Cabin-style Tiny House

Cabin-style Tiny House

This Cabin-style 276 square ft. tiny house was originally designed and built for the now retired professional basketball player, Matt Bonner, which was featured on the HGtv show Tiny House Nation. And in order to accommodate the new owner’s 6’10” height, the designers were quite successful in creating a tiny house that was both comfortable and spacious for it’s towering new owner.

Stepping into the home one is greeted with floor to ceiling solid wood interior, a warm and inviting living area complete with  built in comfortable couch and viewing window providing loads of natural light and scenic views. A small fireplace was also included adding additional warmth and ambience. The ground floor bedroom offers a pleasant retreat with an individually paned window over the head of the bed complete with flowing white sheer curtains and simple drop style lighting fixtures overhead. The bathroom area features fixtures simple yet pleasing to the eye with a ceramic bowl style sink set a top a wood table top style vanity, curtained custom tiled walk in shower and commode. The kitchen includes an apartment sized built in stainless steel refrigerator, single stainless steel sink and a two burner built in cooktop stove.

An always fun and classic feature included is an upstairs loft bedroom with easily accessed by a bunk style wooden ladder. The loft bedroom being originally designed for the star’s son includes a twin sized floor futon style mattress with plenty room beside perfect for a play area or simply lounging in the overstuffed chair situated at the far end of the space.

And of course, keeping in tune with the star’s love of the sport – a built in basket ball hoop complete with backboard was thoughtfully added on the back of the home – perfect for shooting a few games of ‘hoops”.

The Basketball House (276 Sq Ft)

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