500 Square Feet or Less: Real Tiny Houses

224 Foot Cider Box Tiny House

Nowadays, loads upon loads of tiny houses crop up with all kinds of eye-popping features. Tiny house interiors can be surprisingly fantastic, excitedly low-cost budgets and spectacularly sustainable micro homes are offered by various reputable firms. Here are 5 cool tiny modern dwellings that are 500 square feet or less.

Architect Tom Kundig’s project was really simple and modest. He built a micro, Thoreau-like retreat space for an Atlanta-based writer who held 4 hectares on San Juan Island in Puget Sound (picture down below). The architect’s thought when he designed this lovely tiny home is to help the writer to unclutter his mind so that he can think profoundly and be able to jot down beautiful lines while creating his masterpiece. So here it is –a 500-square-foot getaway that has an encompassing shape which makes you see the surroundings around the house.

I also found out this tiny home by Michael Pozner remarkable. He admits that his architectural designs are simple, however, he was able to recreate the tiny Manhattan studio where he lives and does his job. Pozner sought help from Darrick Borowski of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture for this project.This 500 square feet hideaway in Greenwich Village has white oak panelling which beautifully infuses consistency and cordiality into the lobby, kitchen, and living area. The photo below is of the interior rather than the tiny dwelling exterior, because, you guessed it: it’s an apartment rather than a free standing tiny home.

Another tiny home that is indeed lovely is designed by Yudchitzes (picture above). He took the inspiration from Swiss Pritzker Prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor. He was able to design and craft a fantastic detailed interior within the 325 square-foot abode. This whole project costs around $100,000 because the materials were shaped within .002 inches.

These three tiny homes, while so different from each other, are extraordinary ones and this one is, too; It is a knee-jerk overhaul that changed this tiny 400 square foot Manhattan flat (picture below shows the angular coffee table and the design of the living space). It was furnished with steel ends and casters, and it has a remodelled coffee table. Its window pane has four-sided plane rectilinear figure with opposite sides parallel.

Another lovely tiny home is the beautifully crafted 450-square-foot studio in Brooklyn. At the opposite end of the studio, Framework Architecture created a partially enclosed sleeping corner that is big enough for dwellers to take rest on a full-size bed. Picture below shows the unusual bed location design.

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