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Beautiful House Made with 31 Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Buildings September 2, 2016

Beautiful House Made with 31 Shipping Containers

Shipping container buildings, yes, OK, we’re familiar with the concept, but 31 — 31 — containers for one house?

This mansion is proof that used shipping containers can also become part of luxury projects. The property was built from no less than 31 containers and incorporates the idea of sustainability in several other aspects of the project, such as the intelligent storage of rainwater.

I know you want to know the size, right: 557 square meters.

The residence is located in Queensland, Australia. It is a shipping container house with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a study room, a home office, a workshop and a academy.

What is the advantage of using the containers? Well, to begin with, the buildings made of containers last up to 90 years and cost much less than those made with traditional materials used to put up a house. Also, use of shipping container bins in building houses is not only economic, but also sustainable because we give a destination for container that will no longer be used for shipping frieght. We must say that this kind of construction is around 35% cheaper than traditional building, adding things up from the foundation of the house to the outer coating. That is, usually those looking to live in such homes are people who prefer sustainable products and also seek to save. Another advantage of this construction is that it takes usually between 60 to 90 days to complete.

For more work by Zeliger Build, find them in our shipping container homes directory.

Beautiful House Made with 31 Shipping Containers (3) Beautiful House Made with 31 Shipping Containers

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Simple Shipping Container House

Shipping Container Buildings September 2, 2016

This residential project consists of four used shipping containers, which gives an outward appearance that can cause different sensations, depending on the viewer’s aesthetics.

Some will like this type of raw finish and others may feel that there is something strange there.

However, the interior is simply spectacular and will likely please even the fanciest building tastes. And with the money saved on the exterior finish for this shipping container home, more interior decorating and furnishing can be done.

For more of the designer, James & Mau Architecture’s work, find them in our shipping container house directory. Photos: Pablo Sarabia

Simple Shipping Container House (3) Simple Shipping Container House (4)

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Container House Built with $40,000

Shipping Container Buildings September 2, 2016

Container House Built with $40,000

This is “Containers of Hope,” a 1,000 square foot home built with $40,000 US.

The couple, Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta, dreamed of living 20 minutes from the city, a little away from the bustle, but close enough to enjoy all the benefits of downtown San José, Costa Rica.

A container house has some flexibility in the choice of land, which helped the couple to obtain the life they had dreamed of and, most importantly, affordable.

The designer of this shipping container house is Benjamin Garcia Saxe, who does a number of square-style residential buildings. They are filled with light and color, despite being so linear.

He also makes extensive and interesting use of wood and wood products in his designs.

“It was important for me to provide them with the sunrise, the sunset, the spectacular views, and overall try and create a feeling of comfort and home<” said Saxe. “A roof between the two containers, made from the scrap pieces of metal taken to make the windows, not only creates an internal sensation of openness but also provides a cross ventilation which is surprisingly sufficient enough to never have to turn the air conditioning on.

“Perhaps this project begins to expose the importance of design as a tool to provide beauty and comfort with a very low budget in the 21st century, whilst using creativity to not only redefine a scrap material such a disused shipping container, but perhaps to even show that there are viable, low cost, passive alternatives of temperature control to adapt to a very intense tropical climate.

“Already this proposal has began to spark a great deal of interest and could become one alternative to solve the issue of disposing of disregarded shipping containers in developing countries, as well as begin to solve the large gap which first time buyers encounter when purchasing a home.”

Architect:Benjamin Garcia Saxe. Photo:Andres Garcia Lachner. For more of his work, find him in our prefab house and modular home directories.

container of hope

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5 Beautiful Houses Made from Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Buildings September 2, 2016

With a little imagination and hard work, some talented architects managed to transform seemingly boring container bins into beautiful homes for all tastes. There are solutions for large families, couples young and old, and even for guests.

There are also many notable advantages in constructing houses with containers. They tend to be cheaper than conventional construction methods / materials and are sustainable. Something that would be discarded finds a new purpose as building materials. So let’s take a look at 15 houses built with containers that are beyond inspiring. Maybe you’ll make a shipping container yourself, and maybe you’ll use some of the ideas here in your design:

1. Beach House made with containers – At first glance, it might seem you couldn’t turn old containers into something fancy and upscale to compete with the most sophisticated beach houses. The Beach Box, a luxurious home made from recycled containers, proves that things are not so. Architect:Andrew Anderson.

2. Crossbox House, a sustainable home – This is a prefabricated house, designed by the French office Clément Gillet Architectes. The house has four modules that fit together to create a property of 112 square meters. The main idea of the project is to save time work and thus save the environment. Photos:Javier Callejas

3. Two-story house made with eight containers – This impressive house with about 210 square meters was built with eight containers. The house tries to mimic a traditional house with an interior furnished with contemporary decor. Some containers were cut because the architect did not want each module to become a separate environment. Architect:Patrick Partouche.

4. House of containers for the whole family – Four containers were needed to raise this house, designed and built by Katie Nichols and John Walter with the help of architect Christopher Robertson. Located in Houston, Texas, it is a project that might inspire family’s looking to build a shipping container house.

5. Containers of Hope, a home built with $40,000 – The couple Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living 20 minutes from the city, a little away from the bustle, but close enough to enjoy all the benefits of downtown San José, Costa Rica. A container house has some flexibility in the choice of land, which helped the couple to obtain the life they had dreamed of and, most importantly, affordable. Architect:Benjamin Garcia Saxe. Photo:Andres Garcia Lachner

For more information on any of these prefab house and modular home designers, find them in our directory.

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Build Your Own Shipping Container Pool

Shipping Container Buildings June 2, 2016

Build Your Own Shipping Container Pool

Well, shipping container houses, but now shipping container pools? Do you want to have your own swimming pool but are worried about the budget that you need to prepare, on top of all the expenses you already have? Do you want something unique and non-traditional for your very own pool? If your answer is yes, then you may consider using shipping containers for your back yard swimming pool.

Shipping containers are now being used as the main building element for prefab homes. These shipping containers are not only stylish for houses, but also perfect for setting up your own swimming pool with reduced costs compared with many other pool construction styles.

The usual and traditional swimming pool can cost you around $50,000 for an in-ground pool while the above-ground pool can cost around $6,000. While if you will use a shipping container swimming pool, it can cost you around $2,000 and you may choose if you want it to be above or below ground pool.

The shipping containers that are converted into pools are made waterproof by working on the lining of the interior. The regular filters, pumps and other parts that are being uses in the regular swimming pools can also be installed in the shipping container swimming pools.

Shipping containers is a very unique way in making your swimming activities to the next level. You can have the style you want incorporated in your pool with lesser costs and worries. You just need to discuss your preferences and what are the different modifications and refurbishment options with the shipping container professionals, if you decide to go that route, or do some research before starting.

Shipping containers swimming pools can be installed inside your home depending on your preference. You can also make a pool deeper depending on your needs and preferences, by using multiple container bins. You can also use glass panels and wood trimmings for your swimming pool.

Shipping containers is one of the best options you can have for your swimming pool if you want a more affordable option, if you want the construction to be faster and efficient, and if you want a more unique and stylish swimming pool. It is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend thousand of dollars while getting the best for their own pool. One company offering a range of shipping containers and design ideas is Premier Box in Australia. Another is Porta-Mini Storage.

You can find them in the directory of shipping container builders (click here).

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Adam Kalkin’s Shipping Container House

Shipping Container Buildings May 31, 2016

Adam Kalkin’s Shipping Container House

Are you thinking to have a unique concept for your new house but still can’t decide? Do you want your house to be created from something unusual and non-traditional? If you are looking for something unique yet beautiful for part of the basic concept for your new home, then you may consider Adrian House.

Adrian House was created by a great modern architect, Adam Kalkin. Adam Kalkin is known to be a great architect who creates quirky and fun home designs for prefab houses. He is known to give new life to discarded materials by up-cycling them and creating unusual and beautiful structures.

Adrian House is composed of 12 shipping containers. These shipping containers were placed inside a larger structure to complete the Adrian House. These shipping containers are used to support the glass structure that functions as an overall cover of the entire house.

Adrian House has two steel staircases. These staircases lead to the second level of the shipping containers where the bedrooms are placed.

The total size of the house is almost 4000 square feet. It has a double height garage door style openings that allow the entire house to be connected to the outdoors.

The first level of Adrian House has a library, playroom and bathroom. The kitchen, office, and guest bedroom is also located at the first floor. At the second floor you can find the master bedroom, the master bathroom, the second office, two bedrooms and another bathroom.

The Adrian House is spacious enough to make it enjoyable and comfortable for your family. It also gives you enough space where you can do your work.

Kalkin has worked with Butler to construct the Adrian House. Butler has also a great experience in building pre-fabricated homes for several years.

Adrian House is truly one of the great masterpieces of Adam Kalkin. It gives you the opportunity to live in a unique stylish house knowing that you have helped in reducing industrial waste by using shipping containers as part of your new home. It is a remarkable place that you and your loved ones can truly enjoy. Adrian House is a perfect place where you can celebrate life and love for you and your family. To see more of Adam Kalkin’s work at Industrial Zombie, find them in our Building Homes and Living Directory (click here).

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Build With Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Buildings May 27, 2016

Build With Shipping Containers

Are you already interested in building with shipping containers, and now you’re looking for unique style elements for your new house using this style of building? Do you want something unconventional, more affordable, yet more cost efficient as well as being able to build faster? If your answer is yes, then you may want to explore the possibilities of having your own shipping container pool.

Shipping container construction is one of the leading alternatives in architecture these days. Used shipping containers can be used to build not only as homes but also offices and even — like the photo above — swimming pools!

Using metal shipping containers for your house will make the construction of your house faster since you already have the walls and you will just need to add divisions, connections, and style for your new home. It is very cost efficient since you don’t need to spend thousand of dollars for the new materials — timber, nails, concrete — for construction of your house. In addition, your labor cost will be minimized.

It will also help to have less waste in the construction of your house since less raw materials will be used. This means that waste management problems or concerns will be lessened while your new house is being built.

Shipping containers structures can be designed based on your needs. They can be made waterproof by doing different methods such as fixing the interior and exterior lining. They can also be made weatherproof against cold depending on the kind of weather and temperature you have in your selected site.

Shipping containers are a very unique way to take building inexpensively to the next level. You can have the style you want incorporated into your house with lesser costs and worries. You just need to discuss your preferences and what are the different modifications and refurbishment options with shipping container professionals — or, you could always do the research yourself and become an expert.

Moreover, they can also be used as a swimming pools if you want one in your house. They can definitely add more style to your new house by using glass panels or stylish wood trimming.

Shipping containers are one of the best options you can have for your new house if you want a more affordable option, if you want the construction to be faster and efficient, and if you want a more unique and stylish home. It is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend thousand of dollars while getting the best for their own house. One good source of information (where you can buy these bins if you are in Australia) is Premier Box (click here).

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House Made of Pallets and Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Buildings May 14, 2016

House Made of Pallets and Shipping Containers

This prefab house might be of interest to those of you out there who are looking to build a decent sized dwelling with a small budget. They reduced building costs by using shipping containers and pallets in their prefab home design.

Two shipping containers, each 40 feet in length, plus two shipping containers 20 feet in length, are the structural basis for this modular house. They used wooden pallets to clad the exterior, which can be seen as a style element, but it also keeps this prefab house cool in the sun. Since its built in Curacavi, Chile, heat is a consideration.

Another part of creating cooler temperature spaces for the modular construction is the shady areas, which of course are cooled naturally by the movement of air. It moves freely because the design leaves spaces between the pallet slats.

The shipping container-based areas provide the security and protection from weather the home owners wanted in other parts of the house — plus the metal containers provide the structural strength needed to keep the house standing up.

Other spaces are modifiable. Sections of wall can be slid open and closed to ventilate or protect those areas. The folding screen on the porch serves a similar task.

Heating and cooling is also provided by geothermal heat pumps in this prefab house.

The work is by James&Mau. You can see more of their work by visiting them at our director y of prefab and modular home designers and builders (click here).

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Two Unit Shipping Container House

Shipping Container Buildings May 5, 2016

Shipping Container House

There’s been a lot of interest in the last few years in shipping containers as building blocks for houses. Shipping container houses do offer some considerable benefits to home builders — strength and availability being two of the foremost. But what does it mean? Building a house out of shipping containers?

Using five long shipping containers, these home builders made a two story modular house for themselves plus a guest house.

The main building is the one pictured above. That one has four shipping containers — it’s two containers wide. They’ve cut the containers open to create patios, window spaces and doors.

This shipping container house is located in the Primavera forest in Jalisco, Mexico, and was designed by S+Diseno.

While some shipping container home designs disguise the building materials, this design accentuates the containers with industrial yellow paint and natural (paint-less) metal finishes.

The shipping containers used in this building are typical 4-high cube containers, 323 square feet (30m2), and the total are of the house is 120m2 or 1291.7sqft. Shipping containers come at various prices, depending on the region, the company, whether they are used and how used they are, as well as what kind of deal the buyer can find.

To see more of S+Design’s work, visit our directory of prefab home designers and builders (click here).

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Expandable Container Home – They’re Selling These Things for Only $10,000

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Expandable Container Home – They’re Selling These Things for Only $10,000

So modular homes are inexpensive alternatives, in many cases, to traditional construction homes, but I came across this expandable modular container home, and they’re listing them for $10,000 (you still have to pay shipping, of course).

These shipping container homes are clad in quality timber and are suited for country or beach properties, according to the people selling them.

Another thing modular home buyers might factor into their estimations is that the shipping for a container home from overseas costs in the thousands, to get it to our coasts and to ship it from the coast to your location.

So how are they built, some of you might be wondering? The house is a modification of an ISO shipping container (you can buy these a lot of places, there is a huge global supply of shipping containers). THey cut off some of the corrugated sheet and manually weld a smaller container to it as a slide out.

The slide can be moved by several people working together, but without too much effort, according to the prefab manufacturers.

They then decorate the interior and use sound-absorbing wood ceiling panels, and use birch to cover the wall. They also have removable custom-built joinery.

The outside cladding and decking is done with antiseptic-treated timber.

I hesitate to link to the product contact page for this one, because it is from China on Alibaba and I can’t guarantee the quality, and the page I saw it on had only one sale showing. Once I hear more about these guys, I’ll update this page and I’ll update our Facebook page, too. Probably I’d suggest shopping around North American modular homes (they might already have options around this range) and contacting builders nearer home first and seeing if they can build something like this. If anyone ends up buying one of these expandable modular homes from overseas, though, please let us know how it goes so we can update people.

expandable container (3)

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