A Big Shipping Container House … Made with 31 Containers

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A Big Shipping Container House ... Made with 31 Containers

Shipping container buildings, yes, OK, we’re familiar with the concept, but 31 — 31 — containers for one house?

This mansion is proof that used shipping containers can also become part of luxury projects. The property was built from no less than 31 containers and incorporates the idea of sustainability in several other aspects of the project, such as the intelligent storage of rainwater.

I know you want to know the size, right: 557 square meters.

The residence is located in Queensland, Australia. It is a shipping container house with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a study room, a home office, a workshop and a academy.

What is the advantage of using the containers? Well, to begin with, the buildings made of containers last up to 90 years and cost much less than those made with traditional materials used to put up a house. Also, use of shipping container bins in building houses is not only economic, but also sustainable because we give a destination for container that will no longer be used for shipping frieght. We must say that this kind of construction is around 35% cheaper than traditional building, adding things up from the foundation of the house to the outer coating. That is, usually those looking to live in such homes are people who prefer sustainable products and also seek to save. Another advantage of this construction is that it takes usually between 60 to 90 days to complete.

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