Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping

On this page, we have indexed some of the things we’ve shared in our posts, which people have now and then asked about. These things are almost all on Amazon – we’re not selling them ourselves.

If you have any interesting products you want to list (don’t have to be yours: all we do here is just share things we think people will like), you can put them in the comments below, and once in a while we’ll check there and update this page, and maybe even do a write up for the stuff you guys suggest.

Interesting things (click the pictures to make them bigger):
Portable Bunkbeds:
Portable Bunkbeds
On Amazon: Disc-o-bed
Swurfer swing:

On Amazon: Swurfer
Trampoline tents:
Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping
Several types of these on Amazon: Buying trampoline tents
Truck pools:

On Amazon: Tarps (not pools, but for people on a budget and DIYers):
Waterproof tarp
(NOTE: tarp-to-pickup size charts might be useful in this)


These can burn pine cones and small pieces of wood and provide free heat for a house, tent, or other building. Read about them here. Click here if you want to search for Vescovi stoves. Unfortunately, they aren’t on Amazon yet – they’re European! But if if find them on Amazon we’ll update this.
Click here to search MORE small stoves: Pellet stoves


Standing Exercise Products
To stay a bit healthier when working at a desk.
More exercise ergonomic ideas:

NOTE: First thing to note is that we buy most of our online stuff from Amazon and of course we have an Amazon Prime membership, which you can buy yearly, but also you can try monthly and get the savings that way. Prime is a deal Amazon offers where you pay them a certain amount (by the month or year) and then you get better prices (mostly because you don’t pay ANY shipping or ANY customs (no unexpected extra amounts at all) when you buy things with the “Prime” sticker on their website (lots of stuff – almost everything we have bought), and not only that, but stuff that’s marked Prime arrives in like 2 days most of the time. It just arrives at your doorstop or post office. We’ve bought about 50 things from Amazon over the past year, from small to big, including electronics, crafts, tools, sound equipment, books, stands – pretty much every type of thing, and haven’t had any real problems. If anything isn’t to your liking, with Prime you just take the package to the post office again and say you’re sending it back, and the post office just takes it back. Almost all stores will then just issue a refund (you don’t pay return shipping or anything) when they get it back, in order to maintain their good store status on Amazon’s website. We can fully recommend Amazon Prime in 2017 (at the time of writing this little “store.”)

To get Prime (or just learn more about it), click here: Prime Discounted Monthly Offering.

They also have an offer where you can try Prime free (yes, the 2-day free shipping part is included).

That’s the first box below. Then there are 2 other things we thought we’d share, which are free things. We’re curious about Amazon’s efforts in “Unlimited Music,” and they’re offering 30-days free use, as well as a 30-day free “Kindle Unlimited” offer for eBook reading:


Ok, so now let’s start our “store” — really, just things we find now and then that are interesting and can be bought online (mostly on Amazon, but not just):