Jaw-Dropping Gate Ideas

30 Modern Gates to Greet Your Houseguests

Modern Gate Ideas To Mesmerize You

The fate that opens to your home is your true “Welcome” mat. So the style of the actual residence should dictate the kind of gate that you choose, not to mention how much privacy you feel you want. Solid gates are a bit more forbidding, however, a gate with curves and some engraving can be less so. Gates that you can see through, give you a front row seat to where you are hoping to end up. They can give you a sense of the owner’s home, and what you might expect when you enter.

The gates shown below are great examples of the wide range of gate styles there are out there to choose from. But beware! They can also fool you into thinking that a modern style home sits behind a very modern gate. It’s completely up to you as to how you wish to introduce yourself to guests. And your gate is your introduction.

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

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