Metal Barn House Perfect for a Small Family

Morton Buildings has done it again by creating something rare, what we call a metal barndominium. This very modern yet at the same time traditional building style that incorporates both home and barn is gaining attention these days, because people building houses want the benefits of modern construction as well as the comforts of a more traditional, or even rustic, home environment. For those who desire to live outside the busy environment of the city, this special living and working space is ideal.

This metal home design is ideal for family living and socializing with its 5000 sq.ft. of space, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Large families will have plenty of room to make a part of this home something special for them. The fact that it sits near a gorgeous lake adds to the appeal of this metal barndominium. Whether you are a serious farmer or cattleman, or simply a family man who loves to be with family and friends for gatherings, this steel home will satisfy your needs. The scenery alone makes this home worth its price and then some, and anyone who lives here will get the best of a luxurious and spacious interior and a magnificent outdoor scene.

Stats: total 6640 sq. ft (5000 sq.ft. storage space), 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

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