Incredible Rustic Tiny Home

Incredible Rustic Tiny Home

The rustic inspired tiny home by Incredible Tiny Homes boasts a simple rugged simplistic design exterior with solid wood paneled sides and deep red metal corners encasing the corners of the structure. The home itself measures 10′ x 32′ in length and has an interior size of approximately 320 square ft of living space.

Inside we found the kitchen to be the more favorable feature with a large double stainless steel sink, mini sized gas range and stainless steel refrigerator. The cabinets have a somewhat basic primitive design constructed with a honey oak stained wood and cast iron pulls. The hard wood flooring is carried throughout the home with a combination of light and dark colored stain. The bathroom features a tiny house size tub, large “rain” shower head, antique styled table top vanity with copper bowl style basin and a stackable washer and dryer unit.

The bedroom is quaint and comfortable with walk around areas on either side of the full sized bed and end table style lighting fixtures on either side. In the living room per cet is actually combined within the far side of the kitchen and comes with a small cozy modestly styled sofa nestled against the wall. Overall, this rustic tiny home is quite appealing to the eye and would really make quite a comfortable addition to the tiny home traveler.

32′ Modern Rustic Tiny Home

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