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Impressive Metal Building Full Sized Home

Metal Buildings September 20, 2016

Impressive Metal Building Full Sized Home

Here’s a metal building that was built recently — a high-ceiling-ed family house that was put up in Illinois by Morton.

It’s a Hi-Rib steel structure with a porch and wainscotting, and also uses the company’s “Energy Performer Insulation Package.” Set in a flat area with an expansive grass lawn, the building uses the peaked roof to create an impressive living room glassed wall looking out onto the back yard, and has a cosy outdoor seating area under the one side of the roof.

Inside, they’ve painted the house in bright, warm oranges and wood finishes. Even the stone tiles match this natural hue theme.

Morton is a company that has won awards for its building, specializing in steel frame building methods. They describe the advantages of steel frame this way:

“A post-frame building has thicker wall cavities than steel-frame buildings, creating a larger space for insulation and controlling energy costs 12 months out of the year. In the places where the insulation is interrupted – triple-laminated columns – post-frame buildings have natural insulating properties and conduct less heat than most steel-frame buildings.

“Additionally, post-frame buildings include an attic, allowing for more effective ceiling insulation, enhanced air circulation and condensation control. In a standard steel-frame building, insulation is draped over roof purlins and compressed when the roofing is applied, resulting in the loss of nearly half of the thickness of the insulation.”

However, they still recommend that any metal building customer still know their options for the house design they pick and how post-frame and steel frame building styles would each play out.

Specifications: 30’W x 8’9″H x 78’L + 30’W 8’9″H x 32’L. Estimated price for Morton steel buildings is around $25 – 80 per square foot. For more of Morton Buildings, find them in our metal homes builders directory.

Impressive Metal Building Full Sized Home

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Budget Steel Kit Homes Starting From $37K

Metal Buildings September 20, 2016

Budget Steel Kit Full Homes

Building a new steel house on a budget? What about the old idea of “keeping it simple”? Well, if you’ve been looking at metal homes lately, you’ve probably noticed a variety of styles available, but this particular company builds rural style, simple double-peaked roof metal building homes.

They specialize in these rural style metal buildings with a focus on affordability: According to the company, “Our homes provide a timeless, ranch-style look. Throughout the assembly, our fully-illustrated guide will keep you focused and moving forward. Once assembled, your all-steel home exterior will give you a great head start on your new home project.”

These are “kit metal homes” — they come to your location and area  assembled, and then you finish out the interior the same way you would with a traditionally built house, and you can use dimensional lumber or the company’s own pre-punched galvanized steel interior studs for that.

The company puts their metal homes case this way: “When purchasing a Budget steel home kit, you don’t need to pay an extra 30% for a general contractor. You don’t need to operate heavy machinery or hire a large construction crew. With the only true 100% do-it-yourself home kits on the market, you can build your own beautiful, ranch-style steel home and save many thousands in the process. Below is a quick look at the possibilities for your new home.”

For more from Budget Home Kits, find them in our metal buildings directory.

Budget Steel Kit Homes Starting From $37K

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Metal Barn with Porch and Stone Fireplace for $12-20,000

Metal Buildings September 20, 2016

Metal Barn with Porch and Stone Fireplace for $12-20,000

Continuing on a theme we’ve recently been exploring a little, metal buildings and metal construction in general, there’s this barn house. A lot of people like the idea of the barn layout for a house anyway, and it happens to be one of the layout styles that lends itself to building in steel as well. So this metal barn might be suited for someone who has a bit of space to put it and whose price range is around $20,000, give or take.

This barn style metal home is set up for two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The total square footage is 800, and one of the notable features for this one is, yes, the stone fireplace. Great for any place where there’s a lot of wood around, or even when you can get wood from somebody without having to drive too far. We used to get wood from friends by driving a half hour out of town to their property and bucking up the trees they’d cleared. Let that dry for a season or two, and you’ve got some good wood to heat your house in the traditional way.

Anyway, maybe you don’t need to be sold on wood stoves, but metal buildings might be new to you. For one thing, metal is durable and doesn’t burn, so there’s a bit less concern there for having fire inside. It’s also almost entirely recyclable and reusable. And it comes in kits and can be added onto / detracted from to change the building’s layout.

While the estimate for these barn house metal buildings is $12,000 to $20,000, there is a lot of variance there depending on the number of doors, windows, and everything else.

The company building these is called Meyer Buildings, also known as Meyer Recreational Buildings, and they’ve been in business for 1957 — that’s over 50 years. They’re latest move includes these metal buildings and it’s a line of outdoor buildings that can be built anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. Of course, you can ship these anywhere on the continent and beyond, although you’ll want to check your local regs. However, once you find a metal building layout you like, it might be easier to ask the pros what you need to do in order to build something like that where you live.

For more from Meyer Recreational, find them in our metal homes directory.

Metal Barn with Porch and Stone Fireplace for $12-20,000

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Great Steel Building Cottage House Plans

Metal Buildings September 18, 2016

Steel Building House Plans

We’ve been looking at steel buildings and other metal home options a bit lately, as an inexpensive way to get people into larger-sizes houses. Prefab homes, modular construction and tiny houses are great options for those who want to reduce space (or have to), but for those who have a good amount of space but just find the price of a traditional building prohibitive, metal houses are something we might consider.

This one is a two story. It’s all steel construction, from the frame to the walls and roof. The plan includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dining room and living area. It can actually have 4 bedrooms if that option is selected.

The steel building here is actually built on one of two similar plans that are available for the set materials / size.

Depending on the plan, the metal building can have varying numbers of bedrooms per floor.

This metal construction home is one of Kodiak’s. Estimated Price: $75 – $90 per square foot. You can find more of their work in our directory of metal homes.


  • 2,205 sq.ft. over 2 floors
  • 3 bedrooms (possible 4)
  • 3 bathroom


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Lovely Metal Building Ranch Home with a Wrap-Around Porch

Metal Buildings September 18, 2016

metal buildings

This time we decided to take a look at a metal home builder who focuses on the whole process, and as an example of just this type of metal building option, one of the buildings they’ve done which caught our eye. It’s called the Davis Carriage House. As you can see, it’s largely a metal building, but it also has a bunch of stone work, so you have the metal / stone combination in this one.

When you set out about building a metal home with a company like this one by Texas Home Plans, you can expect to go through the following six steps:

  1. Intake & Site Visit
  2. Presentation Meeting
  3. Computer Drawings
  4. Lighting & Electrical
  5. Site Plan Presentation
  6. Finalize Construction Documents

Intake & Site Visit

This is when we learn about your ideas. If you have chosen to fill out the design questionnaire, we go over that. We will ask you questions to clarify your responses; you may have questions for us. As part of this meeting, we typically go visit your building site just to make sure we have a thorough understanding of the project parameters.

Presentation Meeting

The next step is the presentation meeting, where you can start to see your home taking shape. We introduce our sketches of the proposed floor plan. We’ll explain the function and flow, and show the front elevation sketches to review the aesthetic concept. Follow-up to this presentation can take place via email, fax or the mail, or additional meetings as needed.

Presentation Meeting

The next step is the presentation meeting, where you can start to see your home taking shape. We introduce our sketches of the proposed floor plan. We’ll explain the function and flow, and show the front elevation sketches to review the aesthetic concept. Follow-up to this presentation can take place via email, fax or the mail, or additional meetings as needed.

Lighting & Electrical

Since lighting and electrical are very important parts of any architectural design, we feel strongly that our concepts are best explained in a personal meeting. We’ll show you our designs, based on your ideas or your answers to the optional lighting and electrical questionnaire.

For lighting, each home is different. We’ll discuss different types of fixtures (cover, wall sconce, suspended pendant, et.), and show you variations in lighting accents.
Concerning the electrical, we will discuss what is required by code, as well as the growing number of “smart house” options that will accommodate new technologies.

Site Plan Presentation

We have been developing the site plan throughout this process, and this is the time we present our first sketches of the “hardscape” (site orientation, drives, walls, drainage, etc.). We might also do a follow-up site visit if necessary.

Finalize Construction Documents

After our final face-to-face meeting, we have everything we need to complete the construction documents. We typically furnish a “builder’s set of plans.” These plans, along with a few other items, are all that is needed for the builder to complete the home. Items may include:

  • Cover Page with specifications
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations, including material types and constructions details
  • Building Sections, such as stairwell sections and fireplace elevations
  • Roof Plans, showing all roof pitches and eave overhangs
  • Lighting and Electrical, with notes
  • Foundation Footprint and Plumbing Plans, noting slopes, drops, and access points to coordinate work of contractor, engineer, and plumber

Specifications for the example metal home, the Davis Carriage House: 1,376 sq.ft., 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fireplace, workshop, utility room, open plan kitchen + dinning room + living room, big garage, wrap-around porch. Estimated building cost: $40 – $130 per square foot. For more about Texas Home Plans, find them in our metal buildings directory.


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Choice Metal Building Garage with Two Sizes of Bay Doors and a Large Covered Area

Metal Buildings September 18, 2016

So we featured a metal constructed building from these guys a while ago, and now they’ve put out another one that caught our attention. It’s from Choice Metal Buildings, and here’s what they’re working on nowadays:

It’s one of their designs from previous, but it’s been a popular one, so they sort of re-issued it. It’s an a-frame vertical roof building that serves usually as a garage.

From Choice Metal Buildings:

“On sale now for $7,242.50! That’s Delivered & Installed!! Just add your local tax. Put down $1,158.80 today and don’t pay the balance until you are ready and your building is put up!! Engineer Certified to meet or exceed any state or local codes!!!”

By the way, it can also be built without the bay doors.

12′ x 26′ x 7′ — Engineer Certified
(1) 10′ x 8′ Garage Door
(1) 8′ x 8′ Garage Door
(1) 36″ x 80″ Service Door
(2) Standard Sliding Windows

For more info about Choice Metal Homes, find them in our metal building directory. You can also call them direct 877-422-1812.


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7 Essential Things To Know About Beautiful Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings September 1, 2016

Metal Buildings

Have you ever considered metal as a home building option? It has a number of advantages over wood or stone, but it is something of another ballgame. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re considering metal buildings. Here we’ll break down 7 essential things to get you started in your quest to understand the steel building option:

1. Steel building is its own specialized field of building. It requires specialized knowledge to build with steel — you can’t just find someone who builds wood-frame structures and expect they can build a steel building. It’s not that they’re harder or easier, metal buildings are just different.

2. Turnkey price is not reliable. Consider this: the price of concrete and the price of labor, to name two important building costs, varies by area. So how can a building salesman really give you an accurate turnkey price?

3. Drawings come before building. Often you need drawings for steel buildings or other modular buildings before you head to the bank to get financing for your metal building.

4. Steel or metal building has its own language. Terms like ASD, PEMB, IECC and IBC are terms you need to know when you are planning, buying and building a metal or modular construction.

5. You can buy metal buildings from bulk suppliers rather than local. When you buy bulk, you get it cheaper, so it stands to reason there could be savings in buying from someone who gets better purchase prices themselves on metal construction. However, as with all big companies, the accountability and personal attention is not always there. If a big company from out of town doesn’t satisfy you, they may be less worried about the damage to their reputation and future business in your town than a local builder who is known and established in the community.

6. “All-included” steel buildings or modulars may not be the best deal possible. You have to consider what type of windows and doors they would be including, the brand, the warranty, the R-value, the locksets. There are a lot of variations when it comes to doors, windows and other features for a home. You might need to pick your doors and windows for your modular or metal building yourself.

7. Planning a building project takes time. Consider that there are a lot of steps between 0 and completion. Engineering, fabricating, delivery of materials or structures, considering snow loads, wind loads, seismic resistance, soil types, are all things that vary from location to location. Start your planning early, is the advice metal building companies suggest.

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Choice Metal Buildings Garage, Delivered and Installed for $4,580

Metal Buildings August 29, 2016

Delivered and installed for the price of under $5,000 is what you’re looking at for this metal building. It’s a 2-car garage, or could be a shed or even a detached guest room (but without the insulation, so you might not use it year-round depending where you live, or you might have to use a heater / air conditioner).

According to the metal builders, who are just working on these projects now:

“We are on a 2 Car Garage kick right now! Here is another great example of a Classy, Functional, Affordable 2 Car Garage. Engineer Certified to meet or exceed your local codes. Delivered & Installed for just $4,580.00 plus your local tax.”


22′ x 21′ x 9′ A-Frame Boxed Eave Roof System
(2) 9′ x 8′ Garage Doors
(1) 36″ x 80″ Walk-In Door
(1) Standard Window

Call Choice Metal Buildings to confirm price and availability for your area at 877-422-1812. Below is another one of their garages, almost exactly the same price (about $300 more) and dimensions.

Metal Builders Directory for more metal building info.

Choice Metal Buildings Garage

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Metal Building Cottage House For Couple or Mid-Sized Family

Metal Buildings June 23, 2016

Metal Building Cottage House For Couple or Mid-Sized Family

A lot of people are increasingly turning to alternative building methods, including metal buildings. Due to the strength, ecological friendliness, and cost effectiveness of metal as a building material, it’s a staple for architects, engineers and house builders.

Another big benefit: re-use. With metal buildings, they can be expanded, made smaller, and combined with other structures — and often the update is easier than it would be for other materials.

This lovely dwelling featured here is one that, due to the size and layout, could be ideal for couples and mid-sized families. It is a two-story house with nice hotel-suite style bedrooms and bathrooms. It has a fully functional kitchen and other home amenities, although besides the standard house appliances, many amenities are options that can be selected or ruled out depending on what a metal house buyer needs and wants. It also has a wheeled staircase for easy mobility that provides access to the second floor.

The metal building also has a garage which measures 452 square feet and the whole house measures 1650 square feet.

It might be worth taking a look at the architects behind this building as well as a few others to get a feel for what is possible with metal home construction. The company behind this particular design is Click Architects (Cheryl and Steve Click), who are licenced in Arkansas and Washington. We also have a number of other metal home builders and designers indexed in our directory, depending on where you live.

“Click Architects is a design-focused architecture firm specializing in new and remodels for single family residences, small multi-family, commercial buildings, and tenant improvement projects,” according to the company. “Every project at Click Architects starts with a holistic approach; analyzing site constraints, regional and vernacular influences, programmatic elements, budget limitations, and clients’ needs. This provides a solid background necessary to start designing the unthinkable.

“Guided by our passion for excellence and our love for collaboration, each unique project is molded according to the vision, site, and desire from the client. We believe good design is sustainable and a reflection of the community and environment around us.”

For more information about building with steel, check out 7 Essential Things To Know About Beautiful Metal Buildings. Or you can browse our site to get a better feel for the range of metal home buildings out there. To see more of Click Architects work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Steel Frame Modular Uses Existing Building Components to Save Money

Metal Buildings April 27, 2016

Steel Frame Modular Uses Existing Building Components to Save Money

A big part of the prefab and modular home movement is an interest in using materials that are already being created — never mind the building block of prefab, the shipping container — and pursuing steel structures is another part.

This one is called the “Eco-Shell,” and its a multi-use building system designed by Michael Jantzen. It uses existing agricultural components, assembled to create a modular house that is energy efficient and sustainable.

It also forms an interior space quite different from most boxy modular homes. Look at that photo above. Can you imagine what the interior would look like?

The interior photo is at the bottom of this page, by the way. The furthest-most sides of the modular structure are paned with radiating glass, and between all the variously sized semi-cylinders, there are more panes of glass. The interior of this particular one envisioned by Jantzen is quite roomy. Maybe more of a modular house for warmer locations.

Recycled steel is used to build these steel modular buildings. The steel arches — often used to store equipment — are bolted together. The joints of this steel prefab can be up to 100 feet. And the total length of the building can be practically any length.

One plus of this prefab building style is the parts require no further support structures — they’re already strong because of the corrugated steel. To see more of Jantzen’s work, see our directory.

eco shell steel prefab (2)

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