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12 Incredible Tiny Houses Build on Foundations

Tiny House July 17, 2017

12 Incredible Tiny Houses Build on Foundations

For many years, the mobile home or trailer house as they call it in some areas, were built upon a foundation to mimic the style of a traditional brick home. This is no longer the only option. The tiny house is now being built upon foundations that are sturdy and made to look as if it were a traditional home. In many ways the tiny house is taking the place of the trailer home. Most trailer/mobile homes come in varying sizes and lengths to give the client more room and so the price rises. The tiny home is just that, still tiny, but on the inside there can be all the amenities one needs to live comfortably. Most needed items are lifted off of the floor and onto the walls and ceiling to provide the dweller with more floor and living space.

The tiny house gives home buyers another option than buying a trailer home or mobile home. You now have access to a home that has everything, is innovative, and even less costly than a mobile home. One of the reasons why people would buy mobile/trailer homes particularly in certain areas is because of the economical price. Now tiny homes are taking over that niche and providing another more practical and much more economical choice. Also many trailer homes tend to look alike. They come in certain models from which you can choose but there is not always room for customization. The tiny house can allow you to build the house you really want or choose the floor plan you really like. Below we have examples of 13 tiny homes that are built upon foundations to give you an idea of how you may want your tiny house built

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

Find more from Richardson Architects and other tiny house builders and companies we’ve indexed in our Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can search the company’s name and look builders near your area. And to see more tiny house,click here.

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10 Airbnb Tiny Houses on the Most Beautiful Beaches

Tiny House July 16, 2017

The tiny house experience is exploding around the globe and every day people are finding different uses for these gorgeous little, but fully equipped, tiny homes. Airbnb is an innovative company in its own rights to think of the idea of renting real homes and cabins as vacation spots. It works out great for the vacationer and the home owner. We are still in the midst of hot summer weather and many people are still wondering where to go as a nice luxurious getaway. We will show you 10 Airbnb homes on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to inspire your fabulous summer getaway.

1. The Malibu Dream Airstream

Malibu, California has one of the most beautiful beaches and natural scenery in the world, and this Airstream tiny dwelling fits perfectly against this gorgeous backdrop. The Airstream camper comes equipped with all you need to enjoy a fabulous vacation. It even comes with a large deck for bbq beach parties or just for enjoying each other to watch the sunset.

2. Small Cottage in Norway

This charming small cottage house in Norway does not just come with a beautiful beach but instead comes with that and its own lovely green island. You will feel like a star during this getaway, taking in the quiet and peace of a Norwegian island, while enjoying all the amenities that comes with this quaint tiny home in Vesteroy, Ostfold, Norway.

3. A Bamboo Treehouse in Fern Forest, Hawaii

This tiny home fulfills two dreams, one is to visit the beautiful state of Hawaii, but to also do it by living in a treehouse tiny home. Hawaii is well-known for its beautiful waters and friendly open people and atmosphere. What a spectacular getaway, to stay in this tiny treehouse in one of America’s most beautiful states.

4. Tiny Home in the Philippine Islands

The Philippine Islands is known for its fantasy scenery and this lovely and quaint tiny home fits right in with the backdrop. You will feel as if you have left all your cares at home and are now experiencing, at least for a few days, a carefree and beautiful getaway.

5. Carolina Beach, NC

This cute tiny house brings us back to the States to North Carolina, one of the country’s friendliest states, with all of its natural southern hospitality. You can stay and enjoy Carolina Beach, the delicious food that is in the area, because most Carolinians love to cook and share. The home itself is wonderful for a quiet vacation weekend.

6. Bird Island, Placencia, Belize

Belize is becoming more popular these days as a vacation spot and also a place for expats to get away from the busy life. If you’re not ready to be an expat of the U.S. or the U.K. then a vacation should be enough to inspire and energize you. Do you see that water? It is remarkably clear and glistening. You will feel as if you are in paradise.

7. An Eco-lodge in Popa Island, Panama

This lovely community of eco-lodges on Popa Island, Panama, is a spectacular site. Not only do you get to enjoy the sparkling beaches but you may meet some great people along the way. These tiny homes sit right in the water and you will feel as if you’ve found an oasis of your every own.

8. Tiny Home in Cape May, NJ

Cape May brings back a lot of memories for those who grew up in this area. Now, more people are discovering its beauty as a vacation getaway for themselves and their families. If you want to be reminded of childhood walks on the beach and locals gathering for bbqs and picnics, then Cape May is your place. This lovely home is reminiscent of an old log cabin.

9. Mt. Martha, Victoria, Australia

Equipped with your own outdoor bar area, this tiny home in Victoria, Australia is the perfect vacation area for those who love clean and brilliant sandy beaches and a bit of that Aussie hospitality. The home is equipped with the right amenities and most importantly, sits near the beach where you can get your tan while having some peace and quiet as well.

10. Balmain, New South Wales, Australia

We end this list with another beautiful place in Australia, but this time it is in Balmain, located in New South Wales. This tucked-away tiny house is glorious. It makes you feel as if you are in an old classic film. And again, Australian beaches are hard to compare. They are still not overcrowded and the water is as pristine as ever. Enjoy any of these tiny home beach getaways if you can. It is a wonderful and rare experience.

Source: 21 Tiny Airbnb Houses on Beautiful Beaches

Photo Credit: PopSugar

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The Tiny Home May Help to Solve Homeless Crisis

Tiny House July 16, 2017

CBS national show, Money Watch News,  has shared an article on using the tiny house revolution to help solve the homeless crisis in America. America’s homeless number is at an epic high. The amount of homeless women and children continue to rise in the country. There are many organizations trying to come up with a solution to this devastating problem and so far nothing has made a huge impact. In the city of Chicago, tiny houses that range in size from 100 to 400 sq. feet may just be what a big city like Chicago needs to get the homeless off the street. CBS Chicago reported that there are approximately 6000 homeless individuals in the city presently.

A local homeless advocacy group called the Pride Action Tank, took CBS Chicago staff on a tour of a tiny home. The home was the size of a studio apartment in the city with everything a dweller would need to live a comfortable life. The house had a kitchen area, a small bedroom area, full bath, and storage. There are homes this size in big cities that many working people cannot afford. Eithne McMenamin, spokesperson for the Pride Action Tank, stated that the tiny house revolution can help the homeless find affordable housing, though it’s not a complete panacea for the issue. However, McMenamin does feel that this would be another option on the list of options, of which many are not working.

The Tiny House Summit was held in Chicago and it was shown and proven that a tiny house that is filled with every necessity and a few extra amenities, can be built for under $30,000. The Summit wanted to prove that maybe in the future it could be a realistic idea to build a section of tiny homes for the homeless in the city. There are a few issues that the tiny house movement cannot fix. There is a different story from every homeless person that is on the street and many of them do not want the interference. There is mental illness, alcoholism, and rebellion against the current society, that keeps many homeless in the streets and shelters. So we are talking about a small group of homeless people and families that would qualify for this solution.

McMenamin says he just wants to add to the menu of choices and solutions. He does not expect one idea to solve the country’s homeless problem, but it could be one of the choices that will suit some of the homeless population who are homeless due to loss of income, lack of education, and a lack of family support. Utilizing the tiny house movement in this way is a great start. In Philadelphia, there was a project to rid the city of all of its public housing, most of which was not safe, and build simple attractive homes on the same land and offer these homes to those who were willing to look for work. These homes were only made available to people making less than $40,000 per year. The project so far has been a success.

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6 Reasons to Retire to a Tiny Home

Tiny House July 16, 2017

Not everyone is looking for a sprawling condo in Florida once they retire. More and more as the tiny house revolution is spreading across the globe, many retirees are seeking to downsize their lives to something much more manageable, and the tiny home is on their list of options. Another reason the tiny home is becoming a popular idea for retirees is that you don’t have to leave the state unless you choose to, because there are many ways to have a tiny home built somewhere near where you already are. Often, if you are a land owner, your tiny house can be built in your backyard. These are issues that need to be discussed with your county and all of its rules and regulations.

Here are 6 reasons you may want to think about retiring to a tiny home:

1. You Get Rid of Your Mortgage

Getting rid of their mortgage is normally the number one perk when it comes to downsizing to a tiny home. You can sell whatever property you have and use those funds to build your tiny home or to buy one that is already built. Most likely you will have money leftover from this process.

2. You Can Travel the Country

If you want to build your tiny house on wheels or turn a camper into a tiny house, you can use it to travel and never really leave home. For many this is a plus, to be able to see the country, enjoy freedom of travel and still be able to live in your own comfortable surroundings. You will also save money on hotels, so gas will be your most important expense, but you can sleep in your own leisurely and familiar space.

3. Less Stuff, Less to Clean

The practical reason to downsize to a small home, is that if have less things, there is less to clean and care for. Living a minimalist life doesn’t need to be boring. You can always add a lot of color to your tiny home instead of a lot of furniture. As retirees, it would seem like a great idea to lessen the amount of chores and work that a regular sized house would require.

4. Lower Utility Bills

Lower utility bills is another great practical reason to retire into a tiny home. Lower utility bills is another perk that will help you save you money and the more money you save, the more you can travel with ease, should that be your desire. If you’re not into travel and are simply looking for comfort, lower bills are still one of the best reasons to downsize.

5. You Can Retire Early or Work Part-time

Having lower bills and no mortgage, frees you up to either retire early or work only part-time. The pressure to make a certain amount of money a month will change drastically. You will feel more freedom in your life especially if you ran your own business. You can cut your hours down to the minimum, if you choose.

6. Create a Super Fun Retirement Project

You can also create your own tiny house plans and begin a project together building your own home. You can design it just the way you want to and create a home that is specifically catered to your needs and wants. It can also be a lot of fun watching your tiny house come together, particularly if you are a natural DIYer. There are endless reasons why retiring to a tiny house is a great idea for retirees, but what is most important is that you enjoy the process.

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5 Fabulous Tiny Homes Built for Under $20K

Tiny House July 6, 2017

One of the major reasons why so many people are downsizing and trying out a lifestyle with a smaller carbon footprint on our planet is because of the lower cost of the tiny home. You can basically have all that you need in a tiny home and many things you actually desire as well, with a much lower cost than the average home. Of course, the idea of a tiny house can be overwhelming, not knowing where to begin or how much you will need financially to finish your dream, but maybe these tiny house dwellers and builders can inspire you with their tiny homes that were all made for under 20K! Amazing!

1. The Hawaiian Tiny Dream House for $11K

Kristie Wolfe of Boise, Idaho followed her dream of having a home in Hawaii and built her fabulous tiny house for $11K, way under $20K. What inspired this Hawaiian dream vacation house? Wolfe already lived in a tiny home in Idaho and saw how much money she saved by living in a tiny house and decided that this revolution has made it possible to have a dream off-the-grid, tiny home in one of her favorite vacation spots. Wolfe has build two homes for far less than the price of one average house.

2. A Romantic Forest Home Built for as Little as $4K

That’s correct, there’s no zeros missing here. This gorgeous little house is built on wheels and was built by a gentleman and his fiancee in 6 week’s time for $4K. It appears as a small log cabin with the view of the century. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest right from a small deck that was built facing the forest. This tiny house is a treasure for this couple and just the savings alone is enough to warrant a celebration.

3. A Tiny House Built in the Trees  for Only $8200

Growing up, I don’t think there were too many kids that didn’t want a fabulous tree house and many of us had them and we thought they were great, but this tiny house built in the trees is one of a kind. Graduate student Geoff de Ruiter  built this amazing tree house with salvaged materials and by now we know that salvaged materials can save a home builder of any kind, lots of cash. And that is exactly what it did for Ruiter, but it also gave him the tree house anyone would have loved to have as a kid, except this tree house is a tiny house for real living.

4. A Texas Couple Builds Their Tiny Home for $7000

Physical Therapists for Veterans by trade, Ethan and Kelsey built their tiny home for $7000. They utilized Craigslist and found an old trailer. For many DIYers building tiny homes, Craigslist seems to be a bounty of goodies. The two work full-time, so though it took them 6 months from start to finish, the actual work only took 20 days out of that 6 month period of time. Remarkable. The home is 100 sq. feet of living space.

5. Tiny House Builders in New Zealand build their home from 80% Recycled Materials

New Zealand is a gorgeous place to live but it is becoming known for earthquakes and these quakes have destroyed a lot of homes, so many people are thinking that they would be better off spending less money on a home and also making it mobile. That’s what American ex-pats Patrick and Cori decided to do. With their labor and salvaged materials, Patrick and Cori built their tiny home for $10,000 American dollars.

We hope this inspires you to build your own tiny house if that has been a dream of yours. As you can see, there are many ways to follow your tiny house dream without worrying about about financing a huge loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please check out our gallery and be inspired!

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Resources for Tiny House Dwellers

Tiny House July 6, 2017

Once you have decided to downgrade from a regular sized home to a tiny house, there is a lot that is different about the way you live. Often, families don’t realize just how different life can be in a tiny home. The idea of it starts off as a novelty, and quickly turns into reality. A lot of the revelations are great. Bills should be lower because there is less house to heat and cool in the summer, and the electric bill should also be less than usual, considering that there is less space to light.

Though the venture from the decision to move into a tiny house and downsize your life is exciting, one still needs help every now and again, or just ideas on how to make all this downsizing work. There are some wonderful resources out there that are able to support and assist with the what is sometimes “the shock” of moving from 3000 sq ft. to 250 sq. feet. Here we list some resources that can help you along the way with your move and once you actually begin to live in your tiny house.

Tumbleweed Houses

Tumbleweed Houses was started by Jay Shafer, author of The Small House Book. This company provides tiny house dreamers with the plans for tiny homes. If you don’t know where to begin, check out Jay Shafer’s website or get his book, The Small House Book to help you decide what you want your tiny home to look like.

Tiny r(E)volution

This website is truly valuable because it is not only for those thinking of moving into a tiny house but it also helps those who are already in their tiny homes, with personal stories of how others dealt with the transition. It’s a great place to search for help with just about any issue or physical problem with your tiny home. Tiny r(E)volution is a public project and is here to help anyone or you can contribute your own stories.

Pin-Up Houses

Pin-Up Houses provides floor plans and designs to give tiny house dreamers a place to begin. This site differs from other sites that are similar because it is geared towards people who have already made up their minds to move into a tiny house and are past the point of going back and forth with their decision. Pin-Up Houses is available to  help you from start to finish.

Coming Unmoored

This site is quite eclectic. It is a blog of a woman in her thirties in the process of changing her entire life and the tiny house is one aspect of this change. It is personal, funny, poignant and help for those who may feel that they lack the courage and/or resources to build or move to a tiny house. The author downsized from a large home in Arizona to a small floating home in Portland.

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270 Square Foot Tiny Home Designed After a 1920’s Bungalow

Tiny House May 15, 2017

270 Square Foot Tiny Home Designed After a 1920's Bungalow

Look at the interior of this thing! Actually, it looks so spacious its hard to believe its a tiny home. We received this from Tim Davidson himself, who is a member of our Cools Stuff page, and here we are sharing it with you guys!

Meet Tiffany! She was recently purchased by Tim & Sam from Adam at A New Beginning Tiny Homes!

Tiffany is a custom Tiny home that is 270 square feet and is designed after a 1920’s bungalow style home. Tiffany is 25 feet long and 13’6’’ tall making, her legal to tow and place wherever they would like. Her light blue from the exterior is splashed on the inside of her craftsman style layout.

Tiffany is NOAH certified which means that she has been inspected at five critical building processes and meets international builder codes throughout her build time. She is equipped with a 10.3 cubic square foot fridge and a 20’’ propane stove, and a large white farmer style sink. The lighting is all LED product that help accent the colorful stained glass wall sconces to match the custom stained glass windows throughout the home; the lighting also helps save on energy costs.

As for the living room, the custom bench has two matching foot stools that make it easy to cuddle up for a good Netflix binge. Those same foot stools are the seats for the folding leaf kitchen table that is the same butcher block used throughout Tiffany. Laundry is a simple task with the single-unit combination washer/dryer. The bathroom’s hidden pocket-door features stained glass to match the rest of Tiffany’s accents. In the bathroom, you will find a custom removeable bathtub and rain-fall style shower head, wrapped in tumbled subway marble tile, and a compost toilet.

There are two sleeping areas in Tiffany. The first is a twin sized lofted bed above the kitchen that can also be used as storage. The second is the master loft, which holds a queen-sized bed in front of a custom headboard that has built-in cabinets for extra storage, and usb plugs for charging smart phones. Tiffany is smart as well! She has a Lutron Caseta system incorporated throughout the home. This gives Tim and Sam the ability to control Amazon Alexa, dim the lighting or put it on a timer, adjust the AC, access to the Nest smoke detector, as well as the Nest cameras. This can all be done from their phones,e anywhere in the world with internet connection.

Sam and Tim and just moved into Tiffany and left their cluttered homes behind, sold a large portion of their possessions and are going Tiny. They will be documenting the entire process of living tiny with a minimalistic mindset at their newly launched website. You can also follow them on their Facebook. or their Instagram.

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Three Ways to Heat Your Tiny House

Tiny House April 25, 2017

Tiny house living has become all the rage these days and for many good reasons. It helps people to live in a more minimalist style and it forces you to get rid of things you don’t need. You also stop buying things you don’t need because you don’t really have the room for clutter. However if built correctly, you don’t have to miss out on any of the modern conveniences.

One great question a lot of people have is, what is the best way to heat a tiny home? There are several ways to make sure that your winters are cozy and warm, but here are three of the best ways to heat your tiny house when winter comes around.

1. A Wood Burning Stove

Wood is one way to heat a tiny home that is actually pretty economical. You just need to be sure to have enough wood stored up for the winter. because you don’t want to run out during an unexpected storm. There are various styles of wood burning stoves to suit your home’s style but they all work pretty much the same way. You use kindling, small pieces of wood and paper to start the fire or some have an electric starter, and then start loading in the bigger logs.

2. Electric Heaters

Electric heaters used to be quite expensive to run, but now they make heaters that will save you money in the long run. You simply set the temperature to whatever is comfortable for your family and the heater will turn off until the room drops below that pre-set temperature.

3. A Toe Kick Heater

A Toe Kick heater is designed to fit into spaces where other heaters would not, often made in a small rectangular shape. Wherever a small appliance would fit, under a cabinet, in a corner on the counter, or the Toe Kicker can be recessed into the walls and floorboards. You may need more than one to heat the complete home, but two or three should do the job well.

photo: The Tiny House Blog. Source: Three Ways to Heat a Tiny House

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Discover How To Build a Mortgage-Free Tiny House for $5900

Tiny House March 31, 2017

The Tiny House Movement has indeed become quite the phenomenon. Not only for retirees or single dwellers, but even small families are opting out of large living to cut monthly costs, downsize and simplify their lives.

Less clutter, less to clean and little upkeep, not having to own land, all these factors are giving people pause to consider living in a space saving, efficient way, and even “go green”.  And for those of you who are willing to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty, you can build your own tiny house for comparative peanuts and live without a monthly mortgage.

Whether you intend to use your tiny house as a getaway, a place to unwind and shed the frenetic energies of the week, or to make it a permanent residence for yourself, or even to use it as a guest house when you are entertaining, a tiny house will serve you well on so many levels. And building your own tiny house is not just an exercise in the mechanics of home building. As so much about the tiny home is creating items and spaces that serve double duty, you get to use your imagination and get creative. And then, at the end of the day, you have built your very own tiny jewel.

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

Find more from tiny house builders we’ve indexed in our Home Designers and Builders Directory. You can search the company’s name and look builders near your area. And to see more tiny house,click here.

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6 Hacks on Making Room for a New Baby in a Tiny House

Tiny House March 30, 2017

Since tiny house living is all the rage now, many people considering downsizing have a few questions to ask. One main consideration is, “what will we do if we have a baby and we didn’t plan for it?” It’s pretty serious when your living in a tiny house, and all of a sudden you find out that you have another family member on the way. Most tiny homes are meticulously designed for the couple or family, as they are, in the present moment. But we can’t always dictate what the future may bring.

1. Create Hidden Storage

Find places under your bed, under the sofa, under the kitchen sink, in an empty kitchen cabinet, to place baby items, toys, and clothing.

2. Instead of Having a TV Stand, Replace it with a Full Dresser

Why?, The best thing about a tiny house is that it makes you creative and a TV stand has one purpose, to hold the TV. A dresser, on the other hand, can hold a TV, books, CDs and plenty of baby items; from the pacifier and toys to the baby’s wardrobe, shoes and all.  A bassinet can even fit on top.

3. Have a Fold-down Changing Table or Crib Installed

Usually there is space, a wall that may not be being used in a tiny home. Get an experienced carpenter to design and make a fold-down table or even a fold-down crib where you can pull the sides and lock them for safety. Simply tell the carpenter/designer what your needs are.

4. Cribs

You can always start off with a mini-crib. There are many on the market today. You simply move it into a corner when it’s not in use. You can also get a combination crib and dressing table built on the side. This way, you have one piece of furniture doing two jobs.

5. Turn a Walk-in Closet into a Nursery

Have a small walk in closet?, move your clothing, coats, shoes into a dresser and place a mini-crib into that space. You can remove any doors to the closet or simply leave them open at all times. Paint it a nice pastel color so that the area does stand out, and another plus is that you won’t need to walk very far to see if your baby is okay.

6. Think in a Vertical Way

Instead of tables, and a bunch of new items that have to sit on the floor. Keep your floor space clear. Hang baby clothes on the wall, buy those vertical hanging baskets where fruit and veggies usually go and fill them with baby items, toys, diapers, etc. Place an extra rod in a closet with only one rod, and now you’ve created a whole new area for hanging clothing.

photo: Modern Karibou

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