River Boat Vacations

River Boat Vacations

Another way explore the world of long-term boating is to take a river cruise. There are trips available worldwide, to such locations as the Canadian Maritimes, Belize, Cuba, Japan, and Spain. There are also thematic cruises such as the Viking River Cruise, and historical cruises through some of the famous waterways in the Southern United States.

Since river boats need to be able to navigate rivers (some of which can be quite small), the amount of people on board is limited. This would make a great trip for an extended family (there are typically around half a dozen cabins), or a group of friends. There are stops along the way, depending on which river boat vacation you choose, and often you’ll be able to catch the scenery and important landmarks from deck.

Most trips last between 5-12 days, with a starting price of around $2,500.00. Due to limited space, you’ll want to purchase your tickets as early as possible and confirm to ensure your spot(s). You may also want to invest in dramamine, in case someone in your party gets nauseous as the boat rocks.

Does this option sound like a perfect opportunity to experiment with living aboard a boat? You can start looking at vacations by checking out USA River Cruises.

However, like houseboat rentals in general, the most we can do is raise awareness about this fun and adventurous pastime, because when you want to go on a trip, we can show you the type of boats you can find, but the companies are the ones specific to your area.

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