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Modern House Design Could Influence Your Prefab Design

Houses April 8, 2016

Modern House Design Could Influence Your Prefab Design

We’ve been looking at prefabricated home design lately and thinking about how we can find affordable solutions for the good people of our countries so they can all have homes. Well, this particular house design isn’t an inexpensive prefab, but we’re talking about it because its design could certainly be replicated or influence your modular home design.

The photo above shows a house called “The Glass Pavilion,” which was designed by Steve Hermann. It’s a 5-bedroom house that’s just under 14,000 square feet. That’s way more than most prefab home buyers are looking for, right?

Right, but look at the layout (picture above and thumbnail photo below). Not the entire structure, but the concept of it. It’s a flat, blocky house design, and the impression of the house and its aesthetic could be done with basic modular construction — even container bin construction — and could be scaled to the size (how many bedrooms) you want your prefab home to have.

Forgetting about the underground parking lot of the luxurious Glass House for a moment, the above-ground visible part of the house could be placed on simple leveling and blocking (without need for a concrete foundation).

To see more of Steve Hermann’s luxury home designs, find him in our prefab and modular homes directory. For more modular homes (click here).

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Tekapo Shed Small Family House Design

Houses February 24, 2016

Tekapo Shed Small Family House Design

Small house builders and those in the prefabricated home market might want to take a look at this gable-form house design, which was a recent winner of a Small Project Architecture award.

This article has moved: Small Family House Design

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Perfect Dark Wood Country House with Sloped Roof

Houses January 11, 2016

Perfect Dark Wood Tones with Warm, Country Primitive Roof Slope Style

How about this small house that they designed and built with a warm, country rustic style and in dark wood tones. I see these dark wood finishes being popular in other countries, but less so around where I live. I’ve even seen them do these with a natural finish, by slightly burning the surface of the wood before applying finish.

Anyway, this country tiny house also has a clean wood style interior (take a look at the photos).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pitched roof quite like this one. What do you think of that style? The long side might accumulate snow where I am living.

And check out that small white picket patio! Just enough to step outside and get some air.

Find more small house design and build companies we’ve indexed in our Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can search the company’s name and look builders near your area. And to see more tiny homes, click here.

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Houses January 7, 2016

Here are some things people would like us to find for them. This page is just for us to keep the requests as notes so we can find things that will help these people.

“Single level, pitched roof, open concept, walk in closet, bath with a tub, walk out decks”

“Property taxes are largely based on square footage. Under 1000 sq. ft., is the lowest. Put that on a basement foundation with a walk up attic and that would be ideal for me as an empty nester yet allow me to expand my living area of needed.” – So 999 square feet with a large basement? What’s the ideal attic size? “Big enough to convert to living space if needed.”

“1000 square to 1200 square open concept with 2 bedrooms and bath and a half.”

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