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How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Buildings September 26, 2017

Shipping containers are becoming hugely popular as items used for building cool and unique homes. However, there are important things you should know before embarking on such a project. Though it is exciting to build your own home, just as with any type of house, there are specific instructions that need to be followed. Before you make your final decision, here are some instructions you should follow to guarantee that your shipping container home is built with the sturdy foundation and quality you are seeking.

How to Build a Container Home:

Step 1

Design your home, either alone, if you have your own detailied ideas or hire a home designer to help put your thoughts on paper for the engineers. This is of course, for those who will not be doing this as a DIY project on their own.

Step 2

A consultation with an engineer is not a bad idea. It is wise to at least have someone experienced look at your plans and design to see if it will really work in the real world. Often our imaginations can outdo reality. So find an engineer and show them your plans.

Step 3

Purchase your containers. This is the beginning of the whole project. You can’t begin building your home without the right containers. Choosing the right containers is up to you or you can take along a consultant if you’d like. They will be able to point out any trouble spots.

Step 4

Build the foundation on which your shipping container house will sit. It is also a great idea to take a consultant with you if you are choosing your own foundation materials. You can simply choose your material and then have an engineer approve them. One thing you want is a safe and sturdy foundation.

Step 5

You need to know, from your original plans, how you want your containers placed. This ultimately becomes the design of your shipping container home.

Step 6

Containers are connected together in various ways. Here is where a consultation with a professional builder would be most useful. You want to make sure that your home lasts as long as you want it to, and that you and your family are safe inside of it. Speak to an engineer about what the best connections from container to container would be.

Step 7

It is best to have an inspection during and at the end of the building process. An inspector can check out anything that may go wrong after the building process.

Step 8

Your roof is the next and last step of the building process. Choose what types of material you would want for a roof. Remember, a roof has to protect you from the weather and anything that may fall upon it. The roof is one of the most important parts of building any home. It needs to be secured and insulated so that your home is warm in the winter, and protected from heavy snow, if you live in those areas.

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