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Tiny House of Glass – Would You Live in a Glass House Like This?

Tiny House October 3, 2016

Tiny House of Glass - Would You Live in a Glass House Like This

The point of a vacation is to escape our day to day lives, experience a different area, and sometimes get quality family time that we miss when we are working. We leave the sights and sounds of our city or town behind to experience something new and different; however, most us swap out one city for another and wind up with a similar experience.

A PurePod, on the other hand, is a truly unique and private experience based in New Zealand. It is a tiny house made of glass, placed in a remote location, and crafted with eco-friendly technology. Here you will have all of your necessities provided.

Safety and security are just as much of a priority as privacy. There are three locations to choose from and each one gives a stunning view, and an opportunity to explore your outdoor surroundings.

To those of you who are afraid this vacation may be too rustic, think again! The glass used for the floor, ceiling, and walls makes the tiny house feel much larger, and the rich natural beauty outside adds an extravagance to the venue. The Purepod also uses eco-friendly technology that ensures clean water and waste management. This means no bath houses or out houses! Maybe some of you are concerned about the vulnerability of a remote area, but in New Zealand there are no large animals or snakes to act as prey. There is no “roughing it” in a Purepod.

A quote from some couple who stayed in one:

“As we approached our PurePod, we could not believe our next 24 hours would be spent in our own isolated paradise, totally immersed in nature in this incredibly innovative eco-luxury glass chalet. We could hardly contain our excitement at our new find, not knowing whether to spend our time inside or out – in the end it was apparent that it really didn’t matter which we settled for because this was an experience where the outside world met the inside one.” – Derek & Emma

Where do you see your next vacation? On a crowded beach, a crowded city, or in a beautiful setting with the one(s) you love? Turn off your television, put away the phone, and escape to a Purepod for the luxurious relaxation that dream vacations are made of!

By Alison LaPaglia

For more information about Purepods, as well as about Derek and Emma, find them in our tiny home directory.

Tiny House of Glass - Would You Live in a Glass House Like This

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Tiny Home Backyard Studio and Guest House Has Got Style

Tiny House October 3, 2016

Tiny Home Backyard Studio and Guest House Has Got Style

Design can play a significant role in the overall impression of a tiny house or other tiny structure. In this case this tiny house building is a studio — it’s outfitted with couches instead of beds, but there is any number of possibilities for how the interior of these tiny dwellings are finished.

This one is called “Orchid Studio” and it’s by design team First Lamp. It’s an outbuilding — it’s not attached to the main house structure. It could be used just as easily as a guest house or reading room.

The team was brought into this project in order to get a nice design for the tiny house-style one-room building. And it does serve as a guest house if needed.

It’s connected to the main house by a diagonal path through the backyard garden to the corner of the yard where they situated the tiny dwelling.

The budget on this project was limited, which limited the amount of bells and whistles added to the basic tiny structure. One thing unusual was the use of Douglas Fir for the rafters, which were left exposed to provide an eventually-red wood accent to the white walls and siding outside.

Photos by: First Lamp. For more of First Lamp’s work, find them in our directory of tiny home builders.

Tiny Home Backyard Studio and Guest House Has Got Style

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431 Sq. Ft. Cottage by The Wee House Company

Tiny House October 1, 2016

431 Sq. Ft. Cottage by The Wee House Company

Living a simple life means having more beautiful moments with family members. This is what small houses offer. Aside from intimacy, tiny homes have lower ecological footprint which is certainly great for our planet. Heating and cooling system is easily maintained since there is less space. Also, minimal expenditures for repair and home improvement are required. And where coziness is felt within the family members, a more loving relationship is created which is the ultimate goal of an ideal family.

This lovely 431 square feet cottage is exquisitely designed and built by The Wee House Company. They specialize in designing and building adorable tiny and small homes all over the United Kingdom.

This reputable company build homes in-house and deliver to home buyers’ vacant lot. They will install and set the house professionally. This process of designing, building, delivering and installing will take around two weeks.

The interior of this cottage is so charming that residents will surely love living in this tiny home. There’s a mud room, a nice living room, full kitchen, a comfortable bedroom and bathroom. Isn’t wonderful to live in this tiny lovely cottage with your loved ones?

For more of The Wee House Company’s work, or to find other metal building companies, find them in our directory of metal construction companies.

431 Sq. Ft. Cottage by The Wee House Company

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Inexpensive Living: She Spent $500 on Her Camper and Fixing It Up

Tiny House September 28, 2016

Inexpensive Living

This girl worked this renovated camper for a summer, making it as comfortable as she could, and spending only $500.

The girl who did the work for this camper is 14-year-old Ellie Yeater of Williamstown, West Virginia. She saved up the money for the camper and camper renoation from birthday money and being paid for chores around her house.

The camper itself cost $200, and Ellie found it in a local camper for sale ad. The other $300 was spent on paint, flooring, fabric, and decorations.

Her dad Larry helped by buying the wood and rubber roll for the roof. Free labor doesn’t hurt when you’re trying not to spend very much money.

But Ellie also did a lot of work on this refurbish job. She has some carpentry skills learned from her grandfather.

For more details, visit HomeTalk. Photos by: Lori Yeater

inexpensive-living-1 inexpensive-living-2

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Famous Architect Designs a Charming Tiny House only 22 Square Meters

Tiny House September 20, 2016

During his lifetime, the architect Pietro Belluschi became known for high-rise projects, churches and mansions. However, few know that the architect designed an eco-friendly home with a tiny house footprint, just 22m². So if your house also has little space available, don’t worry, because you can live very well in tiny houses!

All houses designed by Belluschi make clear his admiration for Japanese architecture, with minimalist essence and zen, and the Scandinavian decorating style that leaves the warm and cheerful environment. Those who follow the blog know how much we love the combo Scandinavian minimalism and style!

The influence of the Asian style of decorating is clear in the room, with a palette of bright colors, which gives breadth to the environment, and materials used, such as wood. Furthermore, note that the sofa matches the room size. It seems silly, but one of the biggest mistakes of people who have a small room or a small house is to buy very large furniture no matter what — as if it suited every environment. This is a problem that not only compromises the circulation, but breaks the harmony of the environment and the room is looking smaller than it really is something you do not want to happen, due to the reduced size that you already have on hand.

For more info on tiny houses, find them in our directory.

Famous Architect Designs a Charming Tiny House only 22 Square Meters (2) Famous Architect Designs a Charming Tiny House only 22 Square Meters (3)

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Perfect Tiny Home for Living or Camping

Tiny House September 20, 2016

The “Soul Box” tiny house is an eco- friendly two-story cottage, which has kitchen and bedroom with a comfortable bed. The house is mobile and is designed to be transported easily. The first floor has a door that opens completely, while on the second floor the mobile roof creates a small platform to enjoy the scenery.

This house, designed by the Studio Allergutendinge, is perfect for those who want to escape a little from the rush of day-to-day to relax.

The inspiration for this tiny house was the myth of Arcadia, an imaginary country where all lived in peace and in full communion with nature.

For more info on Studio Allergutendinge, find them in our directory.

Perfect Tiny Home for Camps

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A Couple Built Their Own Tiny House

Tiny House September 20, 2016

Couple Builds a Tiny House


Can you just set out to build a tiny home and do it? Well, people are building tiny homes all the time, and here is a couple who did just that. Theirs is a 204 square foot tiny house — a modern shed home, with a light and airy interior of white and wood grains.

“Ultimately, we wanted the aesthetic of our home to represent the lifestyle it afforded: simplicity. We were drawn to the nickname ‘SHED’ because it spoke to the simple form and a utilitarian design that we sought while simultaneously speaking to the process of downsizing and simplifying.”

This tiny house has dimensions of 8.6 by 13.6. They designed the tiny home with these numbers as a maximum, which put them within the limits of a special permit for building.

“We employed some unique construction techniques including the use of 2×3 framing with continuous exterior insulation that results in a lighter wall with superior thermal performance. There are some great moments in our project that incorporate reclaimed materials like our wedge entry alcove and corrugated metal siding that spent over 50 years as a barn roof in its previous life. You may be surprised to hear that our design gives up 24 square feet (of our 204 sf total) for a special, externally accessible “gear room” to hold all of our outdoor gear, which we consider essential tools to our health and happiness.”

This tiny house took the couple 14 months total to finish, even with all the modern touches and furnishings.

For more on this couple’s tiny home, find Shedsistence in our directory of people who blog about tiny homes and prefab houses. Photos by: Shedsistence

A Couple Built Their Own Tiny House

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First-Class Tiny Home Cabins

Tiny House September 20, 2016

Tiny Home Cabins

No maintenance. No energy bill. Yet a clean, sturdy prefab modular shelter. That’s what this particular modular cabin seems to be about. It’s a steel clad one-room house, and they put this one on a small island where it is thought it may one day blend in and become even more a part of the landscape.

That’s because of the steel cladding on this cabin, and the printing on the metal sheets will some day fade. The material weathers, becoming more “natural.” The interior of this cabin is also metal (and wood). The metal surfaces are made in large from a local bridge that was demolished. The cedar used in the structure is from fallen logs on the property.

Some of that metal sheeting covers the modular cabin — it was built on site so it isn’t a prefab house, but this is definitely the kind of house you could pick up and move, and add to other small modules — are the actual walls, while other are screens that can be pulled over the windows. This allows the cabin owner to adjust how much light gets in.

For those of you wondering about facilities, this modular cabin reminds me of a small boat, but even more basic than most small boats. There is a kitchenette in the one room. And there is a toilet area, but not a bathroom. The heads of most boats have a toilet area around the same size, although they have a cloth or solid door. This little cabin doesn’t have either, although it could of course be added.

The shower is outside the cabin, as is a pile of wood. This cabin is heated by a wood stove — no other energy system has been put in. The ideas behind this little cabin are simple living and no energy bills.

It was designed by Tom Kundig Of Olson Kundig, who has caught quite a good amount of attention for several of his small home designs, cabin designs, and others. It’s set on the Gulf Islands off the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. To see more of Olson Kundig’s work, find him in our directory of designers.


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Tiny House / Garden Studio with Mirror Camouflage: Neat!

Tiny House September 17, 2016

This garden studio or tiny house — guest house, anyone — uses reflective glass, something unusual in the tiny house architecture we’ve come across so far, to “camouflage” it into its surroundings.

“Building an extension is not always the solution if you want more living space,” the designers stated of the structure. It was done by cc-studio. The designers on this one include: Gerald Lindner, Danny van Kessel, and Peter Heideman. “At least that was the out of the box answer cc-studio came up with after having been asked to add more space to the ground floor apartment of the family Maarten and Lori Lens-FitzGerald in Watergraafsmeer – a lovely living district of Amsterdam. Extending would have added square metres but would have meant destroying a relatively new kitchen, not adding any new rooms due to the building layout and planning restrictions. But more importantly it would have narrowed the 12m deep garden.

area (brutto/netto): 26m² – 20m²
dimensions (max): 6,9m x 5,2m
volume: 60m3
height (max): 3m
plot: 126m²

“Already, having a garden in Amsterdam is a rare commodity; having a 10m wide garden is even more special as most real estates are usually only 5 to 6m wide. Strangely this luxury is also problematic as the depth to width ratio (now 12m x 10,5m) already makes the garden feel more wide than deep due to perspective distortion. Reducing the depth by another 3m would have simply turned the garden into a back yard, leaving little space over for green. Even more so as the two corners of the garden were already occupied by rundown garden sheds.

“[T]o strengthen the visual dynamic of the garden the main diagonal seen from within the living space inside (bottom left) and that runs to the sun lit (top right) back corner is kept un-built. By placing mirrored planes the visual depth of the garden was enhanced to look deeper. Also the geometry of the volume was specially tailored to play with the perspective lines and to have no vertical surfaces parallel to the house but at an angle to have a more continuous flow. This geometry was tested and adjusted on site using a line mock-up first before finalizing the design.

In the corner in which the volume is placed, there is much less sunlight due to the overhanging neighbouring trees. To get more light to that part of the garden, again a mirrored plane was used, this time to reflect the light of the better illuminated section of the garden back. The final measure taken was to make sure that the rebuilt volume would be part of the garden instead of part of the built environment. This was done by covering it with green (sedum) on faceted angular surfaces to avoid the typical box shape associated to buildings and by hiding the windows from direct sight. This window orientation also gives the studio a sense of intimacy and privacy. So much so that it is not only used as an office space but incidentally doubles as a curtain-less guest room.”

The photos are by John Lewis Marshall. For more of cc-studio’s work, find them in our directory of prefab home designers and builders.


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Ecopods – Re-inventing The Shipping Container House

Prefab, Shipping Container Buildings, Tiny House September 6, 2016

For eco-conscious individuals, shipping container homes can be the best building option. We have seen that some places in different parts of the world such as Canada, New Zealand, London, Scotland and in the U.S., shipping container homes are being prefabricated as incredible dwellings for bachelors, couples and families alike.

Opting for shipping container houses assure residents that they are lodged in a nearly indestructible abode. Steel is very durable and can stand the test of time. The frames are certainly fire and termite-proof and basically better than log framing. Aside from durability, it is also economical since the materials are recycled. Aesthetics is also prioritized by builders whenever they create shipping container houses. It will only take around two weeks or so and for larger sizes, it will take up to 6 months. This span is very short compared to regular house construction.

I really love the unique idea of Ecopods regarding this shipping container home. They are cute and intended for residents who like to live in a small space. It is designed for individuals who enjoy life of simplicity and minimalism.

The pods can be relocated to different places without much effort. They have designed the hydraulic-powered deck to make the structure safe when residents are not using it. Also, because these pods are small, they can be used as add-ons those who have standard houses or as provisional shelters for groups that need temporary lodges for remote activities.

Additionally, pods are definitely remarkable since they can be easily taken somewhere since they can be packed up and transported via trucks, water vessels, and planes without them being identified as shipping container homes. They still look like the usual shipping containers that are being used to transport bulk items.

But upon reaching the destination, gradually, one can see how this amazing pod can be utilized as a comfortable space for a small family. Isn’t awesome to live off the grid with a unique home style?

To see more of Ecopods, find them in our directory.

pods_0 pods


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