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Lopez Pod Prefab House

Prefab September 22, 2016

A prefab house is something a lot of people out there are thinking about these days, mostly in an effort to economize on price, but also because it means they can move their structure when they want to a lot more easily, and if their house is a bigger one, they can use modular building for their prefab home to transport it in pieces. Here, though, is a comfortable looking cabin style prefab house.

It’s called the Lopez Pod and it’s 372 square feet, so this prefab house also qualifies as a tiny home. It’s a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, one story house that arrives and is set up as a complete module.

“Building a home or even a small accessory structure is a team process that in some cases is as simple as providing a local builder a set of prescriptive plans,” according to Green Pod Development.

Of course when building a house, even a prefab home, people need to check with the city to make sure their building matches codes. This company does that in two ways: first, they build according to a standard set of codes that are widely used. Then they check with a person’s builder themselves to make sure the design will work in that location.

“In other cases it is more complex.  Your building department may have a more stringent review process and/or submittal requirements.  We design our pods utilizing the International Residential Code (IRC) which is accepted in most jurisdictions throughout the US and even abroad.  However, most jurisdictions have their own addenda to the codes.  For the ‘Permit Plans’ listed above we will need to review these in order to fully satisfy your particular requirements.  Typically a discussion with your builder and the permit department or on-line review of their application will suffice. ”

For more info on Greenpod Development, find them in our directory.

Prefab House

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Cottage in a Day Prefab Home

Prefab September 20, 2016

Well, a prefab house can be fast, but one day? Yes, that is the idea behind this prefab home, called by just that name: “Cottage in a Day.” They set out to produce modern, complete modules (modular construction) to ship out to new home buyers, or people who want to use them as guest houses, work stations, or whatever else.

“Cottage in a Day is the next generation of factory-built, energy-efficient, green homes,” states the company. “The process incorporates exceptional design, use of sustainable materials, and a structural insulated panel (SIP) envelope for strength, sound reduction, and comfort.

Interior Features of this fast little prefab home:

Kitchen with custom cabinetry and island bar
Energy Star appliances and windows
Bathroom with shower
Storage Closet
Open living area with loft
Under-floor storage
Multiple Flooring Options
Low V.O.C. wall finishes
High windows for natural lighting and ventilation
Energy efficient structural insulated panel (SIP) construction

Exterior Features:

Treated wood deck
Shed/butterfly style metal roof
Low maintenance cement board siding
Access ports to under-floor storage and utilities
Movable shutter doors for security
Concrete pier foundation for low impact site

Optional Features:

Sleeper, Solo, or Open option
Full loft with movable ship’s ladder
Screened porch
Stackable washer/dryer
Stackable washer/dryer/dishwasher/garbage disposal
Outdoor shower

For more info on Michael Fitzhugh Architect’s and Cottage in a Day’s work, find them in our directory.

Cottage in a Day Prefab Home

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Traditional Cape Style Barn Prefab Homes for $26,345

Prefab September 20, 2016

Here’s a tiny house prefab home that might be right up some of your alleys. Not least of all for it’s starting price tag, but also because of the rustic barn style design (picture above).

This prefab home comes to us from a company that has been doing business for 45 years now, and who design and produce custom kits for homes, cabins, cottages, barns and garages, based on the customer’s plans and/or ideas. They can also design and produce a kit that is part barn or garage, and part living space. So this barn style house falls somewhere in the middle of all the work they do, I’d reckon.

“Customers can select a building width from 16′ to 26′, and a length ranging from 24′ to 64′. Barn-Houses can be built in tee and ell configurations. Because there are no load-bearing walls (all Barn-Houses have post & beam frames) the floorplan for each level can be as open as you want. Doors and windows can be placed almost anywhere.”

This is a “kit house” prefab building, and designed in the traditional style of barn homes.

These prefab house barn homes come in varying square footages, from 875 to 2,500 square feet, and that leaves a lot of room for options with bedrooms and things. They’re planned out to have as few as one and as many as five bedrooms.

They generally price at between $30 and $38 per square foot of living space, although this depends on the size and options of the prefab home or barn.

For more info on Shelter Kit prefab houses, find them in our directory. By the way, if you’d like interior shots, so would we. However, the company has so far only published exteriors of its range or prefabs. We’ll update this with interior shots when some become available.

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Nice Modern Traditional Prefab House for Its Size

Prefab September 17, 2016

Nice Modern Traditional Prefab House for Its Size

For this prefab house with its unusual but interesting design and winning color scheme, the designer stated, “You can almost picture Thoreau writing Walden here.” And that’s what the prefab house is called: Thoreau’s Cabin. “The architecture of the cabin complements the pastoral elegance of the park.”

gross floor area: 42m2
volume: 150m3
height (max): 3,5m

According to the designer of this prefab house: “Sited in the 5900 acre Noorderpark in Utrecht, the Netherlands this cabin provides a warm and dry escape for wet and tired volunteers that maintain the park. The 35 m2 cabin replaces a 1966 storage and break shelter for park maintenance, and was built without permit as it maintained a similar size and function.

“Hidden in the forest and covered by lush foliage, the volume has been shaped so that it reveal its presence only at the very last moment. Two large sliding doors open up the entire corner of the building blending the interior with the surrounding open space; a little green meadow where sheep graze to keep the young trees at bay.

With neither running water nor electricity, local firewood is used to fuel the kitchen and fireplace. This sculptural hearth forms the heart of the cabin, which includes a storage room, washroom, and eating space. The hearth supports a folding aluminum-clad roof structure, which creates a protective yet open canopy that blends into the surrounding flora.”

The photos are by John Lewis Marshall. For more of cc-studio’s work, find them in our directory of prefab home designers and builders.

Nice Modern Traditional Prefab House for Its Size

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Go Logic Prefab Home

Prefab September 7, 2016

Extraordinary prefab homes can provide amazing living experiences. GO Home is another incredible abode that is fitted for selective home buyers. The 1,500 square foot home has two stories. The three bedrooms of this prefab home can accommodate comfortably a family of five to seven members. There are two bathrooms, too.

This beautiful prefabricated house is designed by GO Logic. It has an excellent energy system installed for residents who care for the environment. And because GO Logic carries green technology, they take pride in noting their Platinum USGB LEED certification when they designed this house.

The modern open concept home design makes it positively elegant. Its exterior may seem plain and simple as it is created to illustrate the modest appearance of barn style prefab house. But its large L-shape doorway and its vertical seam metal rooftop look trendily stunning.

The interior of the prefab home opens to a big reception area with a distinct footwear space and a half bathroom. The first level is finished with refined concrete while the second level is made of wood or linoleum flooring.

There are four big windows of this house for sufficient illumination. Residents can enjoy food prep in the open concept kitchen. There is also a living room and a nice dining area in a craftily structured L-shape beautiful home. Indeed, GO Home is another spectacular prefab home which one can truly consider it as one’s own home. To see more of GO Logic , find them in our directory.

Go Logic Prefab Home

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Ecopods – Re-inventing The Shipping Container House

Prefab, Shipping Container Buildings, Tiny House September 6, 2016

For eco-conscious individuals, shipping container homes can be the best building option. We have seen that some places in different parts of the world such as Canada, New Zealand, London, Scotland and in the U.S., shipping container homes are being prefabricated as incredible dwellings for bachelors, couples and families alike.

Opting for shipping container houses assure residents that they are lodged in a nearly indestructible abode. Steel is very durable and can stand the test of time. The frames are certainly fire and termite-proof and basically better than log framing. Aside from durability, it is also economical since the materials are recycled. Aesthetics is also prioritized by builders whenever they create shipping container houses. It will only take around two weeks or so and for larger sizes, it will take up to 6 months. This span is very short compared to regular house construction.

I really love the unique idea of Ecopods regarding this shipping container home. They are cute and intended for residents who like to live in a small space. It is designed for individuals who enjoy life of simplicity and minimalism.

The pods can be relocated to different places without much effort. They have designed the hydraulic-powered deck to make the structure safe when residents are not using it. Also, because these pods are small, they can be used as add-ons those who have standard houses or as provisional shelters for groups that need temporary lodges for remote activities.

Additionally, pods are definitely remarkable since they can be easily taken somewhere since they can be packed up and transported via trucks, water vessels, and planes without them being identified as shipping container homes. They still look like the usual shipping containers that are being used to transport bulk items.

But upon reaching the destination, gradually, one can see how this amazing pod can be utilized as a comfortable space for a small family. Isn’t awesome to live off the grid with a unique home style?

To see more of Ecopods, find them in our directory.

pods_0 pods


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Impressive Shipping Container House

Houses, Prefab September 6, 2016

Shipping Container House

Cargo container houses have a strong appeal to home buyers who are eco-conscious and those who yearn for a more sustainable abode. Shipping container homes can also be built easily and are delivered ready-made to your vacant lot once the builder has set up your chosen design and layout and constructed the unit.

Millbrook House is another fantastic creation by Robert Bump Construction. This 6,600 feet square shipping home is exquisitely designed by architect Thomas Phifer. Its distinct geometric style is structured with a beautiful landscape and fascinating views around its surroundings.

Upon entering the interior of the house, residents can experience how impressive the communal area. The living area offers a good spot for full panoramic views. Every corner of the house demonstrates real class and elegant architectural design. The high ceilings also add value to this shipping container home. Each mahogany box is partially set in the inclined ground, forming a private compartment intended for sleeping area. Residents are also assured to enjoy their meals in the dining space.

Also, there is a functional kitchen for family’s pantry necessities and undertakings.

Without a doubt, Millbrook House can satisfy a choosy home buyer because its deep red, patinated steel boards beautifully form a retentive wall. To see more of Thomas Phifer and Partners, find them in our directory.


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Modern Prefab Home Dropped in Place by Crane

Prefab September 5, 2016

Modern Prefab Home Dropped in Place by Crane

Who would ever think that it is possible for a crane to drop a perfectly-sized prefab home in place, and that be that? Well, it is. This prefabricated house has just set a higher standard with its modern design and eco-friendly materials. It was actually crane-lifted onto a simple existing concrete and limestone plinth.

The size is around 22-feet wide and 65-feet long and is highly insulated. It has big triple-glazed windows that allows light to come in and offers a scenic view of the outdoors. It has combined living, dining and kitchen areas and two bedrooms. The roof also has 3.8 kilowatt photovoltaic array to generate electricity.

This prefab home is well-designed by PAD studio. It is an award winning team of reputable architects and builders who have the heart for beautiful designs and environment. They stand to the principle that places meant for good living, comfortable work area and happy play spaces must embody distinct designs and it must be sustainable.

Indeed, this mobile home can provide its occupants the basic needs to live in comfort and style.

To see more of PAD studio, find them in our directory.

crane crane


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You can order HonoMobo’s prefab shipping container homes online

Prefab September 5, 2016

Order prefab homes online

It’s been a trend for many decades for home buyers to sacrifice a lot in order to buy a new home. The cost of new houses is so high that people need to acquire big loans or work very hard in order to obtain a one. While this was the case to a lesser degree in previous decades, too, it has reached levels that are causing serious issues in peoples lives nowadays.

Great thanks to shipping container home builders. One can now buy a house that is affordable and sustainable. It may be small but it is a good start for young couples and a family of 3 – 4.

HonoMobo is a Canadian company that provides an all-inclusive collection of flexible, multi-purpose living units out of reused shipping containers. These homes can be a lovely tiny dwelling for starters and small families. These houses can also be an added structure for those who have regular houses.

These cute shipping containers can be used as a courtyard lodge for relaxation, a holiday hideaway or these units can be put together to fashion studios for family activities.

Prospects can actually contact the builder online. Buying one online makes it so easy and convenient.

HonoMobo offers various home layouts and sizes. A 352 square feet HO2 shipping container home has an open plan concept with a full bathroom and purposeful kitchen. For home buyers who want a large size, they can opt for the HO4. It measures 640 square feet. It has two bedrooms that can accommodate more residents.

Residents are also assured that every unit is a photovoltaic-ready and includes an air source heat pump and air source hot water tank. Green technology is simply a principle set by the builder. Hence, environment-lovers are guaranteed to love these tiny homes.

To see more of HonoMobo, find them in our directory.

You can order HonoMobo’s prefab shipping container homes online

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Prefab Houses that Can Handle the Snow

Prefab September 3, 2016

These prefab houses are perfect for backpackers, highland bikers or off-road skiers, but also for anyone who happens to be building a house in a colder region, which isn’t the case for a lot of prefabricated construction — so much of it seems to be taking place in warmer climates, like in the southern states and South America. But cold climates just might have a special calling for prefab homes: because prefabs don’t need to be built on site, and can save money in this way, and since many cold sites are more difficult to build at, there might be an extra benefit to going prefab. These particular amazing designs by Rolling Huts are sited in Washington’s Methow Valley, and are designed by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects. These six huts are clustered as a herd — a small prefab constellation in the valley.

And as these huts are charmingly sited in the North Cascades, the are surrounded by a picturesque sight with lovely mountain panoramas, forestry and wild plants. Moreover, dwellers can revel in with various outdoor explorations even during wintertime, including, on rare occasions, the northern lights.

Residents of the prefabricated homes — these ones are currently used as cabins — can fully enjoy their stay as each hut has room enough to be furnished with a mini fridge, a microwave, a fireplace and of course, Wi-Fi. A sleeping podium is set for two people and a prefab fitting is set in the living room to accommodate more individuals for a restful night’s sleep.

They’re called “rolling huts.” They’re each 200 feet square.

According to Kundig, “Responding to the owner’s need for space to house visiting friends and family, the Rolling Huts are several steps above camping, while remaining low-tech and low-impact in their design. The huts sit lightly on the site, a flood plain meadow in an alpine river valley. ”

Aside from sleeping areas and furnishings, there is also an adjacent convenient lavatory. Full bathrooms and toilets are held in the main shed area that is set very close by.

And one other thing of note here. See those posts in the photo above, holding the prefab cabins up? Those have wheels at the base of each, so these units can be rolled around to re-arrange them or even move them a ways off.

Overall, these delightful huts are indeed meant to provide good living experiences particularly for lovers of highland settings.

To see more of Olson Kundig Architects, find him in our directory.

Prefab Houses that Can Handle the Snow (2)

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