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This Company Sells All Kinds of Shipping Containers for Modular Houses

Prefab June 13, 2016

This Company Sells All Kinds of Shipping Containers for Modular Houses

Looking at the modular home design photo above, you can see that the fact that a person is using shipping containers as the basic building element is pretty much disguised by the finished form of the dwelling so long as an effective job is done in using the shipping containers in a way that they are not prevalent. Of course, some people who build with shipping containers don’t want to hide it at all — some even leave the original metal finish and shipping container paint on the outside of the bins — but there are of course others who do want to disguise their building materials as a regular house.

Another interesting layout is shown in the picture below (click thumbnail to expand) where just two shipping containers are set parallel to each other with metal or timber basic framing, to which is added two floors and three roof elements.

You can see how with modular construction using shipping containers, and by using these elements as part of a harmonious whole, many interesting arrangements can be made.

Likewise, in the image above, the structure is really just four long shipping containers with one side cut out and replaces with glazing, and four short shipping containers above with similar modifications.

After adding a deck fence and a slightly larger roof, the shipping container construction elements are more or less unrecognizable.

These two designs come to us from Lion Containers, a company that specializes in selling shipping containers of a large variety of sizes and types, as well as modular buildings — some are for residential purposes and others are for work situations.

To see more of Lion Construction’s work (they’re a UK company), find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Prefab House Idea

Prefab June 8, 2016

Prefab House Idea

One of the best options nowadays for homes is shipping container houses or prefab houses. This kind of houses provides a better way of living and a new way of maximizing one’s living space or the building site area. It is perfect for people who are looking for unique options for their home or for additional space in their backyard.

One of the best companies providing a great solution thru prefab shipping container houses is Honomobo. Honomobo is building prefab houses for individuals who are looking to have a new house set up in their backyard within 10 weeks.

The prefab houses by Honomobo are built at their factory — constructed offsite. As such, you don’t need to worry about the actual construction of your new home and a lot of associated issues, such as how building materials will all be transported to the site separately and how the waste will be managed — two benefits of prefab and modular houses.

These shipping container houses are environmental friendly. These houses are also energy efficient and can use solar power as the source of electricity.

Honomobo’s prefab houses range its size from 352 square feet to 640 square feet. Thus, these houses are perfect for individuals looking for smaller but still functional houses. These prefab houses are also designed and prebuilt to permit regulations for their area.

The prices of Honomobo’s houses range from $99,000 for a studio type, and around $147,000 for a two-bedroom unit. They’re based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Shipping container and other prefab / modular houses are easy to ship though — over land or by sea, so they can probably deliver wherever you are. Also, there are a lot of prefab house designers in every state and province now, so if you need to look more before deciding on a design, they might be just one of the builders you check out.

The Honomobo’s shipping container house is a great choice for a new home, especially if you are looking for a non-traditional home that exhibits a unique style and a great functionality. To see more of their work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.

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Build With Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Buildings May 27, 2016

Build With Shipping Containers

Are you already interested in building with shipping containers, and now you’re looking for unique style elements for your new house using this style of building? Do you want something unconventional, more affordable, yet more cost efficient as well as being able to build faster? If your answer is yes, then you may want to explore the possibilities of having your own shipping container pool.

Shipping container construction is one of the leading alternatives in architecture these days. Used shipping containers can be used to build not only as homes but also offices and even — like the photo above — swimming pools!

Using metal shipping containers for your house will make the construction of your house faster since you already have the walls and you will just need to add divisions, connections, and style for your new home. It is very cost efficient since you don’t need to spend thousand of dollars for the new materials — timber, nails, concrete — for construction of your house. In addition, your labor cost will be minimized.

It will also help to have less waste in the construction of your house since less raw materials will be used. This means that waste management problems or concerns will be lessened while your new house is being built.

Shipping containers structures can be designed based on your needs. They can be made waterproof by doing different methods such as fixing the interior and exterior lining. They can also be made weatherproof against cold depending on the kind of weather and temperature you have in your selected site.

Shipping containers are a very unique way to take building inexpensively to the next level. You can have the style you want incorporated into your house with lesser costs and worries. You just need to discuss your preferences and what are the different modifications and refurbishment options with shipping container professionals — or, you could always do the research yourself and become an expert.

Moreover, they can also be used as a swimming pools if you want one in your house. They can definitely add more style to your new house by using glass panels or stylish wood trimming.

Shipping containers are one of the best options you can have for your new house if you want a more affordable option, if you want the construction to be faster and efficient, and if you want a more unique and stylish home. It is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend thousand of dollars while getting the best for their own house. One good source of information (where you can buy these bins if you are in Australia) is Premier Box (click here).

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Shipping Container House Design

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Coming to us from Ek is this elegant shipping container house design — a symmetrical three-section modular home build that Ek shows seated in a tree-surrounded grove.

Do you need a place of refuge for a weekend or a comfortable residence to put in a very small space? Do you want to look at shipping container building options for the structure? If the answer is that you do, then you might have the Ek 007 written in your tiny house future blueprints.

Boasting a low installment cost and what Ek considers outstanding comfort for a 67 meter square living space, the Ek 007 is a low-height building with a thoughtful floor plan. It is based around a central atrium and is a “strong architectural expression in a small space,” according to the modular house construction team.

The Ek 007 can be enjoyed installed at a site on the sea or at higher, forested areas, and the modular construction has “all the great features.”

Behind the two spaces and middle corridor, there is a larger living area, kitchen/dining area, and foyer.

Shipping container house specs:

Family prefabricated house
floor plan together 67,20 m2
building area 92,00 m2
net volume 171,30 m3
gross volume 265,40 m3

The cost of this one is 36,826 Euro (not including VAT), the equivalent of just under $42,000. To visit Ekokoncept, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory.

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