Bush House Prefab Design

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Bush House Prefab Design

This prefab home is designed to be part of an outdoors-themed lifestyle, and that might seem fitting, looking at its outdoor setting. It’s designed to be a modular house that gives the impression of camping to some degree, and it uses simple building materials like plywood and concrete to achieve its architectural goals.

Another important point about this prefab house is its use of prefabricated galvanized steel frames. These comprise the main structural support of the building, and are part of the reason the house can be set up in one day.

The prefab house is basically designed as broken in two parts — a social, open area and a private zone. Between the two areas there is a rammed earth wall. This creates a screen between the two sections.

Plywood makes up the finish for the ceilings and some of the walls. The decking is made of recycled jarrah wood (its built in Australia). The heat comes from a wood stove (used more in winter). The floors are concrete, and they are meant to absorb the heat of the sun and stove to store for the night.

How the prefab house will age was also part of the builder’s considerations. The galvanized steel is meant to age and accumulate patina. The steel is left bare on the outside and inside of the structure, therefore.

There are also large steel drums behind the house (on the lower end of the single-pitched roof). These collect rainwater for later use. Another environmental feature is the grey water filtration system (a worm farm) which helps the waste be ready for reintroduction to a garden.

This particular prefab construction is also known for having a small skateboard half pipe in the yard. To see more of Archterra Architects’ work, find them in our prefab home builders directory (click here).