dressers That Will Totally Change the Way You Think About Your Room's Decor

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – that place where you go to shed the frenetic energies of the day, catch your breath, and renew yourself. And as each of us is unique, we must all honour our own design and decor aesthetics when putting together our bedrooms. Your bedroom dresser is not only functional as a place of storage, but also should have its own beauty and style within the overall style of the room itself. Whether the other furniture in your bedroom is modern, traditional or French Provincial, your dresser should at the least be complimentary to the rest of the room. You might even want your dresser to be a focal point of your bedroom, and let the other pieces in your room take their pages out of the style of your dresser. The general feel of your bedroom should be one of coherence, even if you like to mix and match styles. The six dressers here should spark your imagination.

This cottage style dresser has a bit of the “Shabby Chic” feel to it and would work well in a more casual bedroom. It looks hand painted and a little distressed for that cottage aesthetic. Notice how the accessories compliment the style of the dresser.

The scalloped edges of this modern version of a French Provincial style dresser is a little more formal and the rest of the furniture in the room should highlight its formality. The ornate mirror on the wall behind it is the perfect accessory for this dresser.

This farmhouse style dresser with a slightly distressed look, is more rustic, but still has a scalloped edge which makes it extremely versatile. The interesting hardware on it provides a bit of an antique feel and this would look beautiful in any style room.

The double mirrors above this dresser with gold hardware, highlight its touch of the formal, though it is still traditional in feel. The candles, lamp, and other accessories are wonderful groupings.

This handsome pine dresser with mantle is definitely of the country style and a gorgeous  focal point in any bedroom. The natural wood gives it a great warmth, and its simple lines and hardware compliment the dresser . The mantle is an unusual addition and can be used for a variety of country style accessories.

This tall rustic style dresser also boasts natural wood and very simple, functional hardware. It is raised off the floor by some interesting feet, and the accessories on it go perfectly.

All the images and resource material used here are courtesy of Pinterest.

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The Ultimate Bed for All Comfort Lovers

Furniture and Furnishings August 21, 2017

The Ultimate Bed

The Ultimate Bed With Built In Massage Chair, Speakers, and Desk

Well, there are a lot of types of beds out there, and buying a bed is a decision for everybody, but how many people would go this far to get an ultimate comfort bed?

It has cushion all around it – there’s basically a recliner built into one side. And it also has a little computer table, night lamp, and speakers, plus bookshelves here and there, and a hutch of sorts at the foot of the bed. Did they miss anything?


The number of applicable 2 people
Dimensions 1500mm*2000mm1800mm*2000mm

I’m not sure if this bed is actually going to be available, but it’s pretty crazy. There have been listings in China and Russia, but if someone shares a link for a seller that has some in stock, we’ll add that to the post.

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Tiny, Bamboo Floating Nightstand

Furniture and Furnishings January 1, 2017

Tiny, Bamboo Floating Nightstand

Tired of clunky furniture? So was Kickstarter Creator, Chris Eng, when he sought out to rethink the nightstand. He’s creating a minimalist, eco-friendly nightstand, called the BedShelfie. It installs without tools using a sturdy clamp and can hold up to 15 pounds of your most important bedside items within an arm’s reach.

The BedShelfie is handcrafted out of bamboo, which grows exponentially faster than wood (it’s technically a grass) – so it’s a renewable, eco-friendly resource. The BedShelfie currently comes in Natural Bamboo or Oil Stained Black and you can pre-order for $35 at this link.

The BedShelfie features:

A clean and minimal design profile for versatility
A wire slot for easy device charging
Rounded edges for safety
A versatile clamp design that accommodates bedframe edges up to 2.25 inches wide
A sturdy hold – it can hold up to 15 pounds
Thick felt padding on clamp touch points to prevent scratching
2 Colors: Natural Bamboo + Black Oil Stained Bamboo

Surface Area: ~12.75 x 8.5 inches (think 13 inch Macbook)
Weight: ~3.5lbs

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Now you can build shelves with 2X4s with no nails or screws – Nice DIY tool

Furniture and Furnishings October 1, 2016

2x4 ADJUSTER shelves

Have you ever wanted to set up shelves in your house, garage, or outdoor space, but not had the right size of shelves to put in? Shelves can be expensive when you have to find a particular size or type. Now, there’s a product called the “2×4 ADJUSTER” which makes it so you can set up DIY ceiling height shelves (or shelves spanning the distance between a table, kitchen island, or other surface and the ceiling) with just 2×4 boards. You don’t even need nails or screws that make holes in your walls (there are extra pieces though, which do require screws or nails, but those nails just go into the 2x4s, not into your walls, ceiling or floor).

The product is by Heian Shindo Kogyo company of Japan, and it just won an award from the Good Design Award organization for the category of “Household goods and daily necessities.”

Simple living? Yes, it fits into the category of making your home simpler, easier, and more mobile — you can remove your shelves very easily and re-use the materials in any number of other ways, whether to set up another set of shelves in another location in your house, another house, or store your 2x4s in your garage to use later.

According to Good Design, “This 2×4 ADJUSTER is a DIY part which can be used even in a rental apartment. You can vertically stretch a piece of two-by-four (38x89mm) between the floor and the ceiling by using this item. As nails or screws are not used, the damage to the floor and the ceiling can be avoided. This item was developed to continue to be used as easy & safe DIY products for women & family.

“Also, in set with this 2×4 ADJUSTER, you can make shelves or partitions of your favorite size / The functionality as a top market share maker in Japan and the stylish design fit in life are the feature of this product.”

Gallery of great images shows the various ways these DIY shelves out of 3x4s can work:

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