250 Square foot Tiny House

Having a tiny mobile house allows you to see new places without much effort. You can simply hitch your house onto a truck and bring it somewhere. Tiny house on the go. It can be brought into a busy city or into a small town, 0r into the wilderness. Imagine how convenient it is to move places by not packing up your stuff every time you need to go for a vacation. That’s tiny homes on wheels for you.

Some reputable companies are offering various tiny mobile homes which prospective home owners can choose from. I came across this lovely home on wheels from Titan Home Builders. I find it exceptional and cozy. The company offers ‘Notarosa’ homes made in South Elgin, Illinois.

This sweet tiny dwelling measures 250-square feet and has all functional facilities needed for home living and is designed quite innovatively. It has a living space, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a loft bedroom. Isn’t this wonderful? It is a tiny house that provides home essentials!

And what makes it more interesting with this tiny home is how the good features are craftily put together. It has real 4 white porcelain bath tub, Moen plumbing fixtures, 30,000 BTU forced air duct furnace system, 12 volt Led low energy lighting, a 3-burner stove, 10 cubic foot fridge and 6 gallon water heater. Moreover, the house is constructed with steel stud. This means the tiny home RV is durable!

This cute tiny house is really adorable, or seems so to me, and I think it will provide a nice dwelling experience for family starters who are considering exploring various places. No need to pack up and carry heavy suitcases while on travel! Fantastic expedition awaits as you can now live and travel comfortably! Great thanks to Titan Builders who have designed such a lovely mobile home. To see more of Titan Tiny Homes’ work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.