Backyard House – Tiny Home

Backyard House – Tiny Home

Not all tiny houses are created equal. There are tiny homes that are extremely extravagant, some are high-maintenance while others are very sustainable and economical. Some small houses require great amount of money and resources, while some houses are created from materials you never thought can be used in creating an awesome masterpiece.

One of these outstanding projects is the Backyard House. This tiny house is created from reclaimed materials. This means that some of the materials incorporated in this house are those materials that can be considered waste by most people. Even if this house is made with reclaimed materials, its design and structure are undeniably beautiful and well thought of.

The Backyard House measures 154 square feet. The house has a small living area and has a sleeping loft at the second floor.

The siding of the house has different variety of colors. This is because it is made from different Oregon bars. Other items incorporated in the house is a copper roof, plaster walls, and a wood stove.

The Backyard House is one of the amazing creations that is a real proof that reclaimed materials can create more sustainable and stylish homes for everyone.

Also, having a cute, sweet space in your backyard can be an added area to accommodate guests and friends. It is also nice to have an afternoon chit chat over there when the heat of the sun has toned down and wonderfully, you will have more insightful conversations in this kind of ambiance. Isn’t great to have profound dialogue against the usual talks that mostly exchanged in casual settings?

Thus, this backyard tiny dwelling is a nice project to take on. To see more of Rise Overrun’s work, For more tiny homes, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.