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Cool Shipping Container House You Can Build on a Cliff

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Cool Shipping Container House You Can Build on a Cliff

This module house was built on a type of land that usually requires a bit of extra work to construct on — a rock cliff. But because the modular home sits on simple leveled cliff edge (picture above) with the overhang supported by simple blocking, without any sub-floor or foundation, the difficulty is reduced.

Of course, we might be a little swayed by this picture — how many people don’t want a view like this, or to have their house surrounded by trees and earth? That’s one reason a lot of people look into modular homes or tiny homes, I guess. You can put them almost anywhere, and lightly — they can usually be lifted out without much difficulty, too.

The architects for this one are WMR Arquitectos. Their a Chilean company (again with a Chilean modular house company!), and the house was photographed by Sergio Pirrone.

The modular house is based on 3.2 meter square wood sections with the entire house “skeleton” (pillars and beams) remain in sight when the house is finished.

The roof of this house is also a patio — a flat pati0 — and has an walkway onto it from the front side of the house.

To see more from WMR Arquitectos, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory.

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Shipping Container House Design

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Coming to us from Ek is this elegant shipping container house design — a symmetrical three-section modular home build that Ek shows seated in a tree-surrounded grove.

Do you need a place of refuge for a weekend or a comfortable residence to put in a very small space? Do you want to look at shipping container building options for the structure? If the answer is that you do, then you might have the Ek 007 written in your tiny house future blueprints.

Boasting a low installment cost and what Ek considers outstanding comfort for a 67 meter square living space, the Ek 007 is a low-height building with a thoughtful floor plan. It is based around a central atrium and is a “strong architectural expression in a small space,” according to the modular house construction team.

The Ek 007 can be enjoyed installed at a site on the sea or at higher, forested areas, and the modular construction has “all the great features.”

Behind the two spaces and middle corridor, there is a larger living area, kitchen/dining area, and foyer.

Shipping container house specs:

Family prefabricated house
floor plan together 67,20 m2
building area 92,00 m2
net volume 171,30 m3
gross volume 265,40 m3

The cost of this one is 36,826 Euro (not including VAT), the equivalent of just under $42,000. To visit Ekokoncept, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory.

ek shipping container house

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The shipping container house that was built in three days

Shipping Container Buildings January 11, 2016

The shipping container house that was built in three days

This particular shipping container home has a place in history as being the first one completed in Ireland in just three days. It was built over a weekend, then put on display at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and was afterwards to be donated to St Vincent de Paul.

The plans for this house now are to move to Deerpark in Co Cork to house a family in time for Christmas.

Labor and materials were donated by a lot of people — as many as 60 construction-related suppliers pitched in.

The shipping container home is based on a  a 40 foot long, 10 foot wide bin.

Speaking about the project, Carol Tallon, who worked with Derek Trenaman, both of Ceardean Architects said:

“A low cost model of housing was inevitable after the property market crash, and this container project shows that there are new housing solutions available to accommodate different lifestyle choices for Irish people.”

Some people were wondering about the insulation factor for one of these shipping container homes.  According to a fellow named Pól Mag Shamhrain, “I did a couple of design projects in college using containers. If you wrap the outside of the container all around with insulation or on the inside, then it takes out the thermal bridging which would make it cold or warm. It also stops all that dripping that might go on in winter.

“In this case it was put to the outside which is nice. I’d love to spend a day or two living in it!!”

Shamhrain also commented about the time frame of this project though: :If an architect and others in the design team were doing a large scale housing project it could take a year or two just to design,plan and construct the end product. A lot more work went into this small project that 3 days I would imagine. Multiply it by 20, 30 or 40 times and the complexity and time taken to design and adhere to regulations goes up significantly. Say you started a commission for a large scale project tomorrow the availability of these containers as raw material might be more expensive, especially if demand for them spikes in the construction industry like it currently has been and if there was a spike in consumer demand also. To think that the cost of these things will stay flat like you seem to believe is disingenuous to say the least.:

These homes are also being put forward as a solution to houseing: Scipio Africanus: “It looks clean modern and comfortable. If the govenment was serious about tackling the housing problem it would be promoting innovative ideas like this rather then parceling of land to American property developers, who will build private housing for Chinese business men to speculate on.”

Economicopoly agreed: “Absolutely. The “housing crisis” in Ireland has very obvious solutions none of which accord with the interest of global finance so instead our elected govt treat land in Ireland in such a way as is best accorded with international investors return prospects. Of course its not just govt but armies of Irish “professionals” lining up to do their bidding as well. Decent modern train service so that you can be in Dublin City Centre within 40 mins from Navan, Mullingar, Naas etc and a person on the average family can buy an affordable decently sized family home and still be within a manageable commute to the city centre. Instead its endless academic argument over green field site locations and density ratios to mask the real politik of orchestrating our land to deliver the maximum return for financial investors. They shite on about problems with commercial space in Dublin , one 40 storey building would put an end to that in one project, its all about restricting supply to drive asset yields up for the establishment in Ireland FG has always traditionally served best.”

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Build a 2-Story House out of Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Buildings January 11, 2016

Build a 2 Story House out of Shipping Containers

What an exciting and creative idea; building a two-story home out of shipping containers. Yes, shipping containers are now being used as a way to build a home economically and stylishly. You can do whatever you want when it comes to floor plans. Some home buyers love the open space aspect of building with shipping containers, while families have the space to add walls and privacy where it is needed.

Building a home with shipping containers is an extremely fun and exciting idea. The sky is the limit. You can build a home that looks as traditional as your childhood home or go for a more unusual floor plan that suits the needs of you and your family.

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

Find more from shipping container building companies we’ve indexed in our Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can search the company’s name and look builders near your area. And to see more shipping container buildings,click here.

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