A robot can print this $64,000 house in as few as 8 hours – take a look inside

Passivdom houses, designed by Maria Sorokina

These are some new robot-printed houses being talked about all around the internet. They’re called Passivdom houses, designed by Maria Sorokina, and yes, you might have guessed. They’re 3d printed.

These particular tiny houses are 410 square feet units, and while the structure – walls, roof, floor – are printed by a 3dp machine, people still have to go in and add plumbing, electricity, and all the other things a house needs beyond the structure.

However, these are designed as basically off-grid tiny homes: they don’t need to connect to the grid for electricity because they’re meant to have solar panels and batteries. They’re also portable.

A water collection/filtration system is used that gathers moisture from humidity (or, if there is no humidity, you can pour water into it).

Guess how many preorders for these things just in the last year since they started up? Around 8000. And the first products are scheduled to be delivered (they’re easily transportable) in January. While they start at around 64k, they go up to around 97k.