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A Tiny House Built Using Pallets

Tiny House May 14, 2016

A Tiny House Built Using Pallets

Yes, this tiny house was made using a lot of wood pallets. And yes, pallet-based construction is a way to save money when building, so long as it suits what you want to build.

This tiny house — its actually a trailer as well, as you can probably see from the image above — was designed and built by architectural intern Macy Miller.

It’s a 192 square foot house set up in Boise, Idaho. The siding is where the wood pallets come in.

That’s where another aspect of eco-friendly tiny house building comes in, as well. Repurposed building materials is one of the basics of this particular movement, when it comes to prefab houses, modular buildings, and tiny houses like this one.

Miller started building her 196 square foot tiny home in 2011, and she moved into it with her boyfriend and their children.

Besides the wood siding, possibly the most noticeable feature of this modular prefab house — she built it on another site and moved it to this foresty location on a trailer bed — is that porch, which, combined with the single-pitched roof, gives the otherwise square prefab home structure its individual look.

While Miller is herself an architect, these things aren’t that difficult to build, and a huge variety of prefab home building plans are available for them all over the internet. To see more of Miller’s work, click here.

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Tiny House is a Cabin That Doesn’t Even Disturb the Forest Floor

Tiny House May 2, 2016

Tiny House is a Cabin That Doesn’t Even Disturb the Forest Floor

This tiny house is an eco-cabin of glass. It has a funny name, but it was designed for a serious purpose.

It’s called Sneeoosh Cabin, and the tiny home is designed by ZeroPlus Architects. And due to environmental concerns, it is designed to have as small an impact on its surroundings as possible.

You see it’s nestled into the forest of Puget Sound in Washington State. The tiny house sits on stilts above the ground.

That way, shrubs and other plants can still grow underneith the tiny home structure. The design team came up with the plan working with an arborist. Not only the trees already growing underneigth, but even the roots structures were things the designers didn’t want to distrub.

The stilts of the tiny house stand on concrete disks, desinged to be minimally intrusive on the forest.

The sleeping area in this glass tiny cabin is above the main level. It’s darker than the rest of the house, and was inspired by tent camping. The downstairs is the public living space, and the windows around it provide an open sense.

Construction was based on prefabricated, lightweight steel. Tension plays a significant part in the way the tiny house is supported. The roof is constructed of prefab sips — insulation and protection from the elements with relatively little weight. See more of ZeroPlus’s tiny home and prefab home designs by visiting our directory (click here).

zeroplus tiny cabin sneeosh

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How a 16-Year-Old Builds a Tiny Home

Tiny House May 2, 2016

All of you out there following the news on prefab and modular homes, tiny homes, and other less expensive solutions to building a dwelling, how many of you have heard of Austin Hay, a 16-year-old student in Sonoma County, California when he built a tiny home on wheels.

“It began as an idea, and then my high school had a project where you got to research a project, anything you wanted,” so Austin decided to do his project on his already-underway DIY tiny home project.

The youth did the whole thing himself, framing it, putting the roof on. Later on, he put the windows and door in. He also did a significant amount of interior work on the tiny house — including shelves where he could put his personal effects.

He framed cabinets for the kitchen / dining area, closets for the bedroom, and drawers.

The tiny home also has a DIY sofa-bed, a decent-sized shower (not quite full-sized, but big enough), and a toilet (the toilet is a composting one).

The plans for Austin’s tiny home were donated by Four Lights Tiny House Company’s Jay Shafer.

The tiny house was started when Austin was a sophomore, and he completed it in his senior year.

To visit Four Lights Tiny House Company, click here.

tiny home austin (1)

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Summer Home Design

Tiny House February 24, 2016

Summer Home Design

This summer house is a small, simple piece of architecture designed by Christensen & Co. Even though we’ve been looking a lot at prefabricated houses, this might be an option for the same people who are now considering prefab.

Because its small and simple — a timber-frame structure with one floor and a single pitched roof — the price would be comparable to a prefab home. The only thing is that this house isn’t on wheels, so you’d have to look at putting it down as a regular house, not as a mobile home like a lot of prefab house buyers do.

Christensen & Co are a Danish architecture team, and they do a lot of larger buildings, but this little summer cottage or summer home even (if you’re a small family) has been getting attention recently.

There might be some extra cost in this construction because of the large amount of glass, which costs to buy, and then costs because it lets heat out more than walls. Some people also prefer the security of having walls instead of windows, but to change the house plans for that wouldn’t take much.

This house looks like it has a nice harmonization of the main feauters — the single-pitch roof, the flat walls, the long patio platform, the simple staircases around the patio.

It has a basic painted wood interior, and they’ve left the 2X4 frame bare where the windows are.

It also has a small wood stove that would provide some heat and let you boil water for tea or coffee any time. This might be even better than a prefab because of the lightness of the construction — most prefab houses have a fairly sturdy, clunky look. However, this particular building was designed by the Danish team to be a summer home.

Summer Home Design (1)

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Containers: Impressive Micro House Materials

Tiny House January 11, 2016

Kansas City Based Company Proves That Containers Are Impressive Micro House Materials

This is a custom container house built to the tiny home size of just 312 square feet! Of course, the details, and the amenities make the difference between just a small box and a livable tiny home.

The exterior of this tiny home has a blue siding cladding, combined with barn wood, which offsets the Frech doors. It also has a large covered deck for relaxation and outdoor entertainment.

From the photos, you can see there is room in this tiny home for a full sized bed. The price for this unit is around $47K.

Find more from Custom Container Living, and the metal and steel design and build companies we’ve indexed in our Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can search the company’s name and look builders near your area. And to see more shipping container and other container homes, click here.

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