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Steel Frame Modular Uses Existing Building Components to Save Money

Metal Buildings April 27, 2016

Steel Frame Modular Uses Existing Building Components to Save Money

A big part of the prefab and modular home movement is an interest in using materials that are already being created — never mind the building block of prefab, the shipping container — and pursuing steel structures is another part.

This one is called the “Eco-Shell,” and its a multi-use building system designed by Michael Jantzen. It uses existing agricultural components, assembled to create a modular house that is energy efficient and sustainable.

It also forms an interior space quite different from most boxy modular homes. Look at that photo above. Can you imagine what the interior would look like?

The interior photo is at the bottom of this page, by the way. The furthest-most sides of the modular structure are paned with radiating glass, and between all the variously sized semi-cylinders, there are more panes of glass. The interior of this particular one envisioned by Jantzen is quite roomy. Maybe more of a modular house for warmer locations.

Recycled steel is used to build these steel modular buildings. The steel arches — often used to store equipment — are bolted together. The joints of this steel prefab can be up to 100 feet. And the total length of the building can be practically any length.

One plus of this prefab building style is the parts require no further support structures — they’re already strong because of the corrugated steel. To see more of Jantzen’s work, see our directory.

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