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Glamping: Glamorous Camping, What You Need For a Great Time

Outdoors September 13, 2017

Glamping, a term that was popularized in the 21st for those who wanted the experience of camping, spending time outdoors, but not the sacrifices and the work. If you are going camping, tradionally you will want to check out camping areas, campgrounds, places where it’s safe and legal to live, cook, and sleep outside. Most traditional campgrounds will have a community center where you can get the things you forgot at home, like water, cleaning supplies, bath tissue, first aid kits, bandaids, etc. nowadays, there are campgrounds with electricity to charge phones an electrical cooking appliances, and radios, for whoever still uses those things.

But glamping, well, that is almost another subject. For people who glamp, there is a plan that must be made way ahead of time to make sure that the weekend is fabulous and work free. No sacrificing here, glamping is all about having a glamorous time, but the only difference is, you are outdoors.

Here are glamping supplies and requirements to have a memorable time communing with nature in a fabulous way:

A personal chef

Many glampers desire to have gourmet meals when they camp out. Some people love the fire and the charcoal, but a can of baked beans is not what they are looking for. The menu would read more like, roasted salmon, with saffron rice and asparagus, all done by a personal chef right in front of the glampers.

A Wine Sommelier

Glampers love their wine, and it must be good wine paired with their weekend’s meals. Only a sommelier, a wine expert, can serve this kind of purpose. Often the chef and wine expert are one in the same and that is when you know that you’ve lucked out as a glamper to have both rolled into one expert.

The Finest Bedding

Don’t think that glampers are sleeping in your average tent, no way. They also expect the best in bedding and tents. There are tents that are heated or cooled, whichever you may need in the moment, and as comfortable or more so, than your bedroom at home. There are specific companies that cater to this type of camping.

A Tour Guide

A glamper is not going anywhere without a tour guide. They want to have a great time and there is nothing better than having someone professional who knows the area and all the interesting things about it. Yes, a guide is a must for most glampers for they like to fill their days with history and their nights with Chardonnay.


Glampers desire electricity of their own, not shared electricity like most basic campgrounds. The glamper doesn’t want to move from their positions if they don’t need to, there should be portable electricity right there that every one can use for their phones, tablets, ipods and electronic book readers.


And most of all, a glamper wants WiFi, and not your general shared and slow WiFi speeds, but speeds just like the one at home. Who knows, someone may call from the office or there may be an important customer that must speak with you before the weekend is over. Fast and reliable WiFi is a must, although a glamper will sacrifice speed as long as the WiFi is somewhat reliable. Glampers never truly unplug.

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Aqua Dams Can Save Your Home and Property

Outdoors September 13, 2017

Over the last decade or so, the increase in catastrophic weather conditions, hurricanes and flash floods – not to mention devastating tsunamis – has called innovators to come up with solutions to the horrifying loss of homes and property. The aqua dam, which was originally built to keep water at bay for the building of pipelines, has emerged as a life saver for many homeowners who do not choose evacuation only to return to complete destruction.

Basically an aqua dam is a series of large tubes filled with water and placed strategically around your property and home as a barrier to flooding. But it also has other applications such as being used for temporary reservoirs for water storage, the containment of water while contractors and their teams repair bridges and the like,  and defending against erosion by either containing or diverting the flow of water. Interesting right? Water containing water. What an irony, but what a life saving solution to today’s weather.

The initial investment in a water dam to protect your home has a steep price and not everyone has the means to afford it. At $8500, some people would rather take their chances. But when you take into consideration the value of your land and dwelling, an aqua dam may seem more than worth the expense. Flash flooding can wreak total havoc on your homestead, and the cost of rebuilding can be prohibitive. There is also the loss of precious items from your home, irreplaceable mementos of your life to consider. They may just be things, but they may also have some deep meaning to you and your family. And an aqua dam could keep all of your belongings safe and dry.

The images below are just some of the applications of the aqua dam and are all courtesy of Pinterest. The featured image is courtesy of Click2Houston.

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The Aqua Dam: Water Fighting Floods

Outdoors September 13, 2017

The Aqua Dam is an innovative new piece of insulation that assists in keeping flood waters  from ruining your land and your home. You can imagine, especially now during the times of tropical storms and hurricanes, this is a godsend for those who can afford it. Although the average price of the Aqua Dam is about $8300, it is well worth it if your home is worth hundreds of thousands and the land around it costing even more. A piece of equipment that can save your property from flood waters, is a bargain. Maybe in the near future there will be aqua dams that are a little more affordable for those with lower incomes.

To give you an idea of how the aqua dam works, imagine heavy tubing that is filled with water wrapped around your entire property to act as a water-filled barrier against flood waters. Water, like fire, has its good purpose along with its ability to be destructive. Here, the aqua dam is using its ability to protect your property from the damage free flowing water can do to your home.

Aqua dams are becoming popular because people are seeing that they can serve many different purposes. The U-shaped aqua dam was used for a project in Port Saint Lucie, Fl. to hold the water of three lakes back so that pipelines could be installed. Again, the Aqua Dam acted as a barrier to hold the lakes into the U-shaped form of the dams while the piping was being laid, eventually, under the rivers.

Besides there being a number of YouTube videos showing homeowners how to install and remove their aqua dams, aquadam.net also has pictorials on how to install and remove the water dams. There will be some who will think the Aqua Dam is just too expensive and unfortunately this may be true, however, the Aqua Dam has shown us a new way to protect homes and businesses from floods, and just maybe if we recognize that water can be used to protect us from water, which sounds strange but true, someone who is a little handy can maybe build an aqua dam of his/her own for less.

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Great Gazebo Ideas!

Outdoors May 8, 2017

Great Gazebo Ideas

Garden furniture with his own hands for 1 day!

It seems like gazebos have been around forever. In earlier years they were used for secret meetings between lovers, places where a string quartet would entertain lunch guests, and conversational  areas of the outdoors. Nowadays the gazebo has found its place as an extension of the main house – an extra room if you will. It is a little hideaway to relax in, sip your morning coffee, read a good book, and have an afternoon snack.

Rather than buying a ready-made gazebo, more and more people are rolling up their proverbial sleeves and building their own gazebos to suit their personal needs and desires for that extra outdoor room. This particular gazebo is perfect for a DIY weekend project, and you can imagine the satisfaction you will feel having put up your own gazebo!

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

Find more from other outdoors builders we’ve indexed in our Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can search the company’s name and look builders near your area. And to see more outdoors, click here.

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Camping and Outdoors Ideas and Plans (Regular Updates)

Outdoors October 1, 2016

Every once in a while, we come across a unique or unusual idea that might interest people for their camping and outdoors adventures, so we thought we’d put a page together for these here. We’ll update this page as we go, so if you like the things on it, you might want to bookmark this page and check back in a few weeks or a month or something.

How Many Shelters You Can Make With A Tarp

How Many Shelters You Can Make With A Tarp




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Camping Bunk Beds

Outdoors September 27, 2016

Camping Bunk Beds

Whether you are going for camping, for a picnic or doing a special project in a remote area, a bunk bed can be very useful. You won’t have to sacrifice your rest and sleep while away from your home since these portable beds are perfect for a comfortable sleep.

It’s easy to set it up and you can assemble the parts together when you arrive at your destination. And because it’s compact, you can conveniently store it with its provided carrying bag. There are also two side organizers for your stuff.

These bunk beds have steel frames which are stable enough for uneven ground. In addition, the creator of these bunk beds did not put a mid-bar because they thought to make a product that is perfect for a restful night sleep. These beds resemble a regular bed and allows proper contour of the body.

Moreover, these are not just beds; they can also be used as benches during the day. So, you have both a space to comfortably sit on during the day and sleep on during the night. You can pick these up on Amazon (Click here: Disc-O-Bed X-Large with Organizers, and for a kids-size one, click here: Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk with Organizers, Teal Blue.)

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A Floating Floor for Lake Fun!

Outdoors July 14, 2016

Floating Floor main

When summer comes around, one of the main things on everyone’s mind is going swimming, whether in a back yard pool or at the lake or river. Now that we have plastics everywhere, a lot of stuff floats. So this is softer and more flexible than a wood raft or wharf, and you can roll it up and take it with you where you go. It’s a floating floor, and it can be used in lakes, rivers and pools.

Maybe you can tow it behind a powerboat on the lake, too? Or go down the river floating on it with friends. Or you can put your snorkeling stuff on it (but just be careful it doesn’t fall in!)

A couple of points for using these. A flotation device like these, no matter how big, doesn’t replace a life jacket. A life jacket is made so that it will hold your head above water even if you’re unconscious, so you can continue to breathe.

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Create your own DIY Camping Survival Kit

Outdoors June 21, 2016

Create your own Camping Survival Kit

Camping Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Going camping doesn’t need to be a costly venture nor put a dent in your pocketbook. With just a little innovation you can re-purpose everyday household items to reuse instead of buying new ones. A few inexpensive food storage containers from your cabinet, extra blankets from your linen closet and a cooler is all you need to enjoy a few nights under the stars.

You also might just discover that some of these tricks and hacks may also benefit you in your home in making everyday life a little simpler. With recycling and reusing everyday objects, creating a DIY survival kit can be as simple as reusing an old back pack and filling it a little at a time with non-perishables each time you make a trip to the grocery store.

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

Find more  and other outdoors builders we’ve indexed in our Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can search the company’s name and look builders near your area. And to see more outdoors, click here.

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Thermo Tent – Best Camping Tent Ever Made

Outdoors June 15, 2016

Thermo Tent – Best Camping Tent Ever Made

“Going for a camp” is an exciting adventure and a perfect getaway from city noise and the fast paced-life. Spending time outdoors with tall trees around brings great health benefits. Camping is also an enjoyable occasion to chat, relax, catch up, and just be with friends. Aside from reveling in nature’s wonder and socialization, it’s also a good opportunity to be in silence. But without proper equipment like an insulated tent, your camping might give some troubles too – either it’s too hot or too cold or even too noisy.

Obviously, insulated tents are offered by many companies but Derek O’Sullivan together with his firm is confident that they have made a superior insulated answer – Thermo Tent.

For 3 occupants, a Thermo Tent 3 which weighs 11kg can be used and for campers that need a bigger one, Thermo Tent 6 has two sleeping zones with their own doors, and weighs 50kg.

Both Thermo Tent 3 and 6 interiors have a foot-pump-based vacuum system, which shrinks dimensions while packed. For advanced insulation solution, it is made up of 2 tents – one cover is inside the other. Just like any regular tent, it is made up of rods, covering, hooks, netting, a fire-proof material and dowels that feature night visibility. But the best bit of this tent is its insulation.

It is made of an old-style external tent finished with polyester. The inner tent is what makes it thrilling for it consists of 3 layers of lining, between 2 coatings of air-flowing poly-cotton.

Basically, the insulation of Thermo Tent protects the occupants by making them feel warmer when it is cold and cooler when it is warm. It offers a cozy sleeping setting that controls temperature’s rise and fall.

Aside from heat and cold proofing, the lining is breathable and also serves as a soundproofing. It cuts sound transmission up to 35 decibel, which is enough to fade out disturbing noise of snoring neighbors.

Hence, make use of Thermo Tent to maximize your camping experience. This outdoor recreational activity can be enjoyed throughout the year with superior insulation. Take pleasure having open-air activities, picnics and other fun adventure with the whole family or with your best friends.

For more of Thermo Tent as well as more tents and other outdoor structures, find them in our directory.

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Inflatable Pool Toys

Outdoors June 14, 2016

When summer comes around, one of the main things on everyone’s mind is going swimming, whether in a back yard pool or at the lake or river. What started out as floating on inner tubes from auto tires has developed into a pretty elaborate market for floating chairs, couches, boats, and all kinds of other things.

How about this flotation device for your pool or your next trip to the lake? Maybe you can tow it behind a powerboat on the lake, too? Or go down the river floating on it with friends. And they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

A couple of points for using these. A flotation device like these, no matter how big, doesn’t replace a life jacket. A life jacket is made so that it will hold your head above water even if you’re unconscious, so you can continue to breathe.

The other things to keep in mind with floaties: look for decent thickness of the plastic, good seams, and a blow-up nozzle you can use. Some people get battery-powered air pumps (compressors). You can also get ones that plug in, and ones that plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, which you can also use for flat tires. To find these if you’re wanting to buy them, check out Floating Islands and Pool Floats.

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