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The Versatility of Modular Homes

Modular March 1, 2017

Nowadays homes come in all shapes and sizes. Any style, be it ranch, farmhouse, cottage, cabin, and traditional is seen all over the world. And the materials used now are as varied as the homes themselves. More and more people want cost-effective construction, and more options for additional space if desired. The great popularity of the modular home has increased steadily over the last decades,  and a lot of  people are seeing the modular home as a wonderful alternative to more traditionally built homes. They can be constructed in a matter of days for some of them on a site of your choice. Wake up in the woods, in the countryside, in a more suburban setting, or by the shore. Your modular home can be almost anywhere.

One of the most attractive features of living in a modular home is that new modules can be added to your home at any time if you require more space. This makes them perfect for growing families, or people who enjoy entertaining guests a lot. You can also change the floor plan and layout of rooms in your modular home if you are not satisfied with the way the current configuration works for you. It is really a very creative process and in a way you become the designer of your own home. It is also good to know that the modules themselves are made in a factory and transported to your chosen home site all ready to be put together.

The images below can give you a good idea of the great variety of styles that a modular home can be. All images are courtesy of Pinterest and can be enlarged.


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