This Company Sells All Kinds of Shipping Containers for Modular Houses

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This Company Sells All Kinds of Shipping Containers for Modular Houses

Looking at the modular home design photo above, you can see that the fact that a person is using shipping containers as the basic building element is pretty much disguised by the finished form of the dwelling so long as an effective job is done in using the shipping containers in a way that they are not prevalent. Of course, some people who build with shipping containers don’t want to hide it at all — some even leave the original metal finish and shipping container paint on the outside of the bins — but there are of course others who do want to disguise their building materials as a regular house.

Another interesting layout is shown in the picture below (click thumbnail to expand) where just two shipping containers are set parallel to each other with metal or timber basic framing, to which is added two floors and three roof elements.

You can see how with modular construction using shipping containers, and by using these elements as part of a harmonious whole, many interesting arrangements can be made.

Likewise, in the image above, the structure is really just four long shipping containers with one side cut out and replaces with glazing, and four short shipping containers above with similar modifications.

After adding a deck fence and a slightly larger roof, the shipping container construction elements are more or less unrecognizable.

These two designs come to us from Lion Containers, a company that specializes in selling shipping containers of a large variety of sizes and types, as well as modular buildings — some are for residential purposes and others are for work situations.

To see more of Lion Construction’s work (they’re a UK company), find them in┬áthe Building Homes and Living┬ádirectory.