This Camper Expands to a Roomy Sleeper

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This Camper Expands to a Roomy Sleeper

How can you drive a small vehicle, but still take a sleeping unit along with you? Well, this is one way right here. It’s a compact RV that mounts to the back of even small cars, and then expands into a sleeper unit when you want to camp. You can take it off your car, too, and leave it perched at your camp site, and drive off.

You can also use it as storage. You can see from some of the pictures, even for people who have a van or something they could potentially sleep in, they opt to use the expandable camper as storage for bikes and things, then they can open it and sleep in it.

It’s called the “Hitch Hotel” and so far they’re in their fundraising stage (kickstarter if you’re interested). We’ve also indexed them in the Vehicles and RVs directory for when they get going as a business.

How would this unit be for your next camping or RVing trip, and how does it stack up to other small trailer campers you’ve seen? This one is definitely a compact version, and would not be difficult to find a space to store it in a garage or shed, that’s for sure.