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The Art of Distressing Furniture: Distress to De-stress

Furniture and Furnishings September 28, 2016

The Art of Distressing Furniture Distress to De-stress

Life can be complicated and messy but distressing furniture is not. Well, it may be a little messy but it is certainly not complicated. If you are new to DIY then this could be a perfect start. If you are more experienced you will appreciate the unique look you can achieve with little effort! First, find an old and tired piece of furniture that needs a new, fresh look. Some of you may already have one in your home and others may need to search elsewhere. I always recommend looking at discounted places such as thrift stores and consignment warehouses. There is something about finding the right piece and the right price that makes it all worthwhile! Plus, this will help keep costs minimal for the project. Next, make sure you have a paint brush with firm bristles, paint with a matte finish, and sand paper. You can find all of these items at your local craft store.

My project started with the search for the perfect farmhouse chairs to complete my kitchen table. I averaged about $35.00 dollars a chair and found them separately at different consignment warehouses. I wanted the chairs the mimic each other in style but not match as a set would. I went home with two wooden cross back chairs. My first step was to sand the chairs. This is a quick step because it does not need to be thorough. You only need to scratch the surface enough to tear the finish or stain the wood may already have. If the piece you chose has already been painted you may want to sand more at this step or consider a primer before painting with your color. Your piece will be dusty so clean the dust off with a dry rag or paper towel.

Now you are ready to paint! For my project I chose the River Rock and Charcoal Martha Stewart vintage décor craft paints sold at Michaels. I wanted my colors to be complimentary not matching. When choosing your paint make sure to find a matte or chalk like finish. Now, turn up the music or your current Netflix show and get to work! Cover your piece in one to two coats of paint depending on coverage. Do not concern yourself with proper brush strokes. This piece is not meant to look pristine. Once you are done let your paint dry overnight before sanding the edges.

Distressing is easy and when your paint has dried, you are ready to get started. Take sand paper and sand the edges of your piece. You can do this as little or as much as you would like. I chose to do it just enough that the wood came through in various spots. Then I lightly sanded the seat of the chair to give the paint a worn look, but not enough to expose the wood.

When you have finished dust off your piece and put it on display!

By Alison LaPaglia

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