Unique Rustic Deck Chairs

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Hello modular home builders (and those interested in learning more about prefab houses). We recently took a look at a company called BIO architects who had made a nice wooden-finish rustic style prefab cabin / home, and when we were looking at their portfolio, we noticed these deckchairs and wanted to see what you think of them (let us know on the Facebook post if you like them or if you want us to find more wooden patio chair styles for you).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this style of deck chair before, although it might just be because I’m not from Russia (the prefab company is). However, even if you’re not interested in importing them from that far (although maybe you are (click here for our article on their prefab house and it has a link to their website (not in English, though).

They actually had two interesting styles of wooden deck chairs they were marketing alongside their modular home plans (and builds). There’s the one above (with the angular lines) and then the other one (photo down below) composed of slats of lumber four ply deep sitting atop a metal frame.

Whether or not they’re for you, these deck chairs would probably make good conversation starters on your modular home or cabin deck — especially if you wanted to talk about Eastern Europe!

If enough people are really interested in these chairs, we can find similar plans to make them and put together a DIY article for them. Comment on the Facebook post.