Metal Building Homed Decorated with Simple, Rustic Charm

Metal Building Homed Decorated with Simple, Rustic Charm

Many people think about having a house out on a farm, and some of us already live out on farms and ranches or large pieces of land. Barn houses and metal homes both are seeing something of a surge of interest lately. Metal homes as an alternative building method that allows for inexpensive, strong and durable buildings that can also be reused, recycled or modified later on, and barn homes are a traditional style of building people are liking for their own homes.

Here we have a combination of both, and not only that, they added wood and stone work to create a livable space that might catch some eyes. The metal barn home here is designed and built by a company we’ve featured a number of times here on our site: Morton metal buildings — they do a number of different building types. And the job they’ve carried off here is one that I think will catch a lot of attention.

Some more information about this metal house:

Project Number: B136045562
Location: Tilton, GA
Dimensions:36’W x 12’H x 108’L
This home was built for Leslie of Savannah, GA

Special Features:

Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Alumasteel Sliding Doors
Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package

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