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First-Class Tiny Home Cabins

Tiny House September 20, 2016

Tiny Home Cabins

No maintenance. No energy bill. Yet a clean, sturdy prefab modular shelter. That’s what this particular modular cabin seems to be about. It’s a steel clad one-room house, and they put this one on a small island where it is thought it may one day blend in and become even more a part of the landscape.

That’s because of the steel cladding on this cabin, and the printing on the metal sheets will some day fade. The material weathers, becoming more “natural.” The interior of this cabin is also metal (and wood). The metal surfaces are made in large from a local bridge that was demolished. The cedar used in the structure is from fallen logs on the property.

Some of that metal sheeting covers the modular cabin — it was built on site so it isn’t a prefab house, but this is definitely the kind of house you could pick up and move, and add to other small modules — are the actual walls, while other are screens that can be pulled over the windows. This allows the cabin owner to adjust how much light gets in.

For those of you wondering about facilities, this modular cabin reminds me of a small boat, but even more basic than most small boats. There is a kitchenette in the one room. And there is a toilet area, but not a bathroom. The heads of most boats have a toilet area around the same size, although they have a cloth or solid door. This little cabin doesn’t have either, although it could of course be added.

The shower is outside the cabin, as is a pile of wood. This cabin is heated by a wood stove — no other energy system has been put in. The ideas behind this little cabin are simple living and no energy bills.

It was designed by Tom Kundig Of Olson Kundig, who has caught quite a good amount of attention for several of his small home designs, cabin designs, and others. It’s set on the Gulf Islands off the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. To see more of Olson Kundig’s work, find him in our directory of designers.


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Tiny House / Garden Studio with Mirror Camouflage: Neat!

Tiny House September 17, 2016

This garden studio or tiny house — guest house, anyone — uses reflective glass, something unusual in the tiny house architecture we’ve come across so far, to “camouflage” it into its surroundings.

“Building an extension is not always the solution if you want more living space,” the designers stated of the structure. It was done by cc-studio. The designers on this one include: Gerald Lindner, Danny van Kessel, and Peter Heideman. “At least that was the out of the box answer cc-studio came up with after having been asked to add more space to the ground floor apartment of the family Maarten and Lori Lens-FitzGerald in Watergraafsmeer – a lovely living district of Amsterdam. Extending would have added square metres but would have meant destroying a relatively new kitchen, not adding any new rooms due to the building layout and planning restrictions. But more importantly it would have narrowed the 12m deep garden.

area (brutto/netto): 26m² – 20m²
dimensions (max): 6,9m x 5,2m
volume: 60m3
height (max): 3m
plot: 126m²

“Already, having a garden in Amsterdam is a rare commodity; having a 10m wide garden is even more special as most real estates are usually only 5 to 6m wide. Strangely this luxury is also problematic as the depth to width ratio (now 12m x 10,5m) already makes the garden feel more wide than deep due to perspective distortion. Reducing the depth by another 3m would have simply turned the garden into a back yard, leaving little space over for green. Even more so as the two corners of the garden were already occupied by rundown garden sheds.

“[T]o strengthen the visual dynamic of the garden the main diagonal seen from within the living space inside (bottom left) and that runs to the sun lit (top right) back corner is kept un-built. By placing mirrored planes the visual depth of the garden was enhanced to look deeper. Also the geometry of the volume was specially tailored to play with the perspective lines and to have no vertical surfaces parallel to the house but at an angle to have a more continuous flow. This geometry was tested and adjusted on site using a line mock-up first before finalizing the design.

In the corner in which the volume is placed, there is much less sunlight due to the overhanging neighbouring trees. To get more light to that part of the garden, again a mirrored plane was used, this time to reflect the light of the better illuminated section of the garden back. The final measure taken was to make sure that the rebuilt volume would be part of the garden instead of part of the built environment. This was done by covering it with green (sedum) on faceted angular surfaces to avoid the typical box shape associated to buildings and by hiding the windows from direct sight. This window orientation also gives the studio a sense of intimacy and privacy. So much so that it is not only used as an office space but incidentally doubles as a curtain-less guest room.”

The photos are by John Lewis Marshall. For more of cc-studio’s work, find them in our directory of prefab home designers and builders.


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Ecopods – Re-inventing The Shipping Container House

Prefab, Shipping Container Buildings, Tiny House September 6, 2016

For eco-conscious individuals, shipping container homes can be the best building option. We have seen that some places in different parts of the world such as Canada, New Zealand, London, Scotland and in the U.S., shipping container homes are being prefabricated as incredible dwellings for bachelors, couples and families alike.

Opting for shipping container houses assure residents that they are lodged in a nearly indestructible abode. Steel is very durable and can stand the test of time. The frames are certainly fire and termite-proof and basically better than log framing. Aside from durability, it is also economical since the materials are recycled. Aesthetics is also prioritized by builders whenever they create shipping container houses. It will only take around two weeks or so and for larger sizes, it will take up to 6 months. This span is very short compared to regular house construction.

I really love the unique idea of Ecopods regarding this shipping container home. They are cute and intended for residents who like to live in a small space. It is designed for individuals who enjoy life of simplicity and minimalism.

The pods can be relocated to different places without much effort. They have designed the hydraulic-powered deck to make the structure safe when residents are not using it. Also, because these pods are small, they can be used as add-ons those who have standard houses or as provisional shelters for groups that need temporary lodges for remote activities.

Additionally, pods are definitely remarkable since they can be easily taken somewhere since they can be packed up and transported via trucks, water vessels, and planes without them being identified as shipping container homes. They still look like the usual shipping containers that are being used to transport bulk items.

But upon reaching the destination, gradually, one can see how this amazing pod can be utilized as a comfortable space for a small family. Isn’t awesome to live off the grid with a unique home style?

To see more of Ecopods, find them in our directory.

pods_0 pods


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Tiny House in this Forest Built for $10,500

Tiny House August 29, 2016

Tiny House in this Forest Built for $10,500

How about this tiny house in the forest. The designer himself built it for around $10,500. That’s the cost of the materials for this tiny cabin in the woods, and since he did it all himself — he carried the building materials in by hand — he saved on construction costs. The house is called Nido (Italian for ‘birds nest’), and the materials are all recycled: an eco tiny house in the forest.

Here’s what the designer wrote of his tiny house project:

“In 2010 I wanted to build a place of my own. I found this beautiful slot and I set out to design a compact get-away for myself. I also wanted to maximize this small space, use local/recycled materials and build it myself.

“In june that summer I started building my cabin. It took me two weeks to build it (only thing missing was the door and window which arrived a week later).”

The tiny house has a micro-kitchen on the first floor, as well as a tiny home-sized lounging area.

The second story of the tiny house is where the sleeping area is situated, and there is some storage space there as well. You can see from the picture above that there is a lot of glazing on this little cabin and that lets in a fair amount of light. For more tiny house designs, or to see more of Robin Falks work, find them in the directory.


Photographs by the designer: © Robin Falck



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Quite The Interior on This Tiny House

Tiny House June 23, 2016

Quite The Interior on This Tiny House

From a minimalist’s point of view, tiny homes are adorable and really wonderful! It’s simple, neat and clutter-free since you can’t accumulate a lot of stuff. These cute tiny homes are so incredible that many home enthusiasts are considering buying them. Great thanks to modern architectural design, tiny houses evolved very aesthetically that their appeal has captured individuals from both town and city.

I stumbled upon this cute tiny house by Tiny Heirloom. It is a sweet, lovely dwelling that you will want to call your own.

Indeed, living in a rustic stylish tiny abode on wheels is really fantastic. This cute home is one of a kind for its living room is up in a roof space which provides an interesting area for the whole family. You will enjoy pulling out your bed from underneath the living area’s storage structure. Its interior is awesomely amazing and you will really experience beautiful home living in this cute tiny abode.

As the kitchen is mostly the busiest area of many homes, it has closets to store your condiments; making it neat and tidy after each food prep. The ceiling has good sized glass windows for daylight. Overall, this chic tiny home is exquisitely designed for extraordinary home living.

However, if you want other astounding designs of tiny homes, feel free to connect with Tiny Heirloom. They customize designs according to individual’s preferences. Most companies provide various packages to choose from but with them, you are given total freedom to bring out your ideas and they will support and guide you on how to actualize your dream tiny home.

The materials that are being used are of good quality and designs are tailored for each home buyer’s inclination. Thus, home dwellers are guaranteed to have a home that’s fantastically stylish.

“Our goal is to create tiny houses that fit the lifestyle and personal necessities of each client,” Tiny Heirloom states. “Each build starts with a blank page ready for innovation and inspiration to create your perfect tiny house.”

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Studio Style Tiny Home Cottage Community

Tiny House June 23, 2016

Studio Style Tiny Home Cottage Community

The first thing that you think about tiny homes is space. Yes, it’s a limited living space. This simply means you will become a minimalist which is great for our planet. Every beautiful thing should always start at home. And the first thing is to de-clutter and keep only what you really need and love. Give all other unnecessary stuff away and live a simple, clutter-free, clean life. It’s probably what quiet joy is all about. Become a minimalist and start enjoying what’s readily available rather than accumulating lots of things that will just complicate your life.

So, here is an adorable studio style tiny home cottage community that you will certainly love.

Our Town Plans designed a 493 sq. ft. studio style cottage with a first floor bedroom. When you enter this cottage, you will see a ground level floor plan. A bedroom, a reading corner, a bathroom and a small pantry are all incorporated in the ground level.

The front area welcomes warmly and as you enter this cute tiny house, you can have a nice reading experience at the corner. Its bedroom is cozy enough to provide you some comfort after a tiring busy day and its kitchenette has built-in cabinets to keep your food condiments.

This is a bungalow-style house that simplifies one’s home living. And because it’s so adorable, you can decorate this cottage with your favorite home ornaments and make it as lovely as you it can be. It’s your cute little home and you don’t have to worry about spending a big amount to decorate. improve and maintain it.

Other things that will draw you to have a studio style cottage are – less tax, low mortgage and much lesser stress which are all present in owning a big house. And if you invest a little for your home, you can use your savings for other important things and even for leisure activities like travel. Spend less for your home and spend more enjoying local and international travel. Keep it simple and gain more experiences in exploring recreational things. So, you got both – a good home and beautiful experiences!

For more information about Our Town Plans’ plans, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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A New Kind of Tiny House Cabin

Tiny House June 23, 2016

Studio Style Tiny Home Cottage Community

After a hard busy day, everyone might want to find solace in a comforting prefab home. It is a space for each individual and an abode for the whole family, and is meant to provide some comfort and a sense of ownership to people buying their first house on a budget. Tiny lovely cabin homes are really charming and many home buyers are considering acquiring one like this micro prefab cabin.

These gorgeous micro homes will certainly amaze you! …

In Lac Supérieur located outside Montreal, the Fraternité-sur-Lac recreational spot is home to a chain of contemporary, prefabricated houses beautifully designed by YH2. YH2 recreated an outdated model and presented series of stunning and elegant tiny cabin homes that are wonderfully delightful.

Another incredible house creation is the “Spahaus” cabin, located in Canada. It has an open-plan living space. The company’s first home archetype is branded as Spahaus. It is designed as nice holiday dwelling. The 21 cabins  are fashioned to make the most of the area’s natural scenery. Thus, the cabins have large windows that allow house dwellers to enjoy a good view of the forest.

House buyers can choose one among the 5 Spahaus models. House sizes range from 1070 square feet to 1420 square feet. The kitchen has gray laminate cupboards and stainless steel countertops.

Dwellers may take the sauna optional feature if they love warm bath. The houses’ interior and exterior follow a regular graphical theme and a cedar and concrete create this visual effect.

The frontage is made up of of bare concrete, Galvalume guttering, and cedar wood covering. The homes are carefully set up to make other assemblies invisible.

Home buyers are practically guaranteed to feel at home in a wonderful tiny cabin home. To see more of YH2 Architecture’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Look How Comfortable this DIY Tiny House Is!

Tiny House June 18, 2016

Look How Comfortable this DIY Tiny House Is!

Look at the way that comfortable-looking bed opens out of those doors that border the interior and exterior space of this tiny house. Even some chainsaw furniture on the porch. This tiny home was built by an artist and his wife and won a “bedroom space award.”

Can you see why? Looking at the way this tiny house harmonizes all the parts that are commonly squeezed (and sometimes appear squeezed) into a small structure. The artist behind this tiny house is Loren Madsen, an installation sculpture artist. You can see his work here (click here).

He and his wife designed and built this tiny home themselves in Laytonville, California on some foresty land.

The tiny house is a 640 square foot modified kit. There are no big extras on this, so its a kind of minimalist house.

Still though it has all the necessities for house living. That bedroom you see in the photo takes up most of the space. But it also has a kitchen and bath. Its also easier nowadays to fit in electronics “basics” like a TV and computer, which have gotten quite a bit more compact in recent years.

And you probably noticed the double-glazed doors on this tiny home. Nicely wood-framed. A simple but effective look, and they open out or look out on a slope of trees and bushes. Sometimes the couple even carries their bed outside and sits it on that porch you see, which is just big enough.

The construction of this tiny house — as I said undertaken by Loren and his wife themselves — is a basic 2×4 framed bedroom, which is added to the other area.

tiny house (2)

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Tiny Home in the Backyard

Tiny House June 18, 2016

Tiny Home in the Backyard

Making good use of corrugated metal sheets and large windows, this couple built a modular tiny house structure in their back yard. Why? That’s one of the interesting things about what they did. They wanted to add space to their house — in this case the reason was they wanted more room for office / work space but I’m pretty sure prefab and modular house enthusiasts out there will also see the potential as a standalone small house or guest house — so, instead of building onto their place and changing the footprint, they built this modular unit in their back yard.

First I want to take a look at the basic design and building features, because that’s what most prefab / modular home shoppers will maybe be most interested in, nomatter where they buy their structure from. The use of corrugated metal sheets here is pretty good. It looks like a material made for stylish siding when it’s used this way. They also have large windows, a front porch, a metal stairway that is attached to the porch railing, and, of course, its raised off the ground.

Now I’m not sure how many of you prefab enthusiasts out there immediately looked at that raised structure to see what kind of room there was under it for easy lawn-mowing, but I’m going to guess around half of you at least. It doesn’t look too bad for mowing.

Dimension-wise, this tiny house structure has a 16X20 interior. The deck is another 16X8 feet. The structure is a 320 square foot one.

Some of you might be thinking, “Why not use that space underneath”? Unless its situated somewhere where builders must raise their structures up for flooding reasons, that space under the tiny house could be used either as a recreation area (if they lifted the structure up higher) or a parking area, or they could build the structure lower (even adding a second story). Even from an economic perspective, this consideration might make sense to most prefab or modular home builders. Because the value of this structure if it was 7 feet up off the ground instead of 4 would be increased.

If you were wanting to put a living area in on the first floor in a flood area (where you might be considering an elevated prefab that looks like this one), you might want to know that you can’t actually have what building codes consider “living spaces” there, but you can have recreation rooms, outdoor kitchens, hammock areas (instead of bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms).

To see more from Asul, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

tiny house

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Tiny Self-Sufficient House Operates Off-Grid Anywhere

Tiny House June 9, 2016

Tiny Self-Sufficient House Operates Off-Grid Anywhere

Having a mobile micro prefab home allows you to live off-the-grid wherever you want. How exciting it is to be free from limits and be able to move anywhere… from a warm sandy beach to a cool hilly spot or you can even take it to a rooftop … anywhere a tiny home will fit. Your spot choices are really countless as your portable dwelling can be easily moved. This is one thing mobile prefab homes provide – unlimited adventure!

Chamfer Home is a tiny prefab house that is ecologically-crafted by a company called S-Archetype. They provide one of a kind creative approach together with thorough consideration of modern design challenges.

A sustainable tiny shelter like Chamfer Home is perfectly designed for contemporary wanderers. The distinctive design of this micro-home prefab is indeed homey for its stylish layout has an open concept communal space that allows natural light to illuminate the house. Dwellers can also take pleasure in good views of the landscape.

The interiors of this charming dwelling are glossy and it has good sized glass windows, glowing colors of plastic panels of its inner walls plus elegant furniture that makes it very appealing.

Moreover, this self-sufficient micro-house prefab has an energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, fresh air ventilation, solar accumulators for its hot water reservoir and enameled windows. All these are design features common to many prefab and modular home designs now.

Exquisitely designed with sustainable materials, this environment-friendly prefabricated dwelling is both classy and purposeful. It boosts every serviceable area and provides facilities of standard houses such as an operational kitchen and a decent washroom.

Truly, this tiny prefab portable eco-shelter is a delightful concept that is meant to bring cozy feel for modern nomads. For more interesting prefab home companies, find them at Building Homes and Living

chamfer house

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