Building Sustainably With Redwood – This Tiny Home

Each summer season brings out creative juices when it comes to making homes more beautiful. Aesthetically designed outdoor projects such as a deck or a porch give an additional value to one’s home. It is heartwarming to welcome your visitors on a lovely porch. Creating good summertime memories is simply delightful when it is done in your sweet home!

Using a durable material that is ideal for building a deck, a fence, a pergola, a planter box, and a porch is worth investing. Redwood is an elegant choice which is intended to meet quality open-air projects. Why redwood? Simply because redwood trees grow in the US unlike western cedar wood which is widely exported from Canada which has to undergo export procedures by the U.S. government.

Redwood is affordable and needs low maintenance. It is naturally insect-resistant and does not decay fast. Aside from its resistance element, it does not easily shrink and warp. Overall, it is an exceptionally hard-wearing decking material that can last for many years.

Aside from its durability, the texture, color, and pattern are beautiful, unique and warm. Plastic decking materials don’t have the authentic loveliness for the pattern is just repeated again and again while redwood boards has a distinct design from one board to the next.

Added feature of the redwood is its safety element. It has a thermal conductivity of only 0.63 in contrast with 1.57 for plastic decking. Take note that anything above 1.00 conductivity is not safe and comfortable for bare feet. This makes a Humboldt Redwood deck enjoyable even during the summer time.

Sustainability, aesthetic, durability and safety are all highlighted elements that redwood has and the very core of Humboldt Redwood lumber products uphold green stewardship. The forestlands, engineering, and delivery processes of Humboldt Redwood are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Thus, building sustainably with redwood is a great choice for your deck or porch. To see more of Humboldt Redwood Company’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory. Photos: Jack Hutch