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What Is A Container Home? All About the Shipping Container House

Shipping Container Buildings, Uncategorized October 1, 2016

What Is A Container Home? All About the Shipping Container House

What does it take to build a shipping container house?

Building a container house may seem simple. Just connect two, three or however many used containers in a house. The final cost of the container house includes more than just a couple shipping containers, though, because naturally you need to arrange the containers and building site, and outfit the building for living.

The price of the package is important. But the price of the what’s in the shipping home is also important: doors, fittings, finishes, heating …

NOTE: There are photos to illustrate the sizes of these containers and the types of homes at the bottom of the article. It might be best to go down there and look through them first, so you can know what’s being explained. You can also refer to the images as you go along.


To build a house you need a container or multiple containers. They come both new or used. A container can be purchased from your dealer. Suppliers are often in large commercial ports.
40 foot container: A container costs between $2200 and $3300 US.

It takes one or two containers to build up a cabin or a small house. The shipping containers come painted. Transportation and installation of the package has an additional price. An old container can cost much less, but you have to buy a waterproof container, so make sure it meets that requirement.

The price of the container also depends on the manufacture, and on the quantity purchased. The price to buy 1 or 10 containers is not the same.  For a good price, the used container is a better deal. The best solution is to go to a port or containers are numerous and where providers are also numerous.

Shipping containers are closed metal boxes, and there are different sizes of containers, but 40 meters is the largest and most widely used construction container. This container produces mainly cube-shaped houses. These houses can be considered a byproduct of the industrial international transport to a degree, and are environmentally friendly in the sense that they re-use what is otherwise no longer needed.

20 foot container dimensions: Length : 6.058mm Width : 2.438mm Length: 2.591mm. Internal dimensions Length : 5.910mm Width : 2.340mm Length: 2.388mm. Opening Width : 2.346mm Length: 2.282mm cubing : 33,2m. Maximum weight : 24.000kg Tara : 2.080kg Load 21.920kg.

40 foot container dimensions Length: 12.192mm Width : 2.438mm Length: 2.591mm. Internal dimensions Length : 12.044mm Width : 2.342mm Length: 2.380mm. Opening Width : 2.337mm Length: 2.280mm Takeoff : 67.6 m. Maximum weight : 30.480kg Tara : 3.550kg Load 26.930kg.

sea-shipping-container-40-feet 20-foot-container

Location considerations: In a hot climate beach-side location, like the interesting tiny house in Sri Lankan (photo below), a shipping container house can be built with materials on and around the site, including a few domestic containers and deconstructed remains of old wooden boxes from weapons. This container house was built with a single container. The waterfront home is located right on the beach, and you can see how well suited it would be considering the heat of the country and the breeze coming from the open water.

sri-lanka sri-lanka-3

Construction container is trendy, it’s increasing in the world for both emergency shelters and for for modern and contemporary construction.

This house is not a house in France. The orange is a popular color for containers! This modern home has been designed with just shipping boxes. The modular boxes are assembled by connecting two under a single roof. All overlooking a bay window instead of a wall. The industrial style is real, but it is a special home because of its unique design.

Shipping container houses shipping-container-houses-3

Here is a small house project container with solar panels for home energy. The possibilities are endless with containers and multiple projects are possible.


Because this building style is a growing trend, architects around the world are working on these concept homes. Some are covered with wood, so they do not appear to be made with metal once they’re finished.

As some might guess, the container house is also popular where labor is cheaper and where people have less money, such as China. In fact, China ships shipping container homes around the world, competing with American, European and other companies.

Why build a house with containers?

The first is probably price. Even if you can’t afford to build a wooden house from a builder, you may have enough to be able to afford a shipping container design.

Also, if you want to save money by building the house yourself, you might not have the experience for framing with wood.

Container houses are strong.

A container is a very sturdy structure. They are stacked 8 levels on top of each other, filled with a maximum load 26.5T. A container can carry 213T. So stacking for houses is something the shipping container is capable of. However, attention has to be paid how they are stacked.

They’re also suitable for any size of house – small or large – and any type – for example, single dwelling or large apartment complex. They can also be added on to or split up to modify the building design.

See our list of shipping container homes and designs we’ve featured here. See our directory of shipping container homes for more information about them. Gallery of examples:

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These Houses Are Actually Inexpensive Barn Sheds

Uncategorized October 1, 2016

These Houses Actually Inexpensive Barn Sheds

These barn homes can be cabins, storage, two-story horse barn, or small house structures, and they are the work of a company that builds both small and large stuctures. These barn homes are actually their “large buildings.”

They focus on high-quality, reasonably price buildings that meet the needs of their customers. And they can provide pretty much any size of building you could ask for. Their standard building sizes for these kit homes are 16X24 and 24X44, but they also have larger sizes such as 30X60. And since we’re looking at the barn home versions, their barn style buildings come standard with a full second floor complete with a stairway.

The second story and stairway is made possible by the barn house’s gambrel roof. This second floor basically doubles the useable floor space of the building, because the second story is also around the same height as a regular house’s ceiling.

They build these kit homes and barns to the specifications required by their customers, and their trained staff helps buyers figure out their needs and design a building. They’re called Outdoor Showcase. They take their time to help people meet their needs. They know that these buildings can be needed for animals or heavy machinery, and might have a dirt or gravel floor in those cases, and they use a pole foundation base to meet this particular need. The pole foundation is made of 4 X 6 treated posts burried with concrete over 3 feet under the ground, and connected using tongue and groove band boards. This durable foundation is finished by bolting double treated headers and capped with a 2 X 5 treated top plate. The pole foundation walls serve as the forms for the concrete, thus saving labor, materials, and expensive footer costs.


  • 16’x20′ through 30’x60′
  • Many used as cabins.
  • Pole/Post & Beam foundations available.
  • Built only. (Ask for information).

Kits Available

  • Shingles, nails, & hardware included.
  • Lumber is 80%-90% pre-cut
  • Doors are pre-built
  • Load list, simle drawings
  • Detailed VHS tape instructions.
  • Hand Stacked on driveway or in garage.

Options Available

  • Ventilation
  • Lofts and Shelves
  • Ramps
  • Windows
  • Taller Sidewalls
  • Pressure Treated Floors
  • Wider Super Doors

Red kit house image featured: 16×24 Barn Shed: 16×24 Two-story barn/shed with full second story, full front porch, and steel roof. For more about Outdoor Showcase’s work, find them in our barn home and kit homes directory. Gallery of their work here.

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256 sq ft Tiny Homes from $4995

Uncategorized September 26, 2016

256 sq ft Tiny Homes from $4995

I’ve always been partial to this style of small house design, where there are strange angles on the face of the building. It always reminds me of cabins in small lakeside communities, and I even like to see them in the middle of the city. Maybe you like the traditional square cabins better, and we have lots of those, too, but for those who want to consider building something small in this design, this one is definitely an inexpensive tiny home option at under $4995 (as a starting price; I’m sure I don’t need to tell you a starting price is never a finished price).

It’s by CSC, a company we’ve been looking at lately for their steel building kit homes. Actually, this one is designed to be a tiny home on wheels (although I’m sure that’s not necessary), which is nice if you want to build that way and keep it mobile. We’re looking at one of the tiniest tiny home they have here, for a low price, but they also have a very similar one, half as wide, for $4500. From the builders:

Tiny House 256 Sq.Ft.


Tiny House Kit – All Steel Framing, Roofing, And Siding
Roofing and Siding are Pre-Painted -See Color Chart
All parts are Pre-Cut and Pre-Punched
Designed to be built on a concrete slab
The plans and foundation design are prepared and stamped by a Professional Engineer licensed in your state.
All framed openings are included
Framing is 2′-0″ O.C. for easy attachment of interior finishing material
Shipping Weight is 2900 lbs. Size is 4’W X 4’H X 14’L
Building Specifications

Width: 8′ – 0″
Length: 16′ – 0″ Eave Height: 8′ – 0″
Roof Pitch: Single Slope 6:12
# Sidewall Bays: 1
# Endwall Bays: 1
Lean-to Details:

Span: 8′ – 0″
Bays: 1 Drop: 3′ – 0″
Roof Pitch: 2:12 Eave Height: 7′ – 8″
Sheeting and Trim Details:

Framed Openings

(8) Eight – Window
(1) One – Personnel Door

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This Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Buildings, Uncategorized September 20, 2016

Shipping Container Home

This simple but eye-catching shipping container home is one you might have seen before, but never known anything about. Yes, it is as simple as it looks. It’s basically a single shipping container set up on three concrete pillars. It also includes a patio that sticks out at the second-story elevation of the entire structure (see photo for patio).

Is this something you can build? Yes, and it is a prime example of what can be done with a single shipping container house. Shipping containers can cost around $2,000 to $5,000 and you can get them standard in many sizes, but generally up to 45 feet long at the larger end. The one in the picture is 4 meters wide and comes in 7 to 15 meter lengths. What some companies do with shipping containers is disguise them, forming modern or rustic looking houses that just happen to have the inexpensive durability of shipping containers. What other designers do is use the aesthetic of the shipping container itself in the overall design of the house.

This particular shipping container home by Espace is a modern design (as you can tell from the photos), and it used complete modules as well as some wood for the interior. When these were built, they were priced at between 55,000 and 95,000 Euros, but they don’t seem to be built anymore by the company Espace, the website of which is no longer functioning. Doesn’t matter for us though, because we get to see their interesting shipping container design and we can use it for our own modular, prefab, whatever home design plans.

In case you’re wondering about entry for this shipping container prefab house, it’s on the other side, and you can see the walkway to the door is also elevated, like a small bridge to the house. The back of the house is finished in wood paneling, while the front with its expansive view (in this case) is completely glazed. For locate Espace (Austrian company), find them in our directory of prefab homes.

This Shipping Container Home

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5 Useful Plastic Bottle Hacks

Uncategorized September 18, 2016

5 Useful Plastic Bottle Hacks

Plastic bottle DIYs are something that can come in handy almost anywhere, anytime, because plastic bottles are pretty much ubiquitous with modern life. Reports have it you can even find plastic bottles on desert islands, having washed ashore after being dispensed from some soda machine or convenience store.

These 5 DIY hacks are part of Brightside’s 5-minute crafts.

1) Squeeze bottle. If you thought squeeze bottles were a special kind of bottle you had to buy, you’ve got news coming to you. Heat up the lid of a pop bottle with a lighter or candle, push a nib into it with a wooden stick, and cut the end off. Then re-affix it to the bottle, filled with whatever you want to dispense.

2) Holder for pens or make-up. Using a hot iron, you can smooth out the sharp edge of a bottle cut in half.

3) Actually #3 was kind of not that valuable, so we’ll skip it.

4) Dispenser for crystals, powder, etc in a bag: cut the top section off a bottle, remove the cap. Then feed the plastic bag’s open end through the cut off part. When you put the lid on again, it will hold the bag in place. You can either cut a hole in the lid or not.

5) Controlled-water plant holder. You can see from the diagram, one bottle is put into another. And that inverted bottle has a cord of cloth (tied in a knot on the top side so it doesn’t fall through), falls into the water held in the bottle used as a stand.

For more from Brightside, visit them (click here).

5 Useful Plastic Bottle Hacks

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Hello world!

Uncategorized August 26, 2016

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Building Homes and Living Website Information

Uncategorized July 30, 2016

Tags for Interior Design:

  • Tables
  • Shelves
  • Windows
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Vases
  • Stairways
  • Pet Stuff
  • DIY Projects

Add your own if you’re sure they’re appropriate. Otherwise, ask first.

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Bike Lights: $8 that could save your life

Uncategorized May 18, 2016

Bike Light

These are laser lights that mark out the area around a cyclist. Any biker knows that there aren’t bike lanes everywhere you ride, and riding at night is even more dangerous than in day. Well, why not mark out your own bike lanes?

Description of these safety bike lights:

“This little laser beam tail light will ensure your safety while riding in the darkness.  Features 3 LEDs and 2 laser bulbs-the LED and the laser work independently. There are three modes of the LEDs: Slow Strobe/Fast Strobe/Normal.

“Powered by two AAA batteries (not included). The working time depends on the batteries employed: with two 900 mAh batteries it can generate the laser beam for 8 to 9 hours. This safety light can be mounted on 16-36mm seatpost. The length and position of the laser beam varies with the angle you mount the lamp.

Package Includes:
– 1 x Rear Light
– 1 x Mount
– 2 x Rubber Pads
– 2 x Batteries

lease Note: Avoid eye contact and keep away from children.

They’re not expensive, either: About $8 or so dollars on Amazon: Bike Laser Tail Light.

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Key-Sized Super-Handy Multi-Purpose Tool

Uncategorized May 18, 2016

Super-Handy Multi-Purpose Tool

It’s only the size of a key, and it does pretty much everything you could expect it to do. They’ve packed a ton of features into this little multi-purpose handyman tool, which can be strong on a keychain and carried everywhere.

“Maximize your everyday carry without adding bulk with The MSTR KEY! The MSTR Key is a beautifully crafted multi-tool that’s the same size as a common house key, fits on all the same key rings, and conveniently features 20 practical tools you might need in a pinch! From poppin’ bottles and tightening screws, to stripping wires and turning nuts, this handy gadget has you covered and is an essential for anyone who leaves their house daily without their tool box.”

  • 20+ Practical uses (Listed Below)
  • Same size as a traditional house key
  • Fits on all the same key rings/holders as a traditional house key
  • All edges are safe to the touch and won’t damage pockets

Tech Specs

  • CNC Machined 304 Stainless Steel
  • Double-Edge Ground Knife Blade
  • Electrochemical Polish Finish
  • Dimensions: 2.1″ (5.3cm) x 1.07″ (2.7cm) x .10″ (.25cm)
  • Weight: .5 oz.Tools:
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • #2 Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Large Flat Head Screwdriver
  • 1/4″ Bit Holder
  • 1/4″ Hex Wrench
  • 3/8″ Hex Wrench
  • 5/16″ Hex Wrench
  • Bottle Opener
  • Box Opener
  • Pill Splitter
  • Wire Stripper
  • Line Cutter
  • Pry Bar
  • Mini Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Zip Tie Release
  • Staple Remover
  • Can Tab Popper
  • Lucky Lotto Scratcher
  • Paint Lid Closer
  • Bicycle Spoke Wrench

These things cost around $30 right now on Amazon, although there are quite a few different types available. To see that stuff, click here: MSTR KEY.

Gallery of images of the various tools they have:

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Shopping Stuff

Uncategorized May 18, 2016

On this page, we have indexed some of the things we’ve shared in our posts, which people have now and then asked about (there are also things on here we just like ourselves and no one might have asked about them!).

If you have any interesting products you want to list (don’t have to be yours: all we do here is just share things we think people will like), you can put them in the comments below, and once in a while we’ll check there and update this page, and maybe even do a write up for the stuff you guys suggest.

NOTE: First thing to note is that we buy most of our online stuff from Amazon and of course we have an Amazon Prime membership, which you can buy yearly, but also you can try monthly and get the savings that way. Prime is a deal Amazon offers where you pay them a certain amount (by the month or year) and then you get better prices (mostly because you don’t pay ANY shipping or ANY customs (no unexpected extra amounts at all) when you buy things with the “Prime” sticker on their website (lots of stuff – almost everything we have bought), and not only that, but stuff that’s marked Prime arrives in like 2 days most of the time. It just arrives at your doorstop or post office. We’ve bought about 50 things from Amazon over the past year, from small to big, including electronics, crafts, tools, sound equipment, books, stands – pretty much every type of thing, and haven’t had any real problems. If anything isn’t to your liking, with Prime you just take the package to the post office again and say you’re sending it back, and the post office just takes it back. Almost all stores will then just issue a refund (you don’t pay return shipping or anything) when they get it back, in order to maintain their good store status on Amazon’s website. We can fully recommend Amazon Prime in 2017 (at the time of writing this little “store.”)

To get Prime (or just learn more about it), click here: Prime Discounted Monthly Offering.

They also have an offer where you can try Prime free (yes, the 2-day free shipping part is included).

That’s the first box below. Then there are 2 other things we thought we’d share, which are free things. We’re curious about Amazon’s efforts in “Unlimited Music,” and they’re offering 30-days free use, as well as a 30-day free “Kindle Unlimited” offer for eBook reading:


Ok, so now let’s start our “store” — really, just things we find now and then that are interesting and can be bought online (mostly on Amazon, but not just):


Interesting things (click the pictures to make them bigger):
Truck pools:

On Fancy.com
On Amazon: Tarps (not pools, but for people on a budget and DIYers): 
Waterproof tarp 
(NOTE: tarp-to-pickup size charts might be useful in this)
Swurfer swing:

On Amazon: Swurfer
Trampoline tents:
Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping
Several types of these on Amazon: Buying trampoline tents
Portable Bunkbeds:
Portable Bunkbeds
On Amazon: Disc-o-bed


These can burn pine cones and small pieces of wood and provide free heat for a house, tent, or other building. Read about them here. Click here if you want to search for Vescovi stoves. Unfortunately, they aren’t on Amazon yet – they’re European! But if if find them on Amazon we’ll update this.
Click here to search MORE small stoves: Pellet stoves


Standing Exercise Products
To stay a bit healthier when working at a desk.
More exercise ergonomic ideas:

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    How many of you have looked into these Quonset building kit homes? First thing you might notice is that there are a couple of standard types, based mostly on the roof. These are P and S styles. According to SteelMaster, “Quonset homes are becoming more and more popular with the DIY crowd; they can be […]

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