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Buying Pellet Stoves and other Small Stoves

Furniture and Furnishings May 18, 2016

You can burn pine cones in heaters like these

Anything we list here we’ve already shopped around Amazon for to find the best deals. We look for them as if we were shopping for ourselves. When there’s a few different types, we find the best price for each type.

We have no problem recommending Amazon because we’ve so far found Amazon to be be pretty convenient and easy to deal with (I’ve received probably 20 Amazon parcels in the past 6 months, so far without any problem).

Here’s a gallery of pictures of these things, in case you missed our ariticle:

As you probably know from our website, we mostly share buildings, DIY projects, RVs and things. We’re not a store, lol! But we’ve had people wanting more info on the few products we have shared, so we put this together to assist those guys.

The prices shown here are updated by Amazon automatically, so you can just click on any of these to go to its page on Amazon. Also, underneath the pictures there is a link where you can continue to search if you didn’t see something you liked.

Click here if you want to search for Vescovi stoves. Unfortunately, they aren’t on Amazon yet –
they’re European! But if if find them on Amazon we’ll update this.
Click here to search more small stoves, but these are the main ones above: pellet stove

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