A Shipping Container House Project called Containerlove

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A Shipping Container House Project called Containerlove

This shipping container house project, called Containerlove, was completed by LHVH Architekten. It’s an example of what you can build with two shipping containers and a bit of land.

After a phase of production and planning, considering just how the used shipping container could be adapted to the needs of the residential setting, which took about a month, the containers were delivered and assembled.

The owners then were able to move in on the first day!

This is one of the great advantages of building with containers: agility. Also, since the container is already formed, you already have a roof and four walls. It’s a safe, secure shelter even without anything done to it.

The corner created by putting two containers together makes a particularly roomy section of the shipping container house layout (compare the photos of the layout and the airy interior).

With a shorter work phase, as well as making it easier not haveing to rent a temporary residence or coordinate with moving out of a house you sell, your pocketbook and the environment will thank you. Photos: Tomas Riehle. For more of LHVH’s work, find them in our directory.