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How About This Cabin? Family Lakeside Getaway

Cabins July 1, 2016

What if you have a modular cabin house that provides not only a space to live but a place for relaxation and comfort in a natural recreational setting? It must be perfect! With this kind of modular building, you will create bountiful happy memories with your loved ones each passing day. Your guests will also be fascinated with your incredible prefab abode. What a beautiful sweet modular home!

A family matron counted on a good architect, a creative interior designer, a reputable builder, and an experienced landscape architect to actualize her idea for a pocket-sized, discreet lakeside hideaway prefab.

The couple, Sandy and Dudley Youman, acquired the narrow Lake Austin waterside in 1970’s. This property has 5 heavily wooded lands with 120 feet of lake frontage. Actually, for many years the buildings constructed on this property were only a run-down cottage and a vessel dock. But a thought came in to Sandy and she sought for a modest family-style change room that is wedded to the land. An Austin architect Jared Haas of Un.Box Studio designed the house. Amazingly, the outcome is a humble micro house that packs manifold purposes and her 5 grandchildren fit into a one room of a 480-square-foot structure.

Initially, Dudley yearned for prefab but architect Haas persuaded them that it is better to build it on the area for the steep land has challenging access points that off-site construction is nearly impossible. Haas also pointed out that they spent one whole year to design the shell and it was a big project that required them to have a strong team work. The collaboration comprises a great interior designer, Herb Schoening, a reputable landscape architect, Tait Moring, and a reliable contractor, the True Build.

This beautiful lakeside house is remarkably magnificent and property owners Dudley and Sandy Youman had a taskforce of watercraft to provide entertainment both for their children and grandchildren. Indeed, modular houses have something incredible to offer that they always end up to be delightful. To see more of Un.Box Studio’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

How About This Cabin Family Lakeside Getaway

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Net-zero Arc Prefab House

Prefab June 25, 2016

Net-zero Arc Prefab House

Prefab ouses that take imaginative approaches to design are irresistibly interesting! The amazingly roomy net-zero Arc House reveals how curves can create an illusionary feel – a small space seems much larger. Innovatively and creatively designed by a group effort involving Green Builder Media, Shelter Dynamics, Kitcheneering, and Align3D, this prefab house is a good blend of the frugality and minimalism of micro house living with revolutionary structure science.

This fabulous Arc House ranges from 400 to 500 square feet. It is a good size for starting families and is designed for those who consider the importance of flexibility and affordability. It abides by California’s factory prefabricated codes. This house has all the facilities of standard-sized homes. It’s self-contained and compact; the house incorporates some sustainable essentials into a single set.

This micro home is off-the-grid; it is a solar-powered abode with advanced protection and energy storage capacity. It has a great purposeful kitchen and a sleeping quarter with a walk-in closet. Thus, Arc Home features both function and aesthetics that home buyers are yearning for. Also its amazing shape is absolutely catchy and provides a spectacular artistic view.

The founder of Shelter Dynamics, Jim Gregory said that Arc House is a lovely house design which helped them in demonstrating proficient means to build homes that are sustainable and meets the standard of a regular home within an affordable budget. To see more of Shelter Dynamics’ work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Inexpensive Concrete Modular Homes

Modular June 23, 2016

Indeed, whether prefab houses or traditional, home ownership provides a sense of freedom, privacy and sanctuary. The fulfillment of a place, that of having your own home, is invaluable. It is a place to nurture your children and a space to spend time doing the most personal and intimate things in life.

But in this generation — where high home quality is partnered with costly goods –taking on inexpensive concrete modular homes is a must so that average homeowners can purchase a home within their budget.

Here is an example of a couple who were able to build their low-cost concrete modular home. Tarek and Cynthia had a thought that their old house on Martha’s Vineyard had to be replaced completely. So they looked for a good architect who could work on a collaboration and one who lived on the island.

One day, a friend of Cynthia’s paid for a visit in Boston one weekend and they discussed home construction while they were looking at a certain house near the shoreline. While they were going around the house areas, they saw a box of tiles with architect Peter Rose’s name printed on it. So Tarek thought of contacting his office, and what a coincidence, Rose would be flying to Boston on the same day. Hence, they agreed to meet there and they disregarded the island-resident criterion that they listed before.

So their good connection began and since the 1980s, architect Rose has established a portfolio of work on Martha’s Vineyard that includes both contemporary and regional-style structures. Rose noted, “What is common among these buildings is a great deal of attention to the siting of them, especially in terms of topography.” He added, “Partway into the process, we became aware of the slow, steady erosion of the bluff.” Rose also said that the inclined lakefront spot is characterized by narrow degrees.

Rose and his group formed the house as a chain of 6 prefabricated structures joined by 2 criss-crossing hallways. Every box can be elevated by crane.

Considering the beautiful scenery all around the house, Rose designed the house with subtle, fuzzy borders between the exterior and interior. Rose remarked, “There are two sets of rules on the Vineyard: If you do a vernacular house, you can build higher; if you build a modern house, it has to be lower.” Hence, Rose and his group decided for the latter. They thought of constructing a one-storey structure with a chain of flat, planted roofs, capped with beautiful natural sea grasses.

Rose explained, “The use of concrete was like placing a boulder onto the site.” In spite of the useful strength of the building material, Cynthia was initially doubtful but her husband convinced her that concrete is fit with Vineyard setting—the seashore, the rocks, and the mist. Actually, the subtle tones and faintly coarse surfaces of the exterior boards, controlled by expanses of glass and Spanish cedar window casings, form a beautiful home for the couples.

Another feature of the house is its rainwater collection. There are also geothermal wells that provide shiny floor warming which is useful in reducing HVAC equipment cost.

Overall, this lovely inexpensive concrete modular home is practical for home owners to consider as it’s durable, beautiful and it’s within an average budget. To see more of Peter Rose + Partners’ work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.


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This Company Sells All Kinds of Shipping Containers for Modular Houses

Prefab June 13, 2016

This Company Sells All Kinds of Shipping Containers for Modular Houses

Looking at the modular home design photo above, you can see that the fact that a person is using shipping containers as the basic building element is pretty much disguised by the finished form of the dwelling so long as an effective job is done in using the shipping containers in a way that they are not prevalent. Of course, some people who build with shipping containers don’t want to hide it at all — some even leave the original metal finish and shipping container paint on the outside of the bins — but there are of course others who do want to disguise their building materials as a regular house.

Another interesting layout is shown in the picture below (click thumbnail to expand) where just two shipping containers are set parallel to each other with metal or timber basic framing, to which is added two floors and three roof elements.

You can see how with modular construction using shipping containers, and by using these elements as part of a harmonious whole, many interesting arrangements can be made.

Likewise, in the image above, the structure is really just four long shipping containers with one side cut out and replaces with glazing, and four short shipping containers above with similar modifications.

After adding a deck fence and a slightly larger roof, the shipping container construction elements are more or less unrecognizable.

These two designs come to us from Lion Containers, a company that specializes in selling shipping containers of a large variety of sizes and types, as well as modular buildings — some are for residential purposes and others are for work situations.

To see more of Lion Construction’s work (they’re a UK company), find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

modular home designs 2

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Superior Modular Homes

Modular May 31, 2016

Superior Modular Homes

Nova Deko is a reputable global builder of superior assembled modular houses and a wide range of home features and furnishings. The company is a known distributor in many different parts of the world.

Nova Deko creates modular homes’ main components including steel frames, fixtures for both kitchen and lavatory which allows them to have full regulation of all of their manufacturing procedures. This is how the company guarantees excellence for its materials and craftsmanship. Nova Deko ensures that their fabricated homes are genuinely first class.

The creation of prefabricated homes by Nova Deko boasts their several solid years of experiences in bathroom furniture and kitchen production.

They have experience successfully setting up modular homes from solo pods up to multi-level residential flat buildings, Nova Deko is regarded as an innovator in pre-fabricated housing, with an attention on purposeful scheme, excellence and sustainability.

Nova Deko upholds its international eminence for its quality creation and good value for its customers’ money. Being an expert builder and supplier of houses as well as nearly all components, they charge reasonably. There is a guarantee that customers can be assured of purchasing superior merchandises at economical costs.

Products offered are as follows:

Single Pod Homes – These are detached homes where all is enclosed in a single pod. They are perfect as secondary abodes in the backyard or where the home may need to be moved.
Multi-pod Homes – Includes two or more units or pods combined together which is intended as a family house. It is considered as a main dwelling or as an extra house.
Apartment Blocks – Modules are arranged to build the foundation for multi-level apartment buildings. It is built for cost-cutting scheme, rapid structure and decrease of location workforce necessities. It is best for student lodging.
Bathroom Pods – It is complete and equipped for setting up. Bathroom pods are functionally crafted and contain all the classy fixtures and furnishings found in modern dwellings. It’s swift, simple and easy on the pocket.

The module sizes that Nova Deko are as follows:
– 6m x 2.4m
– 6m x 3.4m
– 12m x 2.4m
– 12m x 3.4m

If in case you are interested to purchase any of their classy homes, see more of Nova Deko’s work by finding them in our Prefab and Modular Home Designers and Builders Directory (click here).

modular house_2 modular house_3

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Bush House Prefab Design

Prefab May 20, 2016

Bush House Prefab Design

This prefab home is designed to be part of an outdoors-themed lifestyle, and that might seem fitting, looking at its outdoor setting. It’s designed to be a modular house that gives the impression of camping to some degree, and it uses simple building materials like plywood and concrete to achieve its architectural goals.

Another important point about this prefab house is its use of prefabricated galvanized steel frames. These comprise the main structural support of the building, and are part of the reason the house can be set up in one day.

The prefab house is basically designed as broken in two parts — a social, open area and a private zone. Between the two areas there is a rammed earth wall. This creates a screen between the two sections.

Plywood makes up the finish for the ceilings and some of the walls. The decking is made of recycled jarrah wood (its built in Australia). The heat comes from a wood stove (used more in winter). The floors are concrete, and they are meant to absorb the heat of the sun and stove to store for the night.

How the prefab house will age was also part of the builder’s considerations. The galvanized steel is meant to age and accumulate patina. The steel is left bare on the outside and inside of the structure, therefore.

There are also large steel drums behind the house (on the lower end of the single-pitched roof). These collect rainwater for later use. Another environmental feature is the grey water filtration system (a worm farm) which helps the waste be ready for reintroduction to a garden.

This particular prefab construction is also known for having a small skateboard half pipe in the yard. To see more of Archterra Architects’ work, find them in our prefab home builders directory (click here).

Bush House Prefab Design (2) Bush House Prefab Design (3)


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Unique Rustic Deck Chairs

Furniture and Furnishings April 18, 2016

Hello modular home builders (and those interested in learning more about prefab houses). We recently took a look at a company called BIO architects who had made a nice wooden-finish rustic style prefab cabin / home, and when we were looking at their portfolio, we noticed these deckchairs and wanted to see what you think of them (let us know on the Facebook post if you like them or if you want us to find more wooden patio chair styles for you).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this style of deck chair before, although it might just be because I’m not from Russia (the prefab company is). However, even if you’re not interested in importing them from that far (although maybe you are (click here for our article on their prefab house and it has a link to their website (not in English, though).

They actually had two interesting styles of wooden deck chairs they were marketing alongside their modular home plans (and builds). There’s the one above (with the angular lines) and then the other one (photo down below) composed of slats of lumber four ply deep sitting atop a metal frame.

Whether or not they’re for you, these deck chairs would probably make good conversation starters on your modular home or cabin deck — especially if you wanted to talk about Eastern Europe!

If enough people are really interested in these chairs, we can find similar plans to make them and put together a DIY article for them. Comment on the Facebook post.

Unique Rustic Deck Chairs (2)

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Expandable Container Home – They’re Selling These Things for Only $10,000

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Expandable Container Home – They’re Selling These Things for Only $10,000

So modular homes are inexpensive alternatives, in many cases, to traditional construction homes, but I came across this expandable modular container home, and they’re listing them for $10,000 (you still have to pay shipping, of course).

These shipping container homes are clad in quality timber and are suited for country or beach properties, according to the people selling them.

Another thing modular home buyers might factor into their estimations is that the shipping for a container home from overseas costs in the thousands, to get it to our coasts and to ship it from the coast to your location.

So how are they built, some of you might be wondering? The house is a modification of an ISO shipping container (you can buy these a lot of places, there is a huge global supply of shipping containers). THey cut off some of the corrugated sheet and manually weld a smaller container to it as a slide out.

The slide can be moved by several people working together, but without too much effort, according to the prefab manufacturers.

They then decorate the interior and use sound-absorbing wood ceiling panels, and use birch to cover the wall. They also have removable custom-built joinery.

The outside cladding and decking is done with antiseptic-treated timber.

I hesitate to link to the product contact page for this one, because it is from China on Alibaba and I can’t guarantee the quality, and the page I saw it on had only one sale showing. Once I hear more about these guys, I’ll update this page and I’ll update our Facebook page, too. Probably I’d suggest shopping around North American modular homes (they might already have options around this range) and contacting builders nearer home first and seeing if they can build something like this. If anyone ends up buying one of these expandable modular homes from overseas, though, please let us know how it goes so we can update people.

expandable container (3)

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Cool Shipping Container House You Can Build on a Cliff

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Cool Shipping Container House You Can Build on a Cliff

This module house was built on a type of land that usually requires a bit of extra work to construct on — a rock cliff. But because the modular home sits on simple leveled cliff edge (picture above) with the overhang supported by simple blocking, without any sub-floor or foundation, the difficulty is reduced.

Of course, we might be a little swayed by this picture — how many people don’t want a view like this, or to have their house surrounded by trees and earth? That’s one reason a lot of people look into modular homes or tiny homes, I guess. You can put them almost anywhere, and lightly — they can usually be lifted out without much difficulty, too.

The architects for this one are WMR Arquitectos. Their a Chilean company (again with a Chilean modular house company!), and the house was photographed by Sergio Pirrone.

The modular house is based on 3.2 meter square wood sections with the entire house “skeleton” (pillars and beams) remain in sight when the house is finished.

The roof of this house is also a patio — a flat pati0 — and has an walkway onto it from the front side of the house.

To see more from WMR Arquitectos, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory.

wmr modular house chile (4)

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