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Spectacular Metal Building Cabana

Metal Buildings January 4, 2016

Spectacular Metal Cabana

Could you live in a metal house if it was by a little lake like this one in the country-side, or would you set up a garage by your pool like this one, or maybe a guest house? This is one of the cabana-purposed metal building houses being made by Morton Steel buildings these days, although these buildings can be adapted to residential, office, garage or whatever purpose — pool house maybe? — when they’re ordered and designed. It caught our attention, so we thought we’d share it.

I’ve never considered building a cabana building, but this design would also make a pretty decent metal building home, I think, or maybe even a stylish garage? Maybe with a guest house floor up top?

There’s lots of pictures of this one!

Some more information about this metal building:

Project Number:B143022978 + B143025182
Location:St. Johns, FL
Dimensions: 40’W x 12’H x 60’L + 24’W x 9’H x 12’L
This hobby garage & cabana was built for Fernando of St. Johns, FL

Special Features:
Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Eyebrow Overhang
Double Dutch Doors
Morton’s Energy Performer insulation Package

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