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Prefab Houses, Good for Sun and Snow

Prefab October 10, 2016

Prefab Houses that Can Handle the Snow

These prefab houses are perfect for backpackers, highland bikers or off-road skiers, but also for anyone who happens to be building a house in a colder region, which isn’t the case for a lot of prefabricated construction — so much of it seems to be taking place in warmer climates, like in the southern states and South America. But cold climates just might have a special calling for prefab homes: because prefabs don’t need to be built on site, and can save money in this way, and since many cold sites are more difficult to build at, there might be an extra benefit to going prefab. These particular amazing designs by Rolling Huts are sited in Washington’s Methow Valley, and are designed by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects. These six huts are clustered as a herd — a small prefab constellation in the valley.

And as these huts are charmingly sited in the North Cascades, the are surrounded by a picturesque sight with lovely mountain panoramas, forestry and wild plants. Moreover, dwellers can revel in with various outdoor explorations even during wintertime, including, on rare occasions, the northern lights.

Residents of the prefabricated homes — these ones are currently used as cabins — can fully enjoy their stay as each hut has room enough to be furnished with a mini fridge, a microwave, a fireplace and of course, Wi-Fi. A sleeping podium is set for two people and a prefab fitting is set in the living room to accommodate more individuals for a restful night’s sleep.

They’re called “rolling huts.” They’re each 200 feet square.

According to Kundig, “Responding to the owner’s need for space to house visiting friends and family, the Rolling Huts are several steps above camping, while remaining low-tech and low-impact in their design. The huts sit lightly on the site, a flood plain meadow in an alpine river valley. ”

Aside from sleeping areas and furnishings, there is also an adjacent convenient lavatory. Full bathrooms and toilets are held in the main shed area that is set very close by.

And one other thing of note here. See those posts in the photo above, holding the prefab cabins up? Those have wheels at the base of each, so these units can be rolled around to re-arrange them or even move them a ways off.

Overall, these delightful huts are indeed meant to provide good living experiences particularly for lovers of highland settings.

To see more of Olson Kundig Architects, find him in our directory.

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You can order HonoMobo’s prefab shipping container homes online

Prefab October 10, 2016

Order prefab homes online

It’s been a trend for many decades for home buyers to sacrifice a lot in order to buy a new home. The cost of new houses is so high that people need to acquire big loans or work very hard in order to obtain a one. While this was the case to a lesser degree in previous decades, too, it has reached levels that are causing serious issues in peoples lives nowadays.

Great thanks to shipping container home builders. One can now buy a house that is affordable and sustainable. It may be small but it is a good start for young couples and a family of 3 – 4.

HonoMobo is a Canadian company that provides an all-inclusive collection of flexible, multi-purpose living units out of reused shipping containers. These homes can be a lovely tiny dwelling for starters and small families. These houses can also be an added structure for those who have regular houses.

These cute shipping containers can be used as a courtyard lodge for relaxation, a holiday hideaway or these units can be put together to fashion studios for family activities.

Prospects can actually contact the builder online. Buying one online makes it so easy and convenient.

HonoMobo offers various home layouts and sizes. A 352 square feet HO2 shipping container home has an open plan concept with a full bathroom and purposeful kitchen. For home buyers who want a large size, they can opt for the HO4. It measures 640 square feet. It has two bedrooms that can accommodate more residents.

Residents are also assured that every unit is a photovoltaic-ready and includes an air source heat pump and air source hot water tank. Green technology is simply a principle set by the builder. Hence, environment-lovers are guaranteed to love these tiny homes.

To see more of HonoMobo, find them in our directory.

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Modern Prefab Home Dropped in Place by Crane

Prefab October 5, 2016

Modern Prefab Home Dropped in Place by Crane

Who would ever think that it is possible for a crane to drop a perfectly-sized prefab home in place, and that be that? Well, it is. This prefabricated house has just set a higher standard with its modern design and eco-friendly materials. It was actually crane-lifted onto a simple existing concrete and limestone plinth.

The size is around 22-feet wide and 65-feet long and is highly insulated. It has big triple-glazed windows that allows light to come in and offers a scenic view of the outdoors. It has combined living, dining and kitchen areas and two bedrooms. The roof also has 3.8 kilowatt photovoltaic array to generate electricity.

This prefab home is well-designed by PAD studio. It is an award winning team of reputable architects and builders who have the heart for beautiful designs and environment. They stand to the principle that places meant for good living, comfortable work area and happy play spaces must embody distinct designs and it must be sustainable.

Indeed, this mobile home can provide its occupants the basic needs to live in comfort and style.

To see more of PAD studio, find them in our directory.

crane crane

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IKEA enters small prefab house market, and it’s solar powered

Prefab October 3, 2016

IKEA enters small prefab house market

Prefab houses, modular houses, and tiny houses. Why not combine these housing options into a small shelter?

This is a real game changer. IKEA unveiled a solar-powered flat pack shelter for easily deployable emergency housing. That’s the target, but these tiny prefab homes, designed to be mass produced, could also serve as inexpensive home options for people who aren’t in emergency situations.

The designers, IKEA, are well-known for their urban simple, partially-DIY, economical, sometimes ecological, style. This project is a joint venture between the IKEA Foundation and the UNCHR.

These prefabs are going to replace what UNCHR was using before – tents. However, tents don’t provide the privacy or security hard walls provide, and there have been violent crimes at refugee and emergency compounds.

The prefab houses are flat packed — they flatten out for transport. They’re made from lightweight plastic, and have a total square footage of 188 sq ft.

They’re rated for five inhabitants — that’s twice the size of the older UN tents.

And for power, the grid is made less necessary because these prefab houses have solar power, coming from solar panels on the roof. Candles and kerosene are less often required even in out-of-the-way locations. These solar panels on the roof also deflect 70 percent of solar radiation, so the interior is cooler in the day while being warmer at night.

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Prefab Houses Cubes

Prefab October 1, 2016

These prefab house “cube” designs are by Prefab Woning, whose concepts aim at being suitable for permanent residence and are available in many designs.

The basis of all these cubical prefabs is always being constructed from steel containers. This is a prefabricated building technology that means your house is not only robust but also affordable.

Depending on your needs, the steel walls of the Cubes can be left visible or covered so they aren’t visible. Thus, the steel plates can be painted in any color, or can be finished with Western Red Cedar as a maintenance-free wood replacement. At an additional cost, the outside of all the shipping containers can also be finished with stone strips.

With over 20 years of construction experience, Prefab Woning can quite fill some pages with examples of successfully completed projects. They specialize in prefabricated solutions, and have worked in steel, timber and combinations of both. The application of these building techniques is very diverse, allowing them to achieve both ground-level or lower construction, summer house style, dormers and even complete prefabricated houses.

Here is a sample of their prefabricated housing solutions based on the various cubes they offer. Since they always provide customized houses, each cube is different. Keep in mind that virtually every adjustment possible.

For more from Prefab Woning, find them in our directory of prefab house builders and designers.

prefab-houses-cubes-1 prefab-houses-cubes prefab-houses-cubes-2

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Add a Prefab Addition to Your House – 5 Day Completion Time

Prefab October 1, 2016

It takes 5 days for this company to add one of their prefab house additions to your building. A work week of time.

They do a number of different model designs, but we liked this one in the photo above. More photos below (they all expand).

The exterior cladding on this one is Western Red Cedar and the frame is wood also. Construction time for this, in and out, is 5 days, and to remove one the time is the same, if you ever need to move yours. They also have a 10 year warranty.

This wooden prefab development was done in Abcoude, Utrecht province – that’s a ways away from many of us, who live in North Americans, but the idea is still good, to know how long and get a look at these additions. The two skylights in the roof of the house make the interior of this prefab light and spacious.

For more information about Prefast, who builds these units, find them in our directory of prefab homes.

prefast-prefab-house-addition-3 prefast-prefab-house-addition-2 add-a-prefab-addition-to-your-house-5-day-completion-time-1 add-a-prefab-addition-to-your-house-5-day-completion-time-3 add-a-prefab-addition-to-your-house-5-day-completion-time-2

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10 Gorgeous Prefab Home Ideas

Prefab October 1, 2016

Prefab, Modern Homes by Method Homes

Prefab houses seem to be taking parts of the world by storm — well, maybe not by storm, but they sure are getting a lot of buzz. Besides the benefits associated with the building style, there is also the question of how they are designed. Lucky for prefab home buyers, there is now quite a wealth of professionally designed and built prefab architecture out there. Here we’ll look at 10 prefab home designs, so you can get an idea of the range and maybe it will help you decide on your own plan.

Even better: These prefab homes are built by companies we’ve already indexed in our Prefab Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can go there and search out the name of the company, and also find builders near your area.

Beautiful cabin house
Designed and built by Balance Associates Architects

Charming home in a box
Designed and built by MODE Homes


Lovely modular house
Designed and built by Habitech Systems

Unique modular dwelling
Designed and built by Fairweather Homes

Fabulous eco-house
Designed and built by ArchiBlox

Stunning country-style dwelling
Designed and built by Prebuilt

Appealing sustainable suite
Designed and built by Ecoliv

Gorgeous abode
Designed and built by Ecoshelta

Relaxing boxed-beach house
Designed and built by Cox Architecture

Magnificent family abode
Designed and built by Tektum

Elegant Home
Designed and built by Pidcock

For more, check out our other articles or visit our Prefab Home Designers and Builders Directory.

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Are Prefab Homes the Way of the Future?

Prefab October 1, 2016

Prefab Homes the Way of the Future

The future is becoming more pre-fabricated and flexible. Order today and tomorrow one house or perhaps an entire neighborhood. It can even be temporary housing, which can be set up quickly and taken down again. What about for inner city dwelling?

At present, the image of temporary buildings is changing rapidly. They are not only more beautiful, but also energy efficient and easier to disassemble and move.

This is particularly attractive for urban development because what does this mean for public space? Especially when you’re talking about sewage and electricity. While this is an investment for the long term, it is not so easily taken away as the prefab house.

There are several considerations with temporary accommodation in vacant lots or perhaps in existing office buildings, the plug-in housing:

1 Ensure public space that can move along, or public space is as flexible as the houses once it gets there.

2 Ensure there are public spaces that are so good people want to live there or near those locations.

3 Buildings are so self-sufficient or residents themselves arrange the connections.

These are opportunities for planners to develop new concepts to realized on vacant lots? For more about prefab homes, visit our directory.

Prefab Homes the Way of the Future

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A Prefab Home that Arrives on a Truck

Prefab October 1, 2016

It is quite possible that you saw this mini prefab house earlier, because it has appeared on many blogs, but for all those who have never seen the house: here is the wonderful tiny home!

What is a prefabricated house exactly? In a nutshell: a “prefab house” refers a building system where the house is partly or wholly manufactured or assembled in a factory.

This compact prefab house is at home in virtually any environment as long as it is accessible by a big truck with a crane. “The Wee House is based on a modern aesthetic, efficient use of space, and intelligent use of prefabricated construction technology,” say the architects of this design,Alchemy Architects.

“Wee House” consists of a solid wood and steel frame, and has great big windows to let in lots of light in this modern, compact design. Within, this prefab house can be equipped with all modern comforts, luxurious bamboo floors, spacious closets, a cozy fireplace, a full bathroom and kitchen, and even a kitchen sink!

To see more from Alchemy Architects, find them in our prefab home directory.

a-prefab-home-that-arrives-on-a-truck-1 a-prefab-home-that-arrives-on-a-truck-2 a-prefab-home-that-arrives-on-a-truck-4

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Outdoor Showcase Kit Buildings

Prefab October 1, 2016

For more about Outdoor Showcase’s work, find them in our barn home and kit homes directory.

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