Submitting something you wrote to our site

Yes, you can do this now.

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We’ve had a few people reach us through various social media and send us their house and vehicle projects, and we’ve then put those together as an article on here and then shared them with everyone.

We want to make this an easier thing for you guys to do, so this page will say how to go about it.

First, anything we publish has to be something written and something you have at least one good photo for. The minimum length of what you write should be around 300 words, but there’s no maximum (really, you can write super long if you want). You can include as many photos as you like, but there has to be at least one good “horizontal style” image we can use as the image at the top of your article, and that people will see when we share it.

What kind of stuff can you send us? Well, house projects, particularly uncommon buildings or building styles is what we’ve kind of focused on, as well as customizations and DIY jobs people have done to their vehicles, RVs, and in their homes and gardens. However, I don’t think we should limit it to that, because who knows what kind of interesting things you guys might want to submit. If you’re not sure, you can start by sending us a short note about whatever it is along with a photo.

What we don’t publish: No obscenity of any kind, or anything offensive. Also, we run everything you send us through a checker to make sure it hasn’t been published before anywhere on the internet, so make sure anything you send is something you just wrote because you really wanted us to publish and share it with everybody. This doesn’t mean you can’t send us products or work your business has done. We totally welcome that. People sometimes send us their new-fangled products, the houses their companies are building, and other things like that, and we treat those exactly the same way as if they weren’t business stuff, but don’t send us text you’ve already used – make it something original we can share with our particular audience, which you’re a part of.

Ok, that should do it. If I didn’t answer something you’re still wondering, send me a question to the same place you can send your writing/photos: our “communications” Facebook page:

When you go to that page, just click “message page” and type or “paste” your text there, and drag and drop your photos into the message box, too. We’ll see them and respond, probably within a week at most.

(Some of you might be wondering about that small page, so “Yes, we do belong to a group of bloggers and stuff and we share our articles on other, bigger pages as well.”)