Gardening Ideas for 2017

Just starting this new page, and because its for the newest ideas in gardening, it will start out with one little thing, and then we’ll add more until the page if full up. Bear with us, its a new year in gardening!

IDEA 1: Biodegradable disks for gardening

These are “ECO-disks,” as seen being used by Mother Earth News’ tomato garden this year. They’re biodegradable disks that they use for weed suppression and water catchment!

“With more concerns on where our foods are coming from or how healthy they are to eat, more and more people are turning their attention to growing their own fruits and vegetables. This means more gardeners will be experiencing the same challenges that we all have together as a gardening family. We know that these challenges range from weeds choking of the nutrients to our plants and seedling, limitations to time and resources for watering our plants. As well as keeping our soils and gardening area free from unwanted trash and plastic gimmicks. Well if you are the type of person that want total control of the quality of your food source, we have the product for you! ECO-disks® offer every gardener of any experience level the opportunity to increase their chances of producing a more healthy and bountiful harvest.

“ECO-disks are manufactured from a Non-GMO, BPA Free, Biodegradable, Biopolymer, which carries many approvals for Home and Composting certifications. The ECO-disks are a very uniquely designed gardening product that helps to alleviate many of the challenges experienced by not only the beginner gardener, but the most experienced gardener as well.

“Disk size: 8.5 inch disk diameter with 1.25 inch inside hole diameter.”