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Modular Lake Home with a Rustic Cabin Look

Modular May 20, 2016

Modular Lake Home with a Rustic Cabin Look

How many of you out there are considering building a prefab house with the traditional style of looks? I mean, there are a lot of modular house plans out there that, when finished, look a lot like traditionally constructed homes. Like this one, a modular lake home with a rustic cabin look put out as a building plan by Excelsior Homes.

They call it the Cedar Ridge, and its a 2 bedroom house (with one bathroom), which has in total over 1,000 square feet. It also has the appearance of a fairly sizable house, if its set up the way they have it in the picture above.

Unlike a lot of the modern-style prefab houses we often feature here, this plan doesn’t have glass around every wall. There are large picture windows in the kitchen, dining and living areas, and there’s that big deck on the one side (this is an add-on, which they expect is something that would be built on-site, not part of the prefab plan).

With the elevation of those large windows and the porch, you might see why the company markets this particular modular house design as a lakefront house. They call it the “Cedar Ridge” plan.

Like many modular and prefab homes, this design can be customized to a certain degree. There are options for the materials used to build the prefab, as well as upgrades. You can select the flooring, cabinets, countertops, exterior finishes, and the backsplash, too.

Other options center around heating, such as whether to have a fireplace put in, or a dishwasher. For more information on Excelsior and their prefab home plans and sales, find them in our directory (click here).

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