Tiny Home That Blends Beautifully With the Environment

Exquisite Home That Blends Beautifully With the Environment

Located on Point Reyes peninsula along the scenic Northern California coast, this charming modest camp-style house by Richardson Architects is perfect for those summer days spent in the countryside. Constructed from environmentally friendly non-corrosive and wear-resistant materials to include galvanized sheet metal, sealed board and batt siding – this makes the perfect investment to withstand the elements for seasons to come.

The simplistic farmhouse theme is carried throughout sporting white painted wood walls to the camp house like feel of the bath area with a hinged dressing room door. Storage is plentiful in addition to an open and welcoming common area for gathering and sleeping. The front porch boasts a simple, attractive feel inviting one to simply sit or perhaps roll out a sleeping bag to soak up the evening breezes.

Inverness Bathhouse

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