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Never Seen a House Built Like this Unique Vacation House in the Middle of Nature

Houses January 3, 2017

Never Seen a House Built Like this Unique Vacation House in the Middle of Nature

You have to see this house! We can all learn something from this unique mastery of simplicity when it comes to building.

This vacation house, set in the middle of nature, is an attractive design in a nice setting, but there’s something else to it. While on this site we’ve featured a number of prefab homes, tiny houses, modular construction projects, metal building home options, and a ton of other things, I’ve never seen a building style like this. I’m interested.

We’re always seeking for simple building styles, because that’s part of our ‘mission’ on the site — to try to find enough options for everybody to find something that suits them and move towards a goal where everybody has their own home, whether a prefab, modular, tiny house, house boat, park model, cabin, house on wheels, whatever. So check out this building style.

It’s a building called the “Rio Bonito” and it’s by architect Carla Juacaba (of Brazil). She’s simply constructed two stone walls (although in my conception of making this simple I’m picturing cinder blocks or even concrete perhaps). Then she’s embedded the flat metal frame of the floor and ceiling into these two walls.

This sets the house up off the ground. Then she’s just slid stairs in front of the patio that is part of the entire floor.

There’s also a stone stairway on one of the walls, which leads the “cabin” (can you call it that?) up onto the roof.

She set a few walls in the center of the building to have a private bathroom, and for walls she just glazed them with large glass panels / sliding doors.

Heat? She left part of the stone wall hallow, so it can serve as a fireplace. It has a grate in front of it. The decor is minimalist. It has lights, but I suspect the kitchen stove might be wood burning, set in an adobe or other clay constructed cooking “desk”. There’s also a propane-style cookstove set up there.

For floors, she used plain long wooden floor boards with a shiny finish.

The furniture is minimal.

While this construction is an example of how simplicity can lend itself to style, you can tell this project was undertaken by a real stylish architect because of how she harmonized the shapes and sizes, the various materials, and even the colors (look at the colors of the patio, for example). What do you think?

As for lights, they have some set up. I’m not sure whether they power these with solar panels or a generator or what. I’m not sure how they get water to the cabin, either, for showers and cooking / washing. There are off-the-grid options for these things though that could be implemented.

These images and the one above are big, so they’ll look best on a large computer screen. They might also take a minute to load.For more work by Carla Juacaba, find her in our directory, where you can also find a bunch of other listings depending on your style interests, from prefabs to tiny homes. You can also check out some cabins here, tiny homes here, prefabs here, and metal buildings elsewhere on our site.

These images are big, so they'll look best on a large computer screen. They might also take a minute to load. These images are big, so they'll look best on a large computer screen. They might also take a minute to load.

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Country Barn Home Kit with Open Porch

Houses October 24, 2016

Barns are becoming increasingly popular. They are no longer just used for housing farm animals. It is not uncommon to see renovated barns used as event venues or gallery space. What is it about barns that has everyone raving? The rustic charm of a country barn is undeniable. To many it may feel a lot like home. Others may see it as a unique space that provides a warm atmosphere, perfect for nights spent at home or family gatherings. Either way, the country barn has been so popular that Sand Creek Post & Beam has manufactured a home kit with this style in mind.

The Ponderosa Country Barn Home has the style and warmth of a traditional barn structure without the smell or mess! It is a total of 2,376 sq.ft. with three bedrooms and two and half bathrooms. This home’s open floor plan allows you to host your family and friends without being divided up into separate rooms. The interior beams, columns, and exposed wood provide an authenticity to structure. If you would like to create a more stylish space you could accent your home with white wash or a dark stain.

Paint is always an option as well, but it will cover the grain of the wood which would result in a less rustic look. The front of the home is complimented by a 600 sq.ft. porch complete with wooden columns. This is a great opportunity for some rocking chairs or outdoor seating.

This home kit could be used as a primary residence or a vacation home. Upon purchase, Sand Creek Post & Beam will ship a per-manufactured home kit to the customer. For those of us who feel building your own home sounds like a tedious process just remember that this home will be unlike any other in sentimental value. Plus, the home kit will provide you with the materials you need and a nice base line to start off on the right foot! This project is not impossible and when it is finished it will be well worth the work!

Stats: 24×50, 2,376 sq. ft. total living space, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, living room, dinning room, open porch (600 sq.ft.)

By Alison LaPaglia

For more information on Sand Creek Post & Beam or the Ponderosa Country Home find them in our barn homes directory.

barn-kit-3  barn-kit-2 barn-kit

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Metal Building Home for a Couple or Small Family

Houses, Metal Buildings October 3, 2016

A home is supposed to be cozy and warm. It is where we celebrate our holidays with family and invite our friends to get together. So why are people opting for a metal home?!

Here’s why. Steel is sturdy. Metal buildings require the specialty of an engineer. An engineer who will carefully consider the location of a home before building. So if you are someone who will receive a large amount of snow in the winter, or strong winds during the year, you don’t need to worry about your roof caving in or a piece of your home being torn off. Your metal home will use bolts to connect its structure whereas a wooden home uses nails.

A metal home is also environmentally friendly. Wood comes at the cost of many trees, but the steel used for a metal home has often been recycled. If you are familiar working with “fixer-uppers” then you will appreciate that metal buildings do not require any load bearing walls. You can take down any wall you’d like to create a more open space at any time. The best benefit to a metal home, and arguably the most desirable, is the freedom from termites. Every home owner can understand the fear of these little pests damaging their home, but a metal home owner will never even have to worry about it!

Now that you know the structural benefits, you may be thinking how uninviting a steel home might be, but you’re wrong. A steal home can mimic a wooden home in style. You can see this design chosen for ‘Rod’s Cabin’ by Morton’s buildings in the pictures provided. The exterior can look warm and inviting with the use of paint or other materials such as brick for coverage. You could also choose to show off the steel and create a chic, modern space with high ceilings and large windows. The interior can match the exterior in either case.

There is no need to give up your style for the practicality of a metal home, and your design will not diminish it’s benefits. So if you find yourself building your next dream home maybe its time to think a little harder and go with metal rather than wood.

Approximate price for these buildings is around $25 – $80 per square foot.

By Alison LaPaglia

For more information about the structural benefits of metal buildings and Tyler Building Systems, as well as on Rod’s Cabin and Morton’s Buildings, find them in our metal home directory

metal-home metalhome2

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This portable river turbine can power your house by generating 12 kWh daily

Houses October 1, 2016

Idénergie river turbine

This small river turbine can power a lot of your house needs. It’s called the Idénergie river turbine,

“We estimate that 1.4 billion individuals across the world are without electricity, most living in rural and distant areas inaccessible to the national or regional electricity grid. The most common energy solution available is the use of gas generators which are polluting and can be expensive to maintain in the long term. As an alternative, the use of green technologies is rapidly growing.

“Renewable energy solutions are gaining popularity especially in the residential market. Billions of dollars are invested every year on solar and wind systems. However these renewable energy products do not represent optimal solutions for meeting individual needs due to intermittent production of energy resulting in weather variations. In consequence, these systems are only used to 12% to 35% of their capacity implicating an over sizing of installations and storage systems to accumulate the energy when produced. However one regular and predictable energy source is unexploited: the river.”

“Our turbine can be dismantled in separate pieces in order to facilitate shipping to the the most remote locations and is ready to assemble on site. This allows for a simple and fast installation which requires only 2 individuals in less than a 24 hour period. The turbine is attached to a stable pillar from the front with a steel cable and is deposited on the river bed, self positioning in the fluid like a kite. Electrical DC connections are simplified by the presence of our embedded electrical converter. All that’s left to do is connect the output cable to your batteries, without any additional electric equipment.”

For more about Indergie’s project, visit their website.

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Timber Framing Solutions

Houses September 27, 2016

Timber Framing Solutions

Building homes with timber frames is practical and it is usually a very good choice of construction material. Obviously, there are several benefits why timber framing is excellent for homes.

One, it is sturdy and durable. This means the money you invested for your property is worthwhile. Another benefit of this kind of framing is its energy-efficiency.

For some decades, Texas Timber Frames have been crafting a beautiful balance of classic style and modern design. Every constructed frame by them demonstrates a touch of eminent charm and splendour. They operate with innovative computer and machine tools to plan and manufacture timber frames to deliver a lovely home for bachelors and families.

Their featured floor plan is a beautiful two-level dwelling. It has a nice 336 square feet covered porch, a roomy open concept floor plan, a big kitchen and a decent dining room. There are two bedrooms and two full bathrooms at the second level. For needed extra space, dwellers can use the loft for the third bedroom.

With this beautiful designed package, home residents can enjoy Texas Timber Frames’ affordable home pricing.

For more of Texas Timber Frames’ work, find them in our directory of prefab home designers and builders.

barnhouse_sf barnhouse_ff

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Can a Guest House be More than Perfect?

Houses September 20, 2016

Guest House

This guest house, designed by Desai / Chia Architecture, has no less than 185m² of comfort and luxury — by no means a tiny house like we usually talk about, but sometimes you have to look at things outside the box to better understand what can be done within the box.

It was designed to be a retreat for late visitors weekend, which may include the nature, especially the beautiful lake right in front of the house. This guesthouse is not only comfortable and luxurious, but also has a number of features that take sustainability into account, such as heating and geothermal cooling, natural ventilation, solar panels and collects rainwater for irrigation water.

The structure of the house is based on four steel columns, embedded in the wood core, and uses the least possible amount of material to build spacious living areas throughout the house, which can accommodate six people comfortably. A couple can stay in the master bedroom and the other four guests can sleep in bunk beds built next to the walls.

One of the most interesting features of this home is the air conditioning by radiation made by the floors. The concept of radiant systems has a simple principle: the surfaces have the ability to exchange heat or cold radiation to the environment. The system ensures a balance in a sustainable manner temperature.

This is not a very common practice in Brazil, but it is good to know that there is such a choice, because the radiant system can both heat and cool environments. If you are looking for more inspiration for guest house, you can take a look at this house made with a recycled shipping container .

This is also a prefab house — and a modular one. The entire glass assembly was prefabricated off-site, shipped to the site in one container, and erected by crane in 2 days.

Photos: Paul Warchol. For more info on Desai / Chia Architecture, find them in our directory.

Guest House (2) Guest House (3)

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Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Cabin House

Houses September 20, 2016

Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Cabin House

A while ago we took a look at the prefab houses Frank Lloyd Wright did. FLW was interested in such a wide variety of building styles. He certainly was interested in mass production, embodied today in the modular home and prefabricated building movements.

What we’re looking at in these photos is a decent-sized house designed by SPAN Architecture. It’s set in the countryside in Maine, as you can see, and the design relies heavily on the landscape for inspiration and cues, according to the designers.

Some notable features of this house design: Locally quarried stone foundation, zinc-coated copper roof,

“It’s in the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright,” New York’s SPAN Architecture principal Karen Stonely, who worked on this building with Peter Pelsinski, said of the house’s holistic design program. “You’re experiencing it for its space, but you’re also touching every little element of it all the time.”

“We talked a lot about the idea of being on a campsite. Everything is very functional; everything can be made into something else.”

For more of SPAN’s work, find them in our directory of house derringers and builders.

Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Cabin House

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Amazing Interior on this 3 Bedroom Home Plan

Houses September 18, 2016

As we’ve been looking a bit into a house plan company that has cabins and tiny houses, as well as metal buildings — things we’ve been focusing on quite a bit here — we also noticed this large three-bedroom house plan, and of course what makes it stand out is that amazing interior space created with its rounded far walls, its scaffold-like roof beams and crossmembers, its double curved staircase, and the general rustic appearance of the interior.

The house specs for this home design are as follows:

3 Bedrooms
3.5 Baths
Trophy Room
Entertainment Areas
Beverage Bar
Double Staircase to Second Level
Storage Areas
Outdoor Living
Covered Porches
2 Car Garage w/Golf Cart Space

There are low-resolution photos of the house plan as well. However, for the full-res plans you will be required to talk to the home designers and find out what their plans cost.

For more about Texas Home Plans, find them in our metal buildings directory. Their average price seems to have been estimated around $40 – $130 per square foot. Or to read more about their process when it comes to metal homes, tiny homes, or whatever else, click here.

amazing-interior-on-this-3-bedroom-home-plan-11 amazing-interior-on-this-3-bedroom-home-plan-1

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Impressive Shipping Container House

Houses, Prefab September 6, 2016

Shipping Container House

Cargo container houses have a strong appeal to home buyers who are eco-conscious and those who yearn for a more sustainable abode. Shipping container homes can also be built easily and are delivered ready-made to your vacant lot once the builder has set up your chosen design and layout and constructed the unit.

Millbrook House is another fantastic creation by Robert Bump Construction. This 6,600 feet square shipping home is exquisitely designed by architect Thomas Phifer. Its distinct geometric style is structured with a beautiful landscape and fascinating views around its surroundings.

Upon entering the interior of the house, residents can experience how impressive the communal area. The living area offers a good spot for full panoramic views. Every corner of the house demonstrates real class and elegant architectural design. The high ceilings also add value to this shipping container home. Each mahogany box is partially set in the inclined ground, forming a private compartment intended for sleeping area. Residents are also assured to enjoy their meals in the dining space.

Also, there is a functional kitchen for family’s pantry necessities and undertakings.

Without a doubt, Millbrook House can satisfy a choosy home buyer because its deep red, patinated steel boards beautifully form a retentive wall. To see more of Thomas Phifer and Partners, find them in our directory.


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“Link House” Single-Family House

Houses September 5, 2016

Link is a lovely single-family dwelling. It is sited on an unoccupied space in a historic neighborhood in Phoenix. It is positioned 1000 feet from the light rail station at 7th Avenue and Camelback Road. This makes it perfectly set in the center of the city. This 2050 square foot home consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Impressively, this beautiful abode is planned to provide stylishness and grace of the city with its telescoping glass walls. Dwellers can have an extension of their living space outdoors and use it as porch for social gatherings. The dining area of the house can also be altered as an open-air picnic tent for enjoyable get-together of family and friends. There are also storages for orderly upkeep of stuff.

This house is extraordinarily constructed for energy efficiency for it has passive solar, cross air circulation, LED illumination and innovative framing structure. Overall, dwellers of Link House will surely have a fantastic stay for is created for less carbon footprint without sacrificing its aesthetics.

To see more of The Ranch Mine Architects, find them in our directory.

link link_2

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